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Adolf Hitler is one of the most famous historical personalities of the world, there is no such person on the earth who would know nothing about Adolf Hitler or wasn’t able to explain whom he was. Hitler just like the other personalities mentioned on this site was one of those who not just lived according to rules set in the society but was smart enough to create his own. Hitler provided his own policy, according to which there was another worthy nation in the world except for the Aryans. As Hitler was a child he was fond of Wagner, Carl May and admired conversations till the night. No matter on such refined tastes that are common for smart and intelligent people Hitler failed to pass school exams and so pretended to be sick in order to archive disposal of school, and so it was, his mother let him left the school.

Adolf Hitler Career: 

Hitler was a beloved son of his mother; she loved him more than anyone or anything on the earth and so treated him good. Adolf always had a look of a successful young man no matter on that fact that he had never been working and neglected mother’s requests to find a job. Hitler even made thee forts to enter the Vienna Art University but he failed to pass exams (what a pity) and went back to Munich where he entered the army and served during World War I. Later Adolf Hitler became the member of reconnaissance party and then the member of German Labour Party the main idea of which were the racism and Nazism. Soon Hitler became one of the most powerful members of the party and changed its title to National-socialistic German labor party. 1923 was a year of an overthrow of the “marxist-jewish” government, but the revolution failed and Hitler managed to escape, still, he was arrested and sentenced to five years of prison but in a year he was released. After that Hitler decided to capture authority on the legal way, for this purpose he performed the reformation of the party.

In 1933 Hitler became a chancellor of Germany through collusion with ex-chancellor fon Papen and later proclaimed himself as a fuehrer and chancellor of Germany. In order to consolidate his authority, Hitler made up laws according to which any other parties in Germany were forbidden and victimized by law. There were a lot of changes performed by Hitler in the political and social life of Germany, the main idea of those changes was the predomination of an Aryan nation before all others, but it wasn’t enough for Hitler now he wanted to capture and rein the whole world. That was the beginning of World War II that brought away millions of lives. This war was failed by Germany and a number of efforts were made to kill him but no effort appeared to be successful. Adolf Hitler died through suicide, he shoots himself after have written the political will where he called upon next fuehrer for a fight for clearance of Aryan nation and the whole world. Nowadays Germans are constantly express their regrets about deeds of the Fuehrer and try to compensate the moral damage he caused, those who were on the Hitler’s side in the World War II are punished and sentenced to prison.


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