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Althea Gibson

She was born August 25, 1927, in Silver, SC but was raised in Harlem. Her family was poor and frequently on welfare. She had difficulties in school and was often truant. She also ran away from home frequently.

In spite of her family is so poor, she was fortunate in coming to the attention of Dr. He became her patron as he would later for Ashe.

Gibson had an outstanding amateur career in spite of segregated offerings earlier in the decade. She won 56 singles and doubles titles during her amateur career in the 1950s before gaining international and national acclaim for her athletic prowess on the professional level in tennis.

Althea Gibson
Country United States
Date of Birth

Birth Place

August 25, 1927
Silver, Clarendon CountySouth Carolina, US
Died Date September 28, 2003(aged 76)
East Orange, New Jersey, US
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Retired 1958

Althea Gibson Championshipalthea gibson

Gibson was a trailblazing athlete who becomes the first African American to win championships at Grand Slam tournaments. Gibson won 11 major titles in the late 1950s, including singles titles at the French Open (1956), Wimbledon (1957, 1958) and the U. S. Open (1957, 1959), as well as three straight doubles crowns at the French Open (1955, 1957, 1959).

In 1957, she was the first black to be voted by the Associated Press as it Female Athlete of the Year. She won the honor again in 1958. After winning her second U.S. Championship, she turned professional.
One year she earned a reported $100,000 in conjunction with playing a series of matches before Harlem Globetrotter basketball games. There was no professional tennis tour in those days, so Gibson turned to the pro golf tour for a few years, but she didn’t distinguish herself.

Althea tried playing a few events after open tennis started in 1968, but she was in her 40’s and too old to beat her younger opponents.
She worked as a game of lawn tennis teaching professional once she stopped competitory. Althea became New Jersey State Commissioner of Athletics in 1975, a post she commands for ten years.

She then served on the State’s Athletics panel till 1988 and therefore the Governor’s Council on good condition till1992.
On September twenty-eight, 2003 at the age of 76, Althea Gibson died in East Orange General Hospital. Though she did not have a look for the role of pioneer, she was one.
“If it hadn’t been for her,” says Billie Jean King, winner of twelve slam singles titles, “it would not are very easy for Arthur Robert Ashe or those
who followed.”

Grand Slam finals

Result Year Tournament Opponent Score
Win 1956 French Championships Angela Mortimer Barrett 6–0, 12–10
Loss 1956 US Championships Shirley Fry 3–6, 4–6
Loss 1957 Australian Championships Shirley Fry Irvin 3–6, 4–6
Win 1957 Wimbledon Darlene Hard 6–3, 6–2
Win 1957 US Championships Louise Brough Clapp 6–3, 6–2
Win 1958 Wimbledon Angela Mortimer Barrett 8–6, 6–2
Win 1958 US Championships Darlene Hard 3–6, 6–1, 6–2


Result Year Tournament Partner Opponents Score
Win 1956 French Championships Angela


 Darlene Hard
Dorothy Head Knode
6–8, 8–6, 6–1
Win 1956 Wimbledon Angela


australian flagFay Muller
australian flagDaphne Seeney
6–1, 8–6
Win 1957 Australian Championships Shirley Fry australian flagMary Bevis Hawton
australian flagFay Muller
6–2, 6–1
Win 1957 Wimbledon DarleneHard australian flagMary Bevis Hawton
australian flagThelma Coyne Long
6–1, 6–2
Loss 1957 US Championships Darlene Hard Louise Brough Clapp
Margaret Osborne DuPont
2–6, 5–7
Win 1958 Wimbledon MariaBueno  Margaret Osborne DuPont
Margaret Varner Bloss
6–3, 7–5
Loss 1958 US Championships MariaBueno Darlene Hard
Jeanne Arth
6–2, 3–6, 4–6

Mix Double

Result Year Tournament Partner Opponents Score
Loss 1956 Wimbledon Gardner Mulloy  Shirley Fry
Vic Seixas
6–2, 2–6, 5–7
Loss 1957 Wimbledon australian flagNeale Fraser Darlene Hard
australian flagMervyn Rose
4–6, 5–7
Win 1957 US Championships Kurt Nielsen Darlene Hard
australian flagRobert Howe
6–3, 9–7
Loss 1958 Wimbledon Kurt Nielsen australian flagLorraine Coghlan Green
australian flagRobert Howe
3–6, 11–13

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