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Aoi Miyazaki (Miyazaki Aoi, November 30, 1985 -) Japanese actress. I am from Tokyo. Hirata office affiliation. Blood type O type. Height: 163 cm. My hobby is photography. Special skill is nail art. Actor Masato Miyazaki is my older brother. When I was 4 years old, I made a child ‘s debut. Acting mainly on CM. Although it appeared in dramas and movies, there were not many people who know her as a child childhood as there were many roles that could not afford a name. It was around 1999 that I got a role name and started acting in earnest. In 2002 “Famous Keitai Deka Megumi Ai” fulfills the first performance of a continuous television drama. This made me a big break. In 2006, at the NHK continuous TV novel “Junjo Kirari”, he performed the heroine · Arimori Sakurako role well. In August 2006, he declared his appearance on the movie “NANA 2”. The decision is decided. It was announced that in the NHK Taiga drama “Atsuhime” scheduled to be broadcasted in 2008, he will play the hero’s Atsuhime. The age at the start of the broadcasting is 22 years old and 1 month, and as the protagonist of the river drama, it is the youngest age. Also, it is the first time that experienced heroine morning Dora serve as the protagonist of the big drama alone.

Aoi Miyazaki Biography

Real name Aoi Miyazaki
Birthday November 30, 1985
blood type O type
height 163 cm
hobby My hobby is photography
featuring nail art
Educational background
Birthplace Tokyo
Genre actress
family Actor Masato Miyazaki is an elder brother

Aoi Miyazaki Career

When he was 4 years old, he made a child ‘s debut. Acting mainly on CM.
She also appeared in dramas and movies, but because there were many unnamed roles, there are not many people who know Aoi Miyazaki during childhood.

Miyazaki Aoi’s outstanding performance in 2000 movie “Eureka” is highly appreciated.
2001 Aoi Miyazaki, the first film starring “pest”, won the 23rd Nantes Three Continental Film Festival Competition category leading actress prize.

In 2002 “EUREKA” won the 16th Takasaki Film Festival Best New Actress Award.
BS-i starring drama “Keitai Deka Zenigata Ai” starring. 2003 Aoi Miyazaki, the 41st Golden Arrow Award Theater Newcomer Award, the musical “The Little Prince” starring in the early stage.

In 2004 (Heisei 2004), he played a leading role in the NHK drama “Just a moment, God” and gained popularity.

Becoming a social phenomenon, it became a trigger for a big break of Miyazaki Aoi.
In 2006 NHK morning continuous TV novel “Junjo Kirari”, he performed a heroine · Arimori Sakurako role. Miyazaki Aoi’s profile increased further.
The performance was evaluated and received the 44th Golden Arrow Award Broadcast Award.

At NHK Taiga Drama ‘Atsuhime’ scheduled to be broadcast in 2008, Aoi Miyazaki plays the hero’s Atsuhime. The age at the start of broadcasting is 22 years old and 1 month, and it is the youngest age as the protagonist of the river drama. Also, it is the first time that experienced heroine morning Dora serve as the protagonist of the big drama alone.

Aoi Miyazaki Movie

EUREKA (Eureka) (released on January 20, 2001) – Tamura
Ken pest insect pest (released March 16, 2002) – Primary ·
Pakodate who is North Sachiko (Prior to Hokkaido, February 9, 2002, Starring · Hino Hikari’s role
Tomie Hikaru role (last released on June 29, 2002) – Starring · Tomoe Hashimoto role
Lovers · Kiss (released January 25, 2003) – Rikodan Kawana
(2004 – Publicly announced on June 19th – Kobo Komoro
Blue Car (released on November 20, 2004) – Saeki Komin Role
(Released on December 18, 2004) – Yukari ISHIDA Mayuka Ishida
“Hey, Marimo” (2005 Starring · Mika role
NANA – Nana – released (released September 3, 2005) – starring · Nomi Komatsu (bee) role
Silver hair agito (released on January 7, 2006) – Voice cast-Tula role
Gimme Heaven (published January 14, 2006) – Rogi Mari Officer
Eli, Eli, Lema-sabachthani (published January 28, 2006) – Hana Auditor
likes (Published Feb. 25, 2006) – starring Yu (17 years) Auditor (taken in 2003)
First Love (published Jun. 10, 2006) – starring, Misuzu role
just, I love you (October 2006 28 days published) – starring, Satonaka Seiryu role
story of the sea. (Released on December 16, 2006) – starring · castle role
NARA: Journal record with Nara Yoshitomi (released February 24, 2007) – Narrator
First snow love Virgin Snow (to be released on May 12, 2007) – Starring · Nanshu Sasaki
SAD VACATION (to be released in the summer of 2007 ) – Mobility
hub and fist (planned for release in 2007)

TV drama that Miyazaki Aoi appeared

NHK Taiga Drama Genroku Soroban (January – December 1999, NHK) – Yahagi Sayo role
drama love poetry Zukkoke Three people (April – June, 1999 NHK) –
The marriage of the 20-year-old role playing role in July 2000 – September, TBS) – Nakanishi Teraji
Shin-D GirL (October 2000, Nippon TV) – Starring · Minami Azusami
secret club (October 2000 – March 2001, Fuji TV) – Ryo
17 Takahara (April – June 2001, TV Asahi) – Appeared in 5th and 6th story – Yukari Nomura serving as
Furefrey life! (July – September 2001, Nippon TV) – Yuuki Yuuki role
blue (December 1, 2001, Nippon TV) – Starring · Uchiyama Kaede
Shiawase’s Shippo (April – June 2002, TBS) – Masa Sasamoto
Keitai Deka Monaga Keiji (October 2002 – 2003 BS – i) – Starring ·
Rikujima love role 68FILMS parasitism YADORIGI (November 1, 2003, BS – i) –
Waiting for a while and starring God (January – February 2004, NHK) – starring · Amagi autumn Nissi Auditor
reason (2004, April 29, , WOWOW) – Yukari Ishida Auditor
24-Hour Television Special Drama father of the sea, my empty (August 21, 2004, Nippon Television)
– Asai faint Officer
drama Complex reason (November 8, 2005, Nippon Television) – Yukari ISHIDA
Continuous Television Fiction Junjo Kirari (April – September 2006, NHK) – Starring · Arimori (Matsui) Sakurako role
NHK Taiga Drama Atsuhime (scheduled to be broadcast from January to December 2008, NHK) – Starring · Atsushi role

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