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Babak Ansari Biography

Born name Babak Ansari
Field of activity actor actress
Birth 1366 Amol
Nationality Iran ‘s
Years of activity 1382 – present

Babak Ansari (born 1366) is an Iranian actor in Amol.

Art life

Babak Ansari has entered the field of art in 1382 completely randomly. Although he has not seen an art academy, he is well-received, hears good and reads well. The game along with Ali Nusayrian has raised his actor’s level. He is an athlete and has a black belt in taekwondo. He was able to appear at such a high level in his first appearance as to be the candidate to receive the Crystal Simorgh Fajr Film Festival and compete with such people as Parviz Parastooi and Hasanpour Shirazi. His film by the director has played such as Asghar Farhadi, Kiyomars Pourahmad, Pooran Derakhshandeh, and Sirius Moghaddam.

Videos of cinema Yi

  • Event Night (2009)
  • One of us (1387)
  • On the other side of the hedge (1387)
  • Soap Dream (2005)
  • Tower (1384)
  • Beautiful city (1382)

Collection of movies and serials

  • Chardar birds
  • Crystal
  • Fly in bubbles
  • Shadow King
  • window
  • Green hands
  • Street children
  • Cage for flight

Movie trap

  • Water and mirror
  • Does nil
  • North breeze, south wind


  • Crystal Simorgh candidate for best actor Actor XXII International Festival of Film Festival for the film beautiful city and Wet Dream
  • Golden Statue of the Best Actor in the eighth edition of the Cinema House Celebration

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