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Bianca Bai Biography

Bai Xin Hui (Bianca Bai) is a Taiwan female model and actress who graduated from, Shih Hsin University, Department of Administration. Bianca Bai’s father was a retired senior staff at Baiguo Jia China Television Company (formerly the Department directed program, the rank of deputy director of administration). She becomes an overnight hit after wardrobe malfunction during a modeling gig.

Bianca Bai Xin Hui with her big eyes and elegant temperament is a quarter of Japanese descent. The tall female model was born in Taiwan and started Bai Xin Hui fever, the seventeen-year-old was known as “Little Angelica Lee” after KaiWo modeling agency training, in Kaiwo agency words, she is the” Lin Chi-ling successor, “the only lucky one to be given the title. Natural angel face, the devil figure, Bianca Bai Xin Hui recently became ” FHM “cover girl.

Bianca Bai quickly became popular because of the scandal coming out from the shooting of Huang Xiaoming MV. Bianca Bai Xin Hui publicly apologizes to Huang Xiao Ming, said: “sorry, the scandal is certainly not true.” Bianca Bai Xin Hui debut in the same year as the top Taiwan model Lin Chi-ling in 2005. So they will inevitably be analyzed. But Bianca Bai Xin Hui was very clear that: Lin Chi-ling in her heart will always be a sister.

Bianca Bai Xin Hui’s personality can be understood after seeing her carry the brand name, all filled with used material at the modeling scene, you will not help but smile.

Her first famous LOUIS VUITTON Vernis wallet with patent leather material, though delicate, Bianca Bai Xin Hui is not afraid to use it even with scratches. Bianca Bai Xin Hui is interesting that although her personality is a big silly sister, her routine use of the brand is very detailed, like her other wallet from a friend is BOTTEGA VENETA woven lambskin wallet, the number one material which is difficult to maintain.

Bianca Bai Xin Hui from time to time to show her two different sides, while relaxing she laughs, while deep in thought, she appeared calm. Because of her debut to the present, she must be tired by the fame of the rapid growth, and 3 years ago, when the initial cooperation with the BRAND has been very different. His boyfriend was rumored to be Huang Xiao Ming but she had denied these suggestions. Bianca boyfriend is actually James Mao.

Bai 3 years ago, although the modeling work was very serious, now she got clothes, commodities, will begin to study how to interpret silence in the side of the modeling practice. She said a model is “not speaking actors” must be seen feeling the emotion. Bianca Bai surgery rumor was that she had enhancement done to her eyes and breasts.

Bianca Bai Wiki

Chinese name:               Bai Xin Hui
Foreign Name:              Bianca Bai
Alias:                               Bai Bai
Hometown:                   Taipei, Taiwan
Date of Birth:                October 23, 1982
Occupation:                   Model, actor
School:                            Shih Hsin University, Department of Administrative Management
Broker Company:          Kaiwo Modeling Agency
Representative works:  “Fated to Love You, “ a moment “,” Closer Story PS M ”
Bianca Bai Height:         175cm
Weight:                            50kg
Measurements:             33C-23-35
Astrological Sign:         Libra Blood Type: O type
Hobbies:                        Attaining at home, reading novels, Internet, sleeping, watching cartoons

Bianca Bai

Television Work

September 2005 ” started with a kiss, “played by Bai Huilan
December 2006, ” Angel Lover “played by Li Xiyi
March 2008, ” Fated to Love You “played by Dan Anna (ANNA, Dai Xinyi)
July 2009 ” the moment like, “played by side-an
February 2010 ” PS Men, “played by Amanda


Kingfisher (2010)

My Dear Stilt (2012)

Ace of Sales (2017)

Bianca Bai Beauty Tips

1. Note the eating time: normally model will pay attention to their eating time, for example. After 20:00 they will not eat, allow your body to digest properly the food.

2. Drink water: to drink only plain water, do not drink beverages containing sugar or caffeine. This excludes all damaging materials that will affect the beauty factor.

3. The selection of food: do not eat foods containing starch. And if mixed with both meat and starchy food, be careful of easily getting fat.

4. Foot care: every day before going to sleep, we must remember that leg. The heel should regularly exfoliating scrub, to maintain the legs curve and skin.

5. Bianca Bai Proper exercise: 20 minutes after a meal should never sit, to walk a lot, to avoid upsetting the lower abdomen.

6. Cleaning tips: do not usually wear makeup at home. When you can just wash with water so the skin does not restrict the freedom of breath and rest.

7. Professional Skin Care: There is the habit of doing the face, do a weekly deep mud attaining clean, so skin care products are more easily absorbed and effective.

8. Eat the health products: usually will be a lot of vitamin supplements, B, C, E, so ruddy, full of vitality points.

9. Notice of sleep: try to make yourself stay up late almost every day is a bad idea, there must be at least 8 hours sleep so that the skin rest and strength to recover.

10. A smile brings a good mood: pretty people should pay attention to often smile and spread joy atmosphere, the good mood will help your skin color radiate.

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