Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates

Speaking about the people that made a contribution to the humanity’s history progress there is no way not to mention the emblematic personality of the XXIst century the legendary Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the person who changed the humans’ conception of their own abilities and the limits they set for themselves. No doubt that Bill Gates’s contribution to the historical progress is the best proof for proverb “Sky is the limit”.

Upon the words of his mother as a child, Bill Gates was rather a disobedient troublemaker and caused a lot of troubles and problems to his parents who were trying to change him, but all efforts failed. His mother got so angry and frustrated about this that she took young Bill to a psychotherapist, and that was the crucial point of Bill Gates’s life. Who knows what were they talking about but after that Bill became rather interested at studying and after finishing school entered the Harvard, where he wrote programming language for the first microcomputer Altera MITS.

Soon, Bill Gates left the university to dedicate himself for the creation of personal computer. He believed that a computer is a rather important technique that may change everything and facilitate the labor of people. As you can see Bill Gates was right. Nowadays Microsoft Corporation is one of the greatest companies in the world and the main supplier of software. The dream of Bill Gates came true, his work at the sphere of software made computers much smaller than they were before and much more functional. Thanks to titanic work of Bill Gates computer became personal and from simple computing, engine turned into an irreplaceable helper for everyone.

Nowadays Bill Gates retired from the position of the chief of Microsoft Corporation, but he still owns with the biggest part of companies safety stock, and he visits the company once a week to check up it is operating and to make sure that business is progressing. For a very long time, Bill Gates was the richest person in the world, though it wasn’t a reason for him to become greedy. Bill Gates is also known like philanthropy that constantly helps for those who need material support. All his life is connected with computers and software till this day. His house is a masterpiece of high-tech, everything operates automatically, and even the inner temperature of the house is regulated automatically according to the temperature of the body of the person who stays at a certain room. Software and computers also gave for Bill Gates his beloved wife. First, she was a secretary at the office of Microsoft Corporation and one day Bill noticed her and fell in love with her. They live happily till this day. So, Bill Gates is a person who dedicated his whole life to computers and software and changed the limits of humans’ possibilities. Thanks to his work a lot of unbelievable things became real, moreover, those things became common for young generation and they can hardly imagine their lives without it.


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