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Who Is Brandy Norwood 

Brandy Rayana Norwood was born on February 11, 1979, in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Los Angeles, California. Norwood father, Willie Ray Norwood, was a director. She was singing at his church.

Brandy mother, Sonja Bates, is a legendary blues singer Bo Diddley. At the age of nine. Brandy’s family moved to California.
When she was 11, she met a record producer which led her to backup singing jobs with two groups: Norment and Immature.

Brandy Norwood
Born Name
Date of Birth
Birth Place
Brandy Rayana Norwood
February 11, 1979 (age 39)
McComb, Mississippi, U.S.
Other names

B Rocka



Singer, actress, model, songwriter, record producer

Years active 1993–present
Home Place Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Children 1
Parent Willie Norwood
Sonja Norwood
Family Ray J (brother)
Snoop Dogg (first cousin)
Sasha Banks (first cousin)Brandy Norwood

Brandy Norwood  BiographyBrandy Norwood

She was born on February 11, 1979, in McComb, too proud parents Sonja Bates and Willie Norwood Sr. Brand has a younger brother Ray J., and after his birth. Norwood’s father landed a job as a music director in a church in California, prompting the family to relocate to Carson, the ‘burbs of LA.

As is no surprise, while growing up, was always singing in the church choir. But it wasn’t until Brandy Norwood caught a glimpse of diva Whitney Houston singing “How Will I Know?” That Brandy Norwood realized that Brandy Norwood wanted to sing professionally. Brandy Norwood was, however, only seven years old at the time.

Nevertheless, Brandy Norwood began her hunt for a record contract throughout a wide array of record companies, but it wasn’t until much later that Brandy Norwood landed a record deal with famed Atlantic Recording Corporation.

Unfortunately, when Brandy Norwood was invited to sing at an Atlantic party, no one paid her any mind. But luckily, because Brandy Norwood is an outspoken individual. Brandy Norwood expressed to the audience that they were being rude. In turn, the audience listened attentively as Brandy Norwood showed off her vocal talents.  She ultimately ended up catching the attention of a record executive. Hence, the record deal with Atlantic Records when Brandy Norwood hit 14 years of age.

Whilst Brandy Norwood’s record deal was in the works. Brandy Norwood began playing the role of a girl named Danesha on the sitcom Thea. Regrettably, the show was canceled only eight months after its initial airing. But Brandy Norwood wasn’t too disappointed as her new album was well on its way.

Brandy Norwood First Album

In 1994, Brandy Norwood released her first album simply entitled Brandy Norwood and singles such as “Baby“.

In 1995, Brandy Norwood made her way back to television in the starring role of Moesha, in the sitcom of the same name. Life was great for Brandy Norwood. Brandy album already went platinum and she was starring in a successful sitcom.

Two years later, Whitney Houston, the teenager’s idol, contact. Brandy Norwood and requested that Brandy Norwood take part in a remake of Cinderella, in which Brandy Norwood would star as the mistreated princess-to-be. Brandy Norwood eagerly accepted and the made-for-TV Disney film caught over a million viewers and maintained its popularity by becoming the most watched Disney TV movie ever.

It wasn’t until 1997 that Brandy Norwood decided to get back into the studio and begin recording songs for her next album. After helping write and produce six singles on the album and hiring a new production team, Brandy Norwood finally released her second album entitled Never Say Never, in June 1998.

As well, other hit singles off the album such as “Have You Ever“, “Top Of The World” (which featured famed rapper Mase), “U Don’t Know Me“, and “Almost Doesn’t Count” also topped the music charts. It’s not hard to understand why Brandy Norwood’s sophomore attempt was certified platinum five times.

1998 also marked the year that Brandy Norwood got her big screen debut in the film I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, with Jennifer Love Hewitt. The film grossed over $40 million at the box office and officially garnered Brandy Norwood a movie star.

Brandy Norwood Personal Life

Returning to television movies, however, wasn’t a difficult decision as renowned Supreme Diana Ross asked Brandy Norwood to play in a TV movie entitled Double Platinum, in which she would take the part of an 18-year-old girl whose mom abandoned her at birth in search of stardom.

In 1999, Brandy Norwood had quite a busy year: Brandy Norwood performed on VH1’s Divas Live with the likes of Whitney Houston, Faith Hill, and Mary J. Blige; was named International spokesperson by UNICEF; earned a Teen Choice Award for Best Female Music Artist; began a worldwide tour; started modeling and shooting commercials for Cover Girl and DKNY Jeans; and began shooting new episodes for her still popular sitcom Moesha.

Sorry guys, to date, Brandy Norwood is currently dating Wanya Morris of the popular R&B; group, Boyz II Men. In 2001, Brandy Norwood will be releasing yet another album and considering her last two attempts, it will surely be a smashing success. Additionally, Brandy Norwood will also be voicing an animated character in a Warner Brothers film entitled Osmosis Jones, which is set for release in June.

It’s evident that this beauty will remain at the top of Brandy Norwood’s game for years to come.

Brandy Norwood Childhood

Brandy Norwood is the elder of two siblings born to Willie Ray Norwood, a former R&B; singer and choir director. Brandy Norwood’s wife Sonja Bates-Norwood, a former district manager for H&R; Block, in McComb, Mississippi. Brandy Norwood is the sister of singer and actor William Raymond “Ray J”. Norwood Jr, and a cousin of blues singer Bo Diddley, and rapper Snoop Dogg.

Through Brandy Norwood’s father’s work. Norwood started singing at their minister, Curtis W.  By the time Brandy Norwood was four. Brandy Norwood’s parents moved the family from McComb to Carson. California, in hopes of jump-starting careers for their children. Inspired by a spontaneous on-stage performance with Diddley and Little Richard in the Los Angeles Forum at the age of six.

In 1993, while shopping around record companies, seeking a record deal. Brandy Norwood attended a party held by the Atlantic Recording Corporation. After performing in front of hundreds of people, an executive indicated interest in Brandy Norwood’s persona and eventually offered. Brandy Norwood a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

Brandy Norwood Career Development

In June 2006, Brandy Norwood was cast as one of three talent judges on the first season of America’s. Got Talent, an amateur talent contest on NBC with executive producer Simon Cowell and host Regis Philbin. The broadcast was one of the most-watched programmes of the summer and concluded on August 17, 2006, with the win of 11-year-old singer Bianca Ryan. Brandy Norwood was originally scheduled to return for the second season of the show in summer 2007. But eventually decided to step down following Brandy Norwood’s recent legal woes, feeling that “Brandy Norwood couldn’t give the new season the attention and commitment it deserved.” Brandy Norwood was replaced by U.S. reality TV star Sharon Osbourne.

Instead, Brandy Norwood is currently putting the finishing touches on Brandy Norwood’s yet-to-be-titled fifth studio album which is scheduled for a fall 2007 release and involves producers Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. The Neptunes, Bryce Wilson, Tim & Bob, Wyldcard, and executive producer Bryan Michael Cox. Brandy Norwood is also said to be in the works of a soundtrack for a yet-untitled sci-fi/action video game for PlayStation Portable. In which Brandy Norwood will be providing the voice for the main character.

Brandy Norwood Acting Career

In 1993 while recording her debut album, Brandy Norwood landed the role of Danesha Turrell in the ABC sitcom Thea, playing the 12-year-old daughter of protagonist Thea Turrell (Thea Vidale).

Brandy Norwood’s shortlived engagement earned Brandy Norwood her first starring role in the UPN sitcom Moesha. The show first aired in January 1995 on UPN and soon became the most watched show on the television network. Brandy Norwood who had not seen herself as an actress before, finally gained confidence: “I think Moesha is so much like me that I feel really comfortable.

In 1997 Brandy Norwood was hand-picked by executive producer Whitney Houston to play the title character in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s television  The two-hour Wonderful World of Disney special garnered an estimated 60 million viewers, giving the network its highest ratings in the time period in 16 years,[38] and won an Emmy Award. About filming Brandy Norwood later told Jet: “It was the best experience I could ever have.”

Brandy Norwood First Debut

A year after Brandy Norwood made her big screen debut after winning the supporting role of sassy Karla Wilson in the franchise-flick I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Brandy Norwood, however, earned positive reviews for Brandy Norwood’s “bouncy” performance which garnered her both Blockbuster Entertainment Award and MTV Movie Award nominees for “Best Actress” and “Best Breakthrough Female Performance” respectively. In 1999, Brandy Norwood co-starred with Diana Ross in the telefilm drama Double Platinum.

Since the early 2000s, Brandy Norwood’s focus on acting has permanently decreased to occasional guest appearances on several television shows such as Reba (2002), Sabrina. As reported, Brandy Norwood’s, however, working on a yet-untitled Touchstone Television-produced sitcom for The CW since mid-2004. Brandy Norwood will play a die-hard New Yorker. Who moves to Los Angeles to take a job as an entertainment editor. “It’s going to be me playing [a character based on] my life, but it’s not going to be me as Brandy Norwood”. Brandy Norwood explained in an interview with MTV News.

Brandy Norwood Personal Style

She is one of the best-dressed singers in the business. Brandy Norwood has a particularly hip and urban look, and always looks good.

Brandy Norwood Natural Beauty

Norwood has one of the most natural smiles around, and our voting panel loved Brandy Norwood’s unique hairstyle.

Brandy Norwood Personality and Talent

Norwood’s R&B; sound has evolved over the last few years. Brandy lyrics and style have matured as Brandy Norwood has gone from teenager to young adult. Brandy Norwood’s voice has always received praise. Though Brandy Norwood never uses it in an over-the-top performance like Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey.

There have been quite a few rumors, though, that Brandy Norwood ‘s life isn’t exactly Brandy Norwood’s own. Norwood’s motBrandy Norwood’s has been a powerful force in the decisions. She has made, and it might be time for Brandy Norwood to gain some independence (we can’t live in our nests forever)

Brandy Norwood Overall Rating

Norwood for anyone about to confuse her name with the millions of blonde cheerleaders was destined to be a singer. A look through her photo album shows the young prodigy singing into a microphone and perfecting all the moves of a person. Who wanted to be a singing diva.

Although Brandy Norwood already had a Top 10 hit on the Billboard charts at the age of 15, it was her duet with Monica. “The Boy Is Mine”, that made her a household name. Before, and after. Brandy Norwood has followed up the smash success of “The Boy Is Mine“. The most played song of summer 1999), with more Top 10 singles.

And as if her singing career wasn’t enough to keep her going. Brandy Norwood is the star of her own show on UPN, Moesha, and has a budding acting career appearing alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt in. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

She hard work and determination have made her a role model for young black women. Brandy Norwood isn’t in-your-face about her background, culture or color. Norwood just expresses it as part of who is without all the oppression talk and anger of Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. She leads by example, and Brandy Norwood is a good one to follow.

Brandy Norwood Social Media



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