Carlos Kauffmann – A professional race car driver

Carlos Kauffmann – A professional race car driver

Carlos Kauffmann is a Venezuelan race car driver, a helicopter pilot, and an equally competent businessman. Being a professional race car driver Carlos Kauffmann has the ability to handle stressful situations and high speeds of course. Despite tremendous success in business and racing, Carlos Kauffmann is a down-to-earth guy. Carlos Kauffmann is a complete family man who adores his wife and children and owes his success to the support of his family members. Carlos Kauffmann has skill and confidence along with physical strength. Driving a race car involves physical stress, especially for drivers who compete in longer races and for off-road drivers competing on treacherous surfaces. Carlos Kauffmann finds it beneficial to engage in a regular workout regimen, such as full body strength training and cardiovascular exercises.

Carlos Kauffmann reveals that Fitness is a very important thing for a race car driver, but now it is less physical fitness and more mental fitness required. To be sharp for a one-and-a-half to two-hour race without making a mistake – more than physical, mental toughness is essential.

Carlos Kauffmann on a lighter note says you must be willing to drive all the time, study data, work for sponsorship, forego the partying and the fun and risk your life to come into the top rankings. Mental toughness is also very essential for race car drivers. Carlos Kauffmann trains himself to be mentally prepared for multiple circumstances that may occur during a race. Mental toughness involves true belief in yourself and your abilities, says Carlos Kauffmann. It is beneficial to visit a sports psychologist to assist with mental training, reading sport psychology books or simply train the brains with intense self-reflection.

Carlos Kauffmann had a talent and he used it for making racing success a certainty. To be a real champion, you have to pay the cost of being one. Physical fitness and a strict diet are paramount to becoming a successful race car driver. Carlos Kauffmann has a strict regimen of exercises to be able to withstand the heat and body-battering strain of driving at nearly 200 miles an hour. Race cars obviously move fast when they are carrying less weight and that is why they don’t need the drivers.

Carlos Kauffmann is a real fighter both on and off the track. He constantly re-evaluates his strategy and learns new skills. Carlos Kauffmann informs that good physical condition also helps to quickly eliminate the physiological byproducts of mental stress. If you have a better basic fitness level then your body can handle it and eliminate all of the stress products, says Carlos Kauffmann.

Carlos Kauffmann is a very cool-headed so he is able to control the overwhelming emotions of pride, anger, etc. Carlos Kauffmann has achieved the title of the best race car driver of the year 2010.

Although a race car driver is not a mechanic, he or she is supposed to know the mechanics of a race car from a passenger car. Race car drivers have a team or staff that looks after keeping things in the running condition, yet the driver is the one in charge behind the wheel and should be able to spot a problem. It is vital to your life to spot the problem early on and pit the car for checking rather than getting into trouble at high speeds, believes Carlos KauffmannKauffmann has prestigious trophies due to immense dedication to improving his skills at every step in his career.

On October 2, 2011, Carlos Kauffmann raced in the NGT weekend for the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama finale at Road Atlanta and took both race victories. In 2010, he successfully participated in the 2010 IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge and won the Gold Cup Championship.

Carlos Kauffman participated in the first car race organized by them and soon NGT is about to conduct 3 and 4 round of the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge organized by Yokohama. Carlos Kauffman is rated high among the participants of the car race from different parts of the country. In the year 2011 Carlos Kauffman participated as the driver for the first time in the NGT motorsport championship GT3 series.  It is a car race which comprises 2 races with the first one as 21 laps of caution-free racing while the second one was 17 laps of mayhem.

Carlos Kauffman has achieved remarkable victory in the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge organized by Yokohoma. Racing and placing 24 NGT Motorsport Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Challenge is like a dream come true for Carlos Kauffman.

Carlos Kauffman has achieved great success as a professional car race driver and has won over many car races. The great source of inspiration behind his success is his daughter who motivated him to achieve the victory and she had remarked and chided him for not winning at the start of the year. This unappreciated behavior of his daughter proved an inspiration for him and he started working harder to achieve success. He compensated for his previous failure by winning double victory at the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge.

People who have not experienced driving in the car race, usually act indifferently and underestimate the driver and they cannot even imagine what the driver goes through in fierce competitive condition and on the race tracks where everything is so uncertain.  Carlos Kauffman trained him mentally as well as physically to cope up the pressure of the car racing. He concentrated mainly on his target to win the car race and earn reputation.

Along with his zeal to win the car race, he was highly inspired by his daughter which didn´t let him get distracted from his mission and despite many hardships, mental stress and pain he achieved remarkable victory in the car race.

According to Carlos Kauffman, one has to remain focused on his target and act rationally to make those split-second decisions. Car race is a highly dangerous sport, it needs a lot of courage and daring to participate in the championship, the ratio of anxiety is definitely high but if you have control on your emotions and feeling then no power can stop you from achieving your target.

Carlos Kauffman Life Achievements

Carlos Kauffman thoroughly enjoyed the first race at Road Atlanta in the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama. The race turned out to be an interesting one with teammates Henrique Cisneros and Carlos Kauffman chasing each other all afternoon. Although a competitor Cisneros appreciated the way Carlos Kauffman was flying in his car and said that he thoroughly enjoyed every moment of racing for the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge.
He has a tremendous passion for racing and driving the number 24 NGT Motorsport Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car among the winners was a coveted dream. Carlos Kauffman had been absolutely looking forward to this win in the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama.

Kauffman born in Venezuela and a catholic by religion, is married and has three children. Carlos Kauffman currently resides in Venezuela and apart from being a professional race car driver is also a competent businessman.

It was Carlos Kauffman’s daughter who inspired and motivated him to achieve this win as she had remarked to her father and chided him for not getting any wins at the start of the year. However, the double victory at the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge more than compensated for the previous loss. The splendid weather that day was also a major booster at Road Atlanta, feels Carlos Kauffmann.

It is not being in the front in racing that Carlos Kauffman enjoys, but it is the winning that makes it so gratifying, he says. This race served to increase and restore the confidence in Carlos Kauffman and the win was highly rewarding. Carlos Kauffman now looks forward to competing again next year at the race.

Carlos Kauffman says that a race car driver needs to constantly update and upgrade his skills and knowledge. If a race car driver brings complacency it would be very disappointing and it’s likely he would make fatal mistakes that might injure or kill him or another driver. One can master the skill required to be a race car driver with experience and practice. Carlos Kauffman is a talented driver and has put in hours of practice to attain this level of skill. Carlos Kauffman also feels that without dedication and focus for this sport one can never hope to achieve results.

A race car driver cannot rest on his laurels and needs to re-evaluate his strategy and pick up valuable skills, believes Carlos Kauffman. Composure and level headedness is an asset for a race car driver besides being able to control the overwhelming momentary emotions of pride, anger, etc. that happen during a competition, says Carlos Kauffmann.

For a professional race car driver, being focused on the current scenario and being rational to make those split second decisions is very important, says Carlos Kauffman. The stress levels are seriously high in a competition; racing being an extremely risky sport, says Carlos Kauffmann. Being firmly in control of emotions and behavior is the deciding factor for a race car driver, knows Carlos Kauffman. Team effort is also equally important and Carlos Kauffman values his team that gets his vehicle roaring and ready to hit the circuit. The race car driver and his team have to fit in like the hand in glove and this closes the gap between victory and defeat.

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