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Who is Cut Tari 

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya, commonly called Cut Tari (born in Jakarta, November 1, 1977; age 33 years) is a host and Indonesian soap opera player. Tari still has Acehnese blood from her parents. Dance works as a host and soap opera player in the entertainment world of the country.

Cut Tari was born on November 1, 1977, as the 3rd child of 4 brothers. His father’s name is Teuku Joesransjah. He completed his education at Stamford College, Jakarta. Cut Tari married Johannes Yusuf Subrata on January 9, 2004. Three years later, on October 10, 2007, Tari gave birth to her first child, Sidney Azkassyah Yusuf.

Cut Tari Biography

This woman from Aceh – West Sumatra has made an achievement while still in elementary school. He won the RW level Musabaqoh Tilawatil Quran (MTQ). He had studied piano and organs but stopped in the middle of the road. Stepping on 13 years, the woman who was familiarly called Ully became fond of singing in front of the camera. Since childhood, he really enjoyed being photographed. His career in the world of art began with the election of the 1991 Cover Girl. From there, he had the opportunity to get an adolescent cosmetic product advertisement, Belia in 1993. At that time he was 16 years old.

Cut Tari  Biography
Cut Tari Aminah Anasya

1 November 1977 (age 41)

Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesian
Height 1.62cm




Years active 1991–present
Johannes Yusuf Subrata (m. 2004–2014)
Children 1
Net worth $39 billion


Cut Tari Acting Career

The first time he went into acting when he was invited by Harry De Fretes as a guest star in the fairytale comedy fairy tale. Then he got another offer to appear on the soap opera Sisi Sisi (1993), as a supporting role. Now there are many soap operas played by him, including Travel, Jasmine, My Prayer, Blue Cafe, Dewi Fortuna Tersanjung and Rosalinda. Until now, despite claiming to be saturated with the antagonist role that he often plays in soap operas, Cut Tari still exists starring in several soap operas and hosting shows at various events.

Cut Tari  Scandal 

Cut Tari suddenly became a conversation in mid-2010 related to the case of the spread of videos nasty like herself on the internet. On the recording, he seemed to be doing a scene of intercourse with Ariel Peterpan. As a result of this incident, Cut Tari was contracted as the host of Insert Infotainment on TransTV. At first Cut, Tari insisted on not recognizing that he was in the porn video, even when interviewed with great confidence next to her husband.

Later in the press conference, Cut Tari while tearfully admitted that she was indeed in the dance cut video that is. But Cut Tari said that she was surprised and did not know about the video. Cut Tari’s husband, Johannes Yusuf Subrata was truly a husband who was hearty. Although his wife had an affair with a fellow artist and was involved in pornographic videos Johannes remained steadfast and even proud of his wife’s courage to acknowledge this in public and said that he would not divorce Cut Tari.  The news about the standards of Ariel and Cut Tari not only brought Indonesia down but also was covered in several foreign newspapers.

Cut Tari Soap Operas

The Fairy Tale (comedy soap opera)
The World Side of Jasmine
Traveling My Prayer My Hope Pen Biru Asmara Kafe Dewi Fortuna Flattered 6 Wheels of Love Moon and Stars So What Is That! Lamentations Stepchildren Hidayah Hikayah I’m Not Me Rainbow Love Diamonds Love Flower 2 Hafizah

Cut Tari

Cut Tari Filmography

Year Title
1993 Dongeng Langit
1993 Sisi-Sisi Dunia
1997 Perjalanan
1998 Melati
1998–2000 Doaku Harapanku
1999–2000 Pena Asmara
1999 Kafe Biru
2000 Dewi Fortuna
2003 Sentuhan Lembut
2003–2004 Roda-Roda Cinta
2003–2004 Bulan dan Bintang
2003–2010; 2013 Insert
2004 Tersanjung 6
2005 So What Gitu Loh!
2006 Ratapan Anak Tiri
2006 Hidayah
2006–2007 Hikayah
2006 Aku Bukan Aku
2008 OKB
2008 Pelangi
2008 Cinta Intan
2009 Cinta Bunga 2
2009–2010 Hafizah
2010–2011 Kemilau Cinta Kamila
2011–2012 Dia atau Diriku
2011 Saudara Oesman
2012–2013 Raja dan Aku
2013 Aku Bukan Anak Haram
2013 Friends
2014 Emak Ijah Pengen Ke Mekah

Cut Tari Awards

Year Award Results
2005 Panasonic Awards Nominated
2006 Nominated
2007 Nominated
2009 Won
2010 Nominated
Johnny Andrean Awards Won
2011 Panasonic Gobel Awards Nominated
2013 Yahoo! OMG Awards Nominated
2014 Festival Film Bandung Nominated
Yahoo! Celebrity Awards Nominated

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