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DJ Groove (real name Evgeny Rudin ), who studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory in the vocal department, after the second year gave up his academic classes in music and head left to the dance culture. Eugene Rudin ( DJ Grove ) began his career as a musician and DJ in 1990 in St. Petersburg in the first techno group in Russia “Not Found‛, then organizes his project called “NDE. As Dj, playing techno performs in the St. Petersburg club “Dance floor‛. The following year, Evgeny performed as part of the first Soviet techno-bands DJ Groove along with DJ Braniak and “Not Found” at the very first domestic rave “Gagarin-party” in the Cosmospavilion at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

DJ Groove  Basic Information
Full name Evgeny Anatolyevich Rudin
Date of Birth April 6, 1972 
Place of Birth Apatity , Murmansk region , USSR
A country  Russia
musician , DJ , actor , music producer , radio host
Years of activity 1990 
Genres House , drum and bass, techno , electronics
Aliases DJ Groove, Wurg, Evoorg
Collectives Bachelor party

In 1992, DJ Grove participated in many Moscow and St. Petersburg dance parties, played on the popular London radio station Kiss FM, and also appeared on the frequencies of several British pirate dance radio stations. In addition, Eugene, as a guest from Russia, took part in the DMC English Festival and became a member of the DMC. Until 1996, Mr. Rudin managed to beat with many famous DJs who visited Russia. Among them are Westbam, Marusha, Mark’Oh, Charlie Lownoise & Mental Theo, Robert Armani, Paul Elstak, Electric Indigo, Dimitry. In the same year, DJ Groove (DJ Groove) became the program director of the first Russian dance radio station “106.8”, a few years later he opened his own DJing school, which is taught by reputable musicians and DJs of the country.

DJ Groove Albums

Remix Albums


  • 2001  – Down House
  • 2010  – Our Russia. Eggs of Destiny
  • 2010  – Phobos. Fear Club
  • 2013  – The Parrot Club
  • 2015  – Green Carriage
  • 2016  – The route is built
  • 2016  – Hammer
  • 2017  – House of China

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