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Emily Lim

Emily Lim is a Toronto based freelance photographer, potter, and teacher. She has earned her teaching certificate from the University of Ottawa, an honors BFA from York University and she has also studied at Ryerson University in photography and new media. She currently teaches art, photography, and history at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts.

People, society, and histories form the base of Emily’s artistic focus. She is interested in finding and creating the essential image for a particular person, moment and history; to capture the feeling of each moment and individual in an authentic manner. This core interest and skill makes her especially relevant as a portraitist and wedding photographer. She enjoys finding the key aspects of each scene that best lend themselves to creating an overall narrative of the event and people involved.


Emily Lim Career

Movement and light are fascinating to Emily. She thoroughly enjoys photographing dance and photographing on film sets. In her photography, there are many long exposures which also focus on color and motion. Emily enjoys cropping to what in her mind are the essentials of a scene or moment. Cropping a scene and providing new viewpoints slows down the mind and causes the viewer to pay attention to specific textures, details and body movements.

Emily started doing pottery in 2000 and in 2006 opened up a pottery studio in her home. In painting and pottery, her marks are flowing and the bold lines and colors add energy and emotion. She is always trying out new art forms and techniques and adding them to her repertoire.

Emily is proficient in black and white photography and darkroom development, digital photography, Photoshop, studio lighting, and studio photography, oil and watercolor painting, stoneware and she makes her own ceramic glazes. She has experience in professional photographer doing weddings, portraits, commercial photography, album cover design and photography on film sets.

Her work has been featured in various publications including the New Era Magazine and Surface and Symbol. She was awarded the third place in the New Era international photography contest in 2002. She has had solo shows and will be participating in a group show early Sept 2008.

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