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Who is Famke Janssen

Famke was born in Amsterdam, Holland. Her birthday is November 5, 1965.  Recently it has come out that her REAL last name is Beumer and changed it thinking it would be hard to pronounce.

The former model Famke Janssen was also known as Famke Beumer studied at the University of Amsterdam. She moved to the United States of America in 1984 to take her model work to a higher level. Unfortunately, this did not go as she expected, and she went to study at
Columbia University in New York

Famke speaks four languages; Dutch, German, English, and French. She stands at 5 ft. and 11 in. Her hair color is of course brown, her eyes hazel. Most of the other stuff is apparent.

She also has about the biggest feet ever.  Seriously, they are HUGE!  They even make a joke in Love & Sex about her size 11 feet.

Famke Janssen Biography

Famke Janssen bio
Born Name

Date of Birth

Birth Place

Famke Beumer Janssen

c. 1964 (age 54–55)

Amstelveen, Netherlands
Education Columbia University (1992, B.A.)
Occupation Actress, director, Model
Years active 1992–present
Kip Williams (m. 1995–2000)
Family Antoinette Beumer (sister)
Marjolein Beumer (sister)

Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen Personal Life

Famke has two other sisters. Their names are Antoinette & Marjolein.  One is an actress and the other a director… how amazing would it be to have the whole Beumer family together for a movie!

She was married to Todd Williams. Famke divorced him in 2000. She currently is single. Although that is very hard to believe.

Famke Janssen First Debut

In 1992 she made her debut in “Father and Sons” as Kyle Christian. Later she really broke through to the general public with her role in James Bond: GoldenEye with her role as Xenia Zirgavna Onatopp. After that Famke Janssen played in various films with Hollywood stars such as Gingerbread man, Celebrity,
The Faculty and Love & Sex.

Famke Janssen First Appearance

Famke Janssen’s first film appearance was in the 1992 film, “Father & Sons”. In this movie, she played opposite Jeff Goldblum. Then she was next seen in the Pierce Brosnan James BoGoldenEyeGolden Eye. She played one of the bond girls Xenia Onatopp. Then this was followed by several film roles.

In 1998, Famke Janssen landed one of the main roles in the movie X-Men. She played Dr. Jean Grey, one of the mutant heroes. She reprised her role in the two sequels of X-Men, X2, and X-Men. The Last Stand. In the last X-Men series, her character mutated into another mutant the Phoenix. She was then seen in The Faculty, I Spy, Deep Rising, Lord of Illusions, House on Haunted Hill, Rounders and Hide and Seek.

Famke Janssen TV Show

Famke Janssen, after appearing in several films, returned to television. She landed a major role in the television drama series Nip/Tuck. She played the role of Ava Moore a life coach and a transsexual. Famke also lent her voice in the Dutch narration of the Studio Tram Tour of Disney parks.

Famke Janssen is set to appear on a new television series on NBC. The series, a police drama, was created by House executive producer and creator, David Shore. At present, she lives in Greenwich Village and is married to Tod Culpan Williams.

Famke Janssen Interesting things…

Famke favorite authors are: The Bronte sisters, Vladimir Nabokov, and Jean RhysHer name is pronounced “FAHM-KAH” and the first part is pronounced with a long ‘a’

She likes to speed in her car. She’s gotten a lot of tickets for this.

She has had intersection cameras capture her both singing and crying while driving through red lights.

She doesn’t like wine. I heard it was because she is allergic, but that was someone on the internet. So… But she does like Scotch.

Her sisters names Antoinette & Marjolein.

She has a black terrier named Licorice. That her ex gave her. Which she dresses up in clothes that she makes.  Her doggie’s a clothing whore.

Her dream collaborators are Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep.

Clive Barker said, “This is Dorothea,” when he saw her picture out of hundreds for Lord of Illusions.

Something else interesting is that a lot of the information on Famke conflicts itself. Makes ya wonder…

Famke Janssen


This is the Filmography section for Famke. I hope I will get all of these right!!

Upcoming events

Hide and Seek just hit theaters!  Go out and see Famke!

Famke Janssen Movies

Her first movie was Fathers and Sons. She played Kyle Christian. Made in 1992. Then Relentless IV: Ashes to Ashes. Only watch if prepared to kill everyone but Famke.  She played Dr. Sara Lee Jaffee. Made in 1994.

Lord of Illusions. She played Dorothea Swann. Very creepy movie, all Famke fans should watch it. Made in 1995.

Her turning role was in GoldenEye, as Xenia Onatopp. Made in 1995.

Then Dead Girl. She played Treasure. I cannot find this movie anywhere!  Made in 1996.

Another great role was the City of Industry. She played Rachel Montana. Made in 1997.

R.P.M. She raced cars… Made in 1997.

Deep Rising. She played Trillian St. James. A must-see Famke film.  Made in 1998.

The Gingerbread Man. She played Leeanne Magruder. Made in 1998.

Monument Avenue. She played Katie O’Connor. Made in 1998.

Rounders. She played Petra. Made in 1998.

Celebrity. She played Bonnie. Made in 1998.

The Adventures of Sebastian Cole. She played Fiona for two seconds. Directed by her Ex-husband.  Made in 1998.

The Faculty. She played Miss Burke. Made in 1998.

House on Haunted Hill. She played Evelyn Stockard-Price, a mean and evil bitch. Made in 1999.

X-Men. She played Jean Grey. Made in 2000.

Love & Sex. She played Kate Welles, the witty journalist. Made in 2000.

Circus. She played Lily Garfield. She plays a con man’s wife. Made in 2000.

Made. The one where she plays a stripper. July 2001.

Don’t Say a Word. She plays Aggie Conrad and she kicks ass. Made in 2001

I Spy. She plays a spy. Who would guess! Made in 2002

X-Men 2. She revives the role of Jean Grey and she has a new hair cut! Made in 2003.

Eulogy.  She plays Judy, the girlfriend of Kelly Preston.  Made in 2004.

Hide and Seek.  She plays a therapist and DeNiro’s friend named Katherine.  Made in 2005.

Soon to Come:  Family of the Year and The Four Saints

Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen Television

Was in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, The Perfect Mate. She played Kamala. Made in 1992.Was in Paramount Television’s The Untouchables.

Model by Day. She played Lady X.

Was on Melrose Place as Dianne Adamson.

The James Bond Story as Xenia Onatopp.

Was on Ally Mcbeal. She played Jamie, Robert Downey Jr.’s ex. Twice.

Nip/Tuck is the most recent TV appearance.  She played Ava Moore for seven VERY memorable episodes.  Well worth catching on reruns.

Film Reviews

This page is for Famke’s movie reviews!!! So just in case you aren’t sure whether to see the movie and spend nine bucks on it or wait till rental, this is for you.
(I’m not saying that her movies are bad. Well some are, but she is the only thing that shines it them.)


If you want to know more about the movies, who else was in them, and little secrets, this it the right page.


Famke Janssen sparkles serenely in an otherwise boilerplate indie comedy about a funny painter (Jon Favreau) whose confidence usually outpaces his neuroses and the beautiful women’s-mag journalist (Janssen) he wins and loses and wins. B
The review has done by Entertainment WeeklyAmid the boilerplate, though, the Dutch-born Janssen sparkles serenely. Funny, game, unimpressed by her own beauty, and always ready to eat, she (like Cameron Diaz) gives new props to ex-models, single-handedly reading Love & Sex to sea level. Trust me and see this movie!!! Buy it if you need to!!!!

Don’t Say a Word

This movie was okay. Famke’s part was great!!! I loved the fight scene!! I suggest if you love Famke, go out and see this!

X-men 2

She was awesome in this movie and she really brought the character Jean Grey to life. While being able to go further into the role, the next film will be centered a lot around Famke. A great Famke film that should be watched over and over again.


A deadly satellite weapon system, GoldenEye, is stolen. 007 is sent to retrieve it. He encounters many characters on his way. Natalya Smirnov, a computer programmer. who helps with disarming GoldenEye.
With chase scenes and special effects, GoldenEye is a thrill ride that ranks as one of the best and most popular action films ever made.

City of Industry

Four Crooks rob a jewelry store, knocking of millions. One goes against the others and takes the money. He kills two of them, but the third escapes.
Now avenging his brother’s death, Roy Egan searches for Skip Kovic. Roy goes back to one of his partners home for some help.

Rachel Montana helped out Roy by giving him something useful. Roy came back after being injured and Rachel helped heal him. Rachel, after being kidnapped, gets out of town to raise her kids and not have to worry about those people anymore.

Deep Rising

Jewel Thieves board a cruise ship, but what they don’t know is where everyone has gone. They find a couple of living people hidden in sealed rooms. These sea monsters had eaten everyone else. Working against a sinking boat and the sea monsters, they have to get out before their numbers keep getting smaller.


Lee Simon, the unsuccessful journalist and wanna-be novelist, tries to get a foot into the door with celebrities. But life among those from out-of-this-world is hard, and his putative success always results in defeat. Meanwhile, Robin was upset in the beginning, making an ass out of herself in front of a very desirable TV-producer. Not to worry she eventually takes the first steps in the world of celebrities herself. 

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