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Haruka Ayase real name Harima born March 24, 1985 -) is an actress from Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima City, a female gravure idol.
Horipro belongs. Transfer from Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Northern High School to Horikoshi High School. Teikyo University Junior College drops out. Blood type B type.

Haruka won the special prize at the 25th Holi Pro talent Scout Caravan in 2000
and debuts in the entertainment world. The general name of

Haruka Ayase was publicly offered on the Internet with the meaning of “Yuka’s sister”.
When I was a junior high school student with all kinds of sports, I had the ability to compete in the Chinese district conference of Ekiden.

Ayase made his debut as soon as he made too much eating sweets and so on and became fat by 7 kg and appeared as a fatter idol with fat at BC Beauty Coliseum.
We failed in weight loss planning and was reprimanded by moderator Wada Akiko, but succeeded in weight loss afterward.

It appeared in Haruka Ayase, Beauty Colosseum,
and being reprimanded by the great priest and Akiko Wada … I have a strange career (laugh) A continuous TV drama starring such Ayase Haruka is the only one Love (only one love)It is.

The only love
starts from 9 o’clock on Saturday, October 14th.

It is Kazuya Kamenashi of KAT-TUN who competes.

Be careful not to miss a topic drama,
only one love with Ayase Haruka and Kamenashi Kazuya ‘s competition

Haruka Ayase Profile

Haruka Ayase Haruka
Reading Ayase Haruka
Birthday March 24, 1985
Astrology Aries
Birthplace Hiroshima
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Height 165 cm
Weight 47 kg
Genre Actor Department’s Crisis
25th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan Judge Special Prize
Hobby Movie Karaoke Shopping
special skill basketball (sports in general)
Family father mother brother
favorite color black
representative work · JUSTICE (movie) (2002)
· my way to live (television) (2003)
· celebrate love (TV) (2004)
river of rain trout (movie) (2004)

Haruka Ayase is also famous for commercial of Pocari Sweat. There are also bold swimsuit scenes and my eyes are fixed on the movie of Haruka Ayase.

Image of swimsuitHaruka Ayase, a cute gravure idol, also has high popularity such as wallpapers, is one of the attractive swimsuit idols right now.

Haruka Ayase Drama

Click on the name of the drama to get more details about it. You will not find all the information nor all the cast on it, there will be only the more important characters and the role of Ayase so if you are interested to know more about a drama, please visit DramaWiki.
You will find all the SP, tanpatsu (drama with only one episode) and guest appearances in the other link from this section.

 Kurobe no Taiyo(2009)
 Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi (2008)
 Hotaru no Hikari (2007)
 Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (2006)
 Byakuyako (2006)
 Akai Unmei (2005)
 Aikurushii (2005)
 Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu (2004)
 Kyokugen Suiri Coliseum (2004(
 Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni (2004)
 Koufuku no Ouji (2004)
 Otoko yu (2003)
 Boku no Ikiru Michi (2003)
 Cosmo Angel (2001)

Haruka Ayase Movies

Apart from having worked as the voice of one of Violet Parr in The Incredibles‘s movie from Disney in 2005, she has on her hands eleven movies. Click on their names to get more information about the movie and the cast of the said movie.

 Oppay Bare (2009)
 Happy Flight (2008)
 ICHI (2008)
 The Magic Hour (2008)
 Boku no Kanojo wa Cyborg (2008)
 Hero Movie (2007)
 Taberuki Shinai (2006)
 Sengoku Jietai 1549 (2005)
 Jam Films S (2005)
 Amemasu no Kawa (2004)
 Jam Films (2002)

Haruka Ayase Discography

She has released three singles in these moments with the PV corresponding to each one.

 (2007 December 04)   Hikoukigumo
 (2006 September 12)  Kousaten Days
 (2006 March 23)         Period


 (2008 April 03)           Float
 (2006 February)        teaspoon. Vol.2
 (2004 August 13)       Heroine
 (2001 November 30)  Birth


 (2004 June 16)          Good Day!
 (2002 June 05)          Treasure!
 (2001 May 23)           Jump

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