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İbrahim Tatlıses Biography

Ibrahim Tatlıses (in Turkish: İbrahim Tatlıses ) (Kurdish: İbrahim Tatlıses ) (born January 1952 in Şanlıurfa), the singer’s famous songs of Turkey is Turkish. People in Turkey also use Ibo for him. Emperor is a common name for him, he was born in the city of Oref. His father Arabs and his mother Kurds have been descendants. He also replied in the program broadcast on the Turkish Channel D: “My father was Arab and my mother, but I am a Turk.

İbrahim Tatlıses
Alias İbo
Birth January 1, 1952,  Turkey
Nationality Turkey
Years of activity 1968 till now

He is famous for his Turkic songs in Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East countries, such as Azerbaijan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Tatlises is famous for his Turkish sons but has occasionally been called Arabic and Kurdish. In addition to this, a businessman, restaurant, Producer Showbiz Music Television and active in the field of tourism and Channel TV of its own called “Tatlyss” is. He was also involved in a construction project in Iraqi Kurdistan.

How to enter the singing arena

His childhood passed in a crowded and poor family. Abraham worked from childhood. He came to Istanbul early in his youth to work for some time at the wholesale and retail sale of chickpeas. Later in activity in the iron became special. The most important event of life, he met his friend who was with Adana to Active Cinema Yi was involved. He discovered the sound of Abraham and in fact opened his doors of fame. Since then, Abraham went to the casinos in Adana and Ankara. In the mid-1970s, Abraham came to Istanbul, where he continued to work, and with the help of his family, he released his first album, “Foot Shoe”, on the plate.

İbrahim Tatlıses Assassination

The date of March 13, 2011 AD, İbrahim Tatlıses in the neighborhood of Sisli Istanbul in the head after Welle was assassinated. Tatlises was targeted by the attack after recording his well-known TV show, Ibou Shu, from the TV set-up. Police said the shooter was shooting a few flowers from a black car and quickly faded. According to doctors, flower Welle entered the skull from behind and from the front of his head İbrahim Tatlıses out. After a 12-hour operation, physicians have said that it may be paralyzed to survive even if Tetlitz survived the assassination. After two weeks, he said he was not at serious risk.

İbrahim Tatlıses Songs of

Album of

  • Kara Kiz (daughter of Siah Khan) (1968)
  • Beterin Beteri Var (Worse, Worse) (1969)
  • Yakma Beni Gel Guzelim (1973)
  • Ayağında Kundura (leg shoes) (1975)
  • Bir Yol Goster (1975)
  • Ben İnsan Değilmiyim (I’m not human?) (1975)
  • Bir Görüşte Aşık Oldum (I Loved One Look) (1976)
  • Canım Sevgilim (dear deity ) (1977)
  • Doldur Kardeş İçelim (O friend, jump to drink) (1978)
  • Ceylan (Ghazal) (1980)
  • Sabuha (1981) (Sabhaha)
  • Mutlu Ol Yeter (1983)
  • Benim Hayatım ( my life ) (1984)
  • Yalan (Lying) (1986)
  • Fosforlu Cevriyem ( My Glorious Georgia ) ( Live Album ) (1988)
  • Gülüm Benim ( My Flower ) (1989)
  • Mavi Mavi (Blue Blue) (1989)
  • Kara Zindan (Black Prison) (1989)
  • İnsanlar (human beings) (1989)
  • Türkü Dinle Türkü Söyle (Listen to the song, sing) (1990)
  • Vur Gitsin Beni (Come With Me) (1990)
  • Soylim Mi? (Should I say?) (1991)
  • Ah Keşkem (I wish) (1992)
  • Mega Aşk (Great Love) (1993)
  • Haydi Soyle (1994)
  • Klasikler (Classics) (1995)
  • Bende Isterim (I Want It) (1996)
  • At Gitsin (Brier Out) (1998)
  • Selam Olsun (Greeting Bada) (1999)
  • Yetmez Mi? (Not enough?) (2001)
  • Tek Tek (single to one) (2003)
  • Sizler Icin (For You) (single track ) (2004)
  • Aramam (I will not follow you) (2005)
  • Bulamadim (I did not find) (2007)
  • Neden (why) (2008)
  • Yağmurla Gelen Kadın (Lady of the Rain) (2009)
  • Hani Gelecektin (you said you are coming) (2010)
  • Mucize (miracle) (2011)

İbrahim Tatlıses Videos of

Actor of

  • 1980: Śle
  • 1983: Günah
  • 1984: Yaşamak Bu Değil
  • 1984: Ayşem
  • 1985: YALNIZIM
  • 1985: Mavi Mavi
  • 1986: Sarhoş
  • 1986: Gülümse Biraz
  • 1987: Gülüm Benim
  • 1987: Dertley Dertley
  • 1988: Hülya
  • 1988: Aşıksın
  • 1989: Phosphorus
  • 1997: Fırat

Directed by

  • 1982: Yalan (Lying)
  • 1983: Yorgun (tired)
  • 1983: Günah (guilty)
  • 1984: Ayşem (Ayesha I)
  • 1986: Sarhoş
  • 1986: Gülümse Biraz (smile)
  • 1986: Gülüm Benim ( My Flower )
  • 1987: Dertli Dertli (painfully)
  • 1988: Hülya (Holly)
  • 1988: Aşıksın (you’re a lover)
  • 1997: Fırat (Euphrates)


  • 1983: Günah (guilty)


  • 1982: ‘ Yalan (Lying)
  • 2009: Mikail Aliyev Anadil Atlanta Georgia 1 yerde


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