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Iraj Mirza Biography

Iraj Mirza (1251 Solar Tabriz – 22 Persian date Esfand 1304 solar Tehran) called “Jlalalmmalk” and “Fkhral poetry as” the poet of the highlights of the Constitutional Era (late Qajar and early Pahlavi) and a pioneer of modernism in literature Persian was Iraj Mirza has composed poems in various forms, and the most valuable poems have critical, social, emotional and educational meanings. Lyrics I. smooth and often contain words and folk sayings and lyrics from the poems affecting the poetry of the Constitution.

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Iraj Mirza
Birthday 1291 (Lunar),
1874 AD, Tabriz
Parents Gholam Hossein Mirza father
Death 27 Sha’ban 1343 (lunar)
3 Persian date Farvardin 1304
1926 (AD)
Street Tehran Bazaar Tehran Sqabashy
Nationality  Iran
The cause of death heart attack
Burial place Zhiyar al-Dawlah cemetery, Shemiran
At the time of rule Late Qajar period and early Pahlavi period
The pursuit The poet
Writing style Hazilat
Punishment Jlalalmmalk, Fkhral lyrics of
Children Jafarogholi Mirza, Khosroumiraza, Robabeh
University Tabriz Tabriz

Iraj Mirza Career

He was the son of Sadrul, the poetry of Gholam Hossein Mirza, grandson of Iraj, son of Fath Ali Shah, and the result of Fathali Shah Qajar. Education at the Dar Al-Fonoun School in Tabriz was taught at the same school and taught Arabic and French subjects. When the Amir-Nazami established the Mozafari school in Tabriz, Iraj Mirza found the position of the deputy of the school, and in this position took charge of the monthly magazine Lilagh (the first student magazine of Tabriz). At the age of nineteen, he dubbed “Iraj bin Sadalal poetry “. But soon the poet left the court and went to various government jobs, including work at the Ministry of Culture (Education of the time).

Then he was employed by the Customs Office and served in various government agencies, including the Ministry of the Interior, as governor of Abadeh and Deputy Governor of Isfahan after the constitution. Iraj Mirza died at a house in Tehran after a heart attack. Mirza was fluent in Turkish, Farsi, Arabic and French, and he knew Russian and wrote Nastaliq well. The Tomb is located in Zahir al-Doleh Cemetery in Tehran. 

Iraj Mirza Character

Mirza belonged to a group of Qajar princes who were not effective in ruling the country, but nevertheless retained their attachment to their descent and aristocracy. Like his father, Sadra, poetry, Iraj also suffered from poverty and poverty, and therefore he was alert to sympathy with the poor and the spirit of protest against social inequality. In spite of his exuberant nature, frequent journeys and frequent career changes, he was sometimes forced to be pampered by lords and aristocrats, in spite of his inner will, but he was mildly and efficiently disgusted with this work.

Those who have been closely associated with Iraj have said that he was a decent man in everyday life and in general he spoke to the pen, but when he was present in private circles and among his friends, this freedom was suddenly lost and turned into gossip. Been. A Russian Orientalist professor who met him during his life in Iraj says:

A man was a sullen, lean and moderate man, and patient and tolerant in behavior and speech. Iraj’s poems would die when he read them …

Iraj Mirza Political viewpoint

Iraj with Malakal poetry of spring, the loudest sound poetry course was constitutional. Contrary to the past, he viewed constitutionalism from a patriotic angle more than a socialist critic of an aristocratic bourgeoisie. And while he knew that the masses lacked political awareness and social understanding, he warned his friends to avoid being in danger of falling into the hands of the powerful and pursuing expediency.

The subjects are all bad guys They are from poverty and death
All are of cattle and sheep They do not like freedom nor law
For such a nation such people You should not lose your intellect

Despite the fact that Iraj was proud of his prestige, Abadi also remained in a critique of Mohammad Ali Shah and Ahmad Shah; therefore, he had made his intellectual and libertarian genius, regardless of hatred and fanaticism. As far as the colonel Mohammad Taqiqan Pesyan was an uprising, he was considered one of his advisers. He was conservative, intimidating interference in politics to the detriment of his personal interests, but at the same time, he appeared to have patriotic ideas.

Religious View

“It is customary for everyone who has seen the hot young people and” the shabby women in the midst of the fire of Khayyam “who wrote about the incidents of Ashura, or several poems such as” It is known that the Prophet Shah is right, “and” I said, Heart of Hazin “and also”. Another example of the verses that reveal his religious beliefs is the conclusion of the famous poem “Advice to the Child” that he wrote to his young child, Khosrow Mirza:

… I’ll go and you will stay Wayne will read the “lesson”
Pray for me here Meet Fathaaa, my soul.

Social perspective

Iraj was critical of the situation of the traditional community of his time. He criticized some of the Iranian customs (such as getting up front when entering the parliament) with a tongue of humor and humor.

The name of this Rome is not the ignorant Most of the owners of wire and gold
A secretary from the Roman emblem is articulated There they are rumors from the respectable parliament

Iraj Mirza main point

Although he talked about the relations between the worker and the employer with other contemporary poetry such as Farrokhi Yazdi, Mirzadeh Eshghi and Aref Ghazvini, he did not go beyond the framework of the task of solving the problem and only addressed the employer’s pride and deepened the cruelty of relations. Exploitation is ignorant.

Iraj (along with Mokbarbar Saltaneh Hedayat) is the first poet to sing poems specifically for children. Poetry such as reading cravings, maternal stamps, crow and foxes, bears and swords, two robbery robbers, advice to the child, we, children of this school, are examples of such poems that offer a pleasant and appealing theme in a very simple and psychic language. They make a statement.

Iraj Mirza Poem

He also has several poems in honor of the mother. Poems such as “Mother’s Heart,” with the message “Tell your beloved to love the message / that your mother’s war with me” and “Mehr Mother” are informed, “Tell me how you learned mother/breast to mouth”, from the most famous Persian poems about Respect for the mother.

However, the educational work of this kind of child literature was seriously challenged by Parvin Etesami and later by Samad Behrangi. Iraj works have been published in textbooks since the first round of textbooks in Iran. 

He is also among the first men in Iran who has supported the movements of women’s rights activists.

Iraj Mirza Memorial

Some of his friends and poets, along with Iraj Mirza, such as Mohammad Hossein Shahriar and Vahid Dastgerdi, have poetry in his bosom. The piece below is one of the two pieces that Malekal Poetry Spring is remembered for Iraj.

I went there and your poems remained You left your works and your works
Then take your life Our heart is dying of this
The poet ‘s poem fails Literature has fallen in value
You are rude and outrageous Rasti Sadi Shirazi man

Also, Qamar al-Muluk Vaziri, in the song of Iraj Mirza, read “Amman of this heart” on the device. According to Morteza Neyadvud, Iraj Mirza was somewhat young at Valeh Qamar. Bolgheri was named in the city of Mashhad Iraj Mirza, renamed Jalal al-Ahmad in 2009 due to what was called the “illiterate literature” of Iraj. 

Iraj’s critique

Although familiar with French culture and literature, although familiar with the extent to which Hazel was permitted to enter the domain of general chastity, Iraj used to use abusive meanings, abusive words and obscene themes in his poems. Such words have been used so much in his poems that, according to some experts, the Divan Iraj cannot be made available to children.

Iraj of nineteen as a poet in the Crown Prince had been appointed for festivals and official ceremonies poetry wrote. But since he was hateful of writing the drama, he left the job and took up secretary and secretary’s office. The aversion to the poetry that was related to this period of writing was meaningless and meaningless, did not take this seriously even in the time when the poetry was begged, and rather than from poetry to raise ethical, social, and political issues.

Iraj Mirza Political Issue

It used to serve as a tool for the fun and refinement of personal accounts, and if the political, social, and moral issues in poetry raised the issue as a subsidiary issue. Asadollah Talaat Tabrizi wrote 234-bit verses in criticism of Iraj Mirza’s mysticism, pointing out that:

You know Iraj, master of time The world of poetry is like heaven
Yes, you are in heaven, I am in the earth You are the owner of the fruit, I’m clinging
But the crash does not rank You have read the lyrics
You did not understand your own position Do not speak bad words

Iraj’s fans also admit that he did not know the poetry of his poetry and did not know the extent of influence and influence of his words.
In addition to such poetry and words, the poetry of Iraj with all the sophistication in terms of poetry is also not an issue. Some of these drawbacks are as follows:

  • The abandonment of the word “Ein” has become a remnant of “Ehsan” in some cases, such as Ein’s dismissal in the word “supply” in the following bulletin:
The past festivals that I have presented Bad place here today I do not know where you are
  • Adding Arabic words to the Persian command, like the word “Sustainer” in the following bulletin:
It was not the shoulder, that the guy was kneeling together The key was the prisoner’s heart
  • Enter words that do not have permission to enter poetry, such as “just” in Persian poetry.
  • Frequent use of literary Sarvjhay like “death” and “Aidun” the necessity of poetry of

Iraj Mirza Effects

The works of Iraj divided into two parts. The poems of his pre-constitutional which is the product of his youth. A large part is not available today. The poetry of the post-Constitutional era of Iraj, which is more devoted to social criticism in the form of primitive themes, has more literary credentials. Part of his poetic work was in response to literary competitions (forums) of poetry associations or literary publications. Parts of “Mother’s Heart” and “Love Gift” are written in response to the submissions of ” Iran- Shahr” and “Action” journals. 

Iraj’s almost unique use of simple language and his departure from the frames and templates common in Persian poetry has made his poem find a special place for his poet in his period in Persian literature. In addition to extending the footprint of the accepted norms of his poetry, he introduces new meanings and themes and realistic philosophy into Persian poetry, which creates a new literary atmosphere after him. Avoiding the unnecessary exaggerations of contemporary poetry and the closer to everyday realities is a characteristic of his poetry. Iraj Mirza’s works and poems include sages, poems, pieces and several massive, including Masnavi, Zohreh, Manouchehr and Masnavi.

Masnavi Ayatollah

The mystic is the most famous poem of Iraj Mirza and one of the most famous Persian poetry systems. A poem in the form of Masnavi in 515 bits, originally written in Hajo Arif Qazvini, while the poet also deals with political and social issues with a critical look.

In spite of its popularity and reputation, mysticism has been criticized and many criticisms have been made. And the contemporary poet Iraj has also composed several poetry in criticizing it, and Iraj Mirza has written several poems in response to them. The motivation of some of the opposition was to defend Isfah Qazvini and others to defend the veil, and some also to criticize the false statements in this poem.

Masnavi Zohreh and Manouchehr

Zohreh and Manouchehr Masnavi is a lover of Iraj Mirza, derived from the myth of Venus and Adonis of Greek mythology. Throughout the history of their great poets and great writers. They have created great works of this kind and uneasy love, including William Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis, the poetry of Iraj Mirza, and the freedom of Shakespeare. Although Iraj has changed a lot in the story. He has been indigenized by the cultural issue of Iran.

For example Adonis Hunter to a young military of the conversion and Venus also Aflaki when the garment is worn on the garment dirt to draw women ‘sAnd when he speaks of his masterpieces, he speaks of the creation of artists such as Kamal al-Mulk and the raising of Qamar al-Muluk, and giving the pen to the floor of the plain and instrumentation by Darwish Khan. The product of the late years of Omar Iraj is, and therefore unfinished, and later probably completed by Seyyed Abdul Hussein Hassabi

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