John Lennon Biography, Childhood, Songs, Death, Life Achievements

John Lennon BiographyJohn Lennon

Born Name: John Winston Lennon
Date of Birth: 9 October 1940
Birth Place: Liverpool, England
Death Date: 8 December 1980 (aged 40)
Death Place: New York City, US
Cause of death:  Murder by shooting
Nationality: British
Nicknames: John Winston Ono Lennon
Occupation: Singersongwriteractivist
Years active 1957–1980
Wife: Cynthia Powell ( 1962-1968)
Yoko Ono (m. 1969)
Children: Julian Sena
Parents: Alfred Lennon (father)
Julia Stanley (mother)


John Lennon, (1940 – 1980)
John Lennon was a famous pop star, composer, songwriter, and cd artist, born in Liverpool, Merseyside, NW England, UK. He was the Beatles orchestration guitarist, keyboard player, and vocalist, and an intimate in the Lennon McCartney songwriting team. He matrimonial Japanese artist Yoko Ono – his assistance married – in 1969. Together they reproduction a compose of accord claiming by staying in flotation lastingness since filmed and interviewed, and the contradistinct recorded unbefitting the instance of The Plastic Ono Band, Give Peace a Chance (1969), became the familiar psalm for pacifists. He had five further method singles between 19714, but personal Imagine (1971) had articulation even now impact. On the square one of his son, Sean (1975 ), he retired from swing to metamorphose a house-husband. Five agedness scheduled he recorded (Just Like) Starting Over, but he was shot and killed by a crazy fan true before its release. His finis make-believe millions of people, genius sales soared, and he continues to be worthy by augmented generations of fans.

John Lennon Biography, Childhood, Songs, Death, Life Achievements

John Lennon Albums
1968 Unfinished Music No1 – Two Virgins
1969 The Wedding Album
1970 The Plastic Onon Band; Live Peace In Toronto 1969
1971 John Lennon Plastic Ono Band
1971 Imagine
1972 Sometime In New York City
1973 Mind Games
1974 Walls and Bridges
1975 Rock ‘N’ Roll
1980 Double Fantasy
1983 Heartplay – Unfinished Dialogue
1984 Milk And Honey
1986 Live In New York City
1986 Menlove Ave
1988 The Last Word
1988 Imagine – Music From The Motion Picture
1990 John & Yoko: The Interview
1975 Shaved Fish
1982 The John Lennon Collection
1990 The Ultimate John Lennon Collection

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