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Julie Lin You Li Biography

julie lin

Real Name:    林又立 / Lin You Li

English name: Julie Lin

Occupation: Model and actress

Date of Birth: 1987-Jan-01 (age 32)

Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan

Height: 180cm

Weight: 47kg

Star sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Tiger

Blood type: A

Julie Lin You Li is among the top Chinese contemporary models. Born January 1, 1987, in Taipei, Taiwan Province, she graduated from National Taipei College of Business. Julie Lin You Li took part in the Elite International Model 2004 and won the championship. Six years ago, Julie Lin You Li was still a student when she grabbed the first spot of the ELITE models champion and became the brightest star in the modeling industry.

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Julie Lin  Professional Carrer

You Li yesterday attended Bucherer brand new series of female watches, with white water snakeskin strap and white colored dial. Julie Lin said she used to think that black was more suitable. “I did not expect more lining with the white color, but it’s also very nice.” Will she buy the watch to send her boyfriend? Her eyes wide open, jokingly said: “she did not even buy for herself, so she’s not buying for him either?”

There was a minor incident when Julie Lin snubs a fan requesting an autograph on the street. She later expressed ” I was walking in a road corner when a pair of small hand with Pen on paper appeared and a little girl faintly whispered a few words to me …It happens to a red light so I thought it was a street survey and readily reject the request.”

During that moment Julie Lin You Li was wearing a large dark sunglasses, imposing appearance, with a cool gesture denying her fan. She expressed “I just want to cross the road as soon as possible. I did not expect ….Cute little girl who had her pen in a notebook was not a questionnaire!!! I actually refused to give an autograph for such a good young girl, really should not have done it” Friends accompanying Julie Lin You Li later turned to ask: “Why people seek your autograph, you do not want to sign?” before Julie Lin You Li realized what had happened.

When quizzed about her eating habit to stay in slim condition as a model, Julie Lin You Li shared ” I used to eat a lot of collagen health food and drinks, and later, there was a beauty mask consultant who told me this kind of collagen food cannot eat too much because the food we eat already contain a lot of collagen, and excessive collagen is more a burden. So, I ate some but will emphasize light meals, less fat, less salt, less spicy, and for every meal, I will first begin to eat a little rice, vegetables, meat. Like this way of eating for physical health and the easiest to maintain smooth skin.”

Compared to her student period, Julie Lin You Li now weight lesser by 8 kg, describing her change ” My favorite activity was tennis lessons, and after tennis class I went out into the canteen running into all kinds of snacks, fried chicken, potato chips, macadamia nuts, cashew nuts to eat again. I was so fat that even the eyes seem smaller, and always acne. So I recommend trying to change the eating habits and you will find absolutely smooth skin from the diet that is lighter.”

And what about skin care? Julie Lin You Li had her own tips too “, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water, I drink water from time to time all day, but only plain water! Using Remover, wash, lotion, emulsion, eye cream is the foundation of my five-step skin maintenance, but I never do the whitening, so just rub moisturizing lotion, oil control products. I have a secret body care tactic which is to shower, leave some water in the body in the skin, rubbed with a lot of baby oil, rubbing until the heel is full of Vaseline, to let the body and face skin become smooth, the two products are indispensable.”

Julie Lin You Li also advise for people dealing with acne ” I almost do not use Exfoliation products anymore. Because, while I’ve loved the Exfoliation products, there was once I did not use them for two weeks, I found that I actually did not have acne!

So, I simply do not Exfoliate anymore, too often also make the skin thinner in my view. If you want your skin to keep smooth, I will suggest keeping a hold of your hands, do not try to mess with acne, squeezing it will only make it worse. What I will do is wait for acne to develop and quick squeeze them just before they look ready to burst. Although we have to wait for several days, this is the most secure method and will not have acne scars.”

Because too lazy to whiten her skin and due to her often swimming, she stands out with beautiful tanned skin. In recent years, Julie Lin You Li has taken on hosting, advertising and endorsement activities. Julie Lin You Li has not just become top of the fashion industry.

Julie Lin TV Shows

  • Odd Perfect Match (CTV, 2011)
  • Brown Sugar Macchiato (FTV, 2007)

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