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Kate Moss Biography

Kate Moss was born on January 16, 1974. In the town of Addiscombe, within the south London suburb of Croydon (Surrey). It is a British model.

Kate Moss

Moss was discovered in 1988 by Sarah Doukas (founder of the Storm model agency) when she was 14 years old at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Moss became the anti-supermodel of the 1990s. However, she was seduced by the fashion industry and has worked for firms such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Chanel, Missoni, and David Yurman. His last works were with the firms Burberry and Dior.

On September 29, 2002, Moss gave birth to a girl named Lila Grace at St. John and Elizabeth Hospital in London. The father of his daughter is Jefferson Hack. Unable to settle down, Moss has left with a host of people, known and unknown. Ex-boyfriends include the American actor Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty, the controversial British musician.

In February 2005, a portrait of Lucian Freud in which the model was naked and pregnant with Lila was sold at 3.93 million pounds. Moss planned and posed for the portrait while she was pregnant.

Kate Moss Fashion Career

She continues to appear on the covers of Vogue and W, and after more than a decade of being in the fashion world, Moss is named by Forbes magazine. His unique style has been copied and worshiped, not only by the world of haute couture but also by ordinary people. British tabloids, particularly the Daily Mirror, have long accused Moss of cocaine abuse. Because of this, after a lawsuit, the newspaper had to retract and pay for damages.

However, on September 15, 2005, the Daily Mirror showed on the front page and inside pages photos of Moss, in which he inhaled several lines of cocaine in a recording session in Babyshambles.

On September 20, 2005, the Swedish fashion brand H & M announced that it would take Moss out of the advertising campaign for its autumn clothing collection. It was reported that the contract was 4 million pounds per year. The next day, Chanel announced that it would not renew its contract with Moss, which would end in October, although the company said the decision had nothing to do with the drug scandal. On September 22, 2005, H & M said that Moss acknowledged that the allegations of drug use were true.

Moss continues appearing in this period in important advertising campaigns for Dior in the October editions of the fashion magazines W and Vogue, in two advertising pages. YW has announced that it plans to continue with plans to highlight Moss in its November 2005 edition.

Funny Kate Moss Tshirt

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