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Welcome To Keiko Kitagawa Biography

Keiko Kitagawa Was born August 22, 1986. She is a Japanese actress and former model. Keiko Kitagawa (Kisuwa Keiko) Many times it is often mentioned in coverage and interviews that urban cool impression”, “relaxed pace with a personal feeling”, “a person with a core mindset”, Takeshi Mukuji Drunk Dragon Mr. Ya said, “(Kitagawa is fiercer people, but as long as you get along, it is an amazing older sister of Kansai Nori).” It is a standby image of such Keiko Kitagawa.

Name Keiko Kitagawa
Born 22 August 1986
Place of Birth Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Language Japanese
Profession Idol, actress & model
Height 160cm
Measurements 75cm 53cm 81cm
Weight 42kg

Keiko Kitagawa starring movie

Mamiya Brothers (2006)
Flower living in water (2006)
Wild Speed X 3 TOKYO DRIFT (2006)
Cherry Pie (2006)
Heat Island (2007)
Dear Friends (2007)
Say hello to him (2007)
South Bound (2007)
Handsome ★ Suit (November 2008)
Midsummer Orion (June 2009)
I will give out (October 2009)

Keiko Kitagawa TV Career

Mopgirl (October 2007 – 12 Moon, TV Asahi)
Classes in the sun and the ocean (July – September 2008, Fuji Television Month 9)
Buzzer Beat? Cliff Petit Hero? (July – September 2009, Fuji Television Month 9)
Sailor Moon (October 2003 – September 2004, CBC)

Performed by Keiko Kitagawa CM

Diet Water Let’s (2007 – 2008)
Capella Capsule (2008 – 2009)
NTT DoCoMo DoCoMo 2.0 (May 2007 – 2008 April)
Kanebo cosmetics
COFFRET D’OR (December 2007 – )
SALA (April 2009 -)
Ezaki Glico
Handy Desert Ice Paritute Play Gokoro Hen (April 2008 -)
Handy Desert Ice Paritute Shining Window Hen (April 2009 -)
Breo’s Breath Clean Version (July 2008 -)
Kana Flex Orangutan Hen (July 2008 -)
ANA Mattari ~ Na Hokori ~ Na OKINAWA “Good Yu Daite” edition (October 2008 -)
SEED vivid moon image model (2008 -)

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