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Kim Kardashian Biography

Birthday October 21, 1980 (29th October 1359)
Los Angeles, USA
Place of residence America
Nationality American
Descent Armenian, American, Dutch
The pursuit Model, Entrepreneur, Actor
Height 159 centimeters
Spouse Damon Thomas (2004-2000)
Chris Humphreys (2013-2011)
Kenny West (so far 2011)
Children 1 girl (North West)
Parents Robert Kardashian
Chris Jenner
Relatives Courtney Kardashian (sister)Kloyi Kardashian (sister)

Robert Kardashian (brother)

Kylie Janeer (sister)

Kendall Jenner (sister)

Brady Janeer (brother)

Brandon Jenner (brother)

Kim Kardashian

Kimberly Noel Kardashian (the flower of Jesse: Kimberly Noel Kardashian ), (Armenian: Քիմ Քարդաշյան ) (born 21 October 1980 in America), the character of the world’s media and entertainment, model, businessman, actor and character Television of the People of America is.

Artistic activity

Before moving on to progress in her career as a program star, Kim first came to the fore in a sex video. He said he later received $ 5 million in compensation. Kim Kardashian shines in a set with a Kardashian who has a network! Plays it and performs it with her family; she’s famous.

In several clothing lines and perfumes activity there. In 2010, Kim earned $ 6 million in revenue, the most earnest star in the program.

Early life

Kim Kardashian, Los Angeles, California, Robert Kardashian’s daughter, lawyer, and Chris Jenner.

Kim’s father is from the third generation of Armenian Americans and his mother from Dutch and Scots. Her father won more of her reputation for appealing to Install James during a murder incident, she died on September 30, 2003.

His mother Date 1989 Robert Bruce Jenner divorced in 1991 to marry her.

Kardashian has two sisters called Kortani Kardashian and Goli Kardashian and a brother named Robert Kardashian. He also owns two half-brothers, Breton and Brandon Jenner, and Brody Janner (also a television presenter ); Kim Kardashian has three Nantian sisters named Casey, Kendall, and Kyle Jenner. Also, Ontall James is his godfather. He studied at Marimont High School.

Professional career

Her first role was in television series opposite defeat in October 2007 (October 2007). He continued to appear in a television series with Kardashians in a network with two sisters, mother, brother, and sister and half-sister. This TV-series has been scheduled for October 2011 (October 1390) in 69 episodes in six seasons and its seventh season is scheduled for May 2012 (May 2012).

Kardashian in 2008 (1387) on videotape disaster shine. He also played in the fourth season of the series ” How I met my mother and with her sisters, Gypsy, and Courtney in the third season of the 90210 series .” Kardashian was the host of the RaceLamania competitions and was attended by the guest referee at the thirteenth appearance of the television show of the next upcoming American model. He appeared on December 16, 2009, along with Vanessa Minnilow as guest actor at Mass Crime Scene Investigation TV : New York.

Kardashian in 2009 (2009) appeared in the drama pornography and deep satire in the valley.

He was one of 13 participating in the seventh season of starring dance television.

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