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Leila Hatami Biography

Leila Hatami (born on October 9, 1971, in Tehran) is Iranian actor of Iranian cinema and television. He is the son of Ali Hatami and wife Ali Mostafa. Leila Hatami is one of the most successful actors in Iran in terms of the number of awards received by winning several awards from domestic and foreign festivals. His father Ali Hatami, a prominent film director in Iran, and his mother, Zari, was a cinema actor.

He took his diploma in mathematics in physics in Tehran. She went to Lausanne Switzerland to study. In electrical engineering at the Polytechnic University began studying it.

Leila Hatami Bio
Born October 1, 1972 (age 46)

Tehran, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Alma mater École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Years active 1984–present
Ali Mosaffa (m. 1998)
Children 2
Parent(s) Ali Hatami (father)
Zari Khoshkam (mother)

He graduated in this field after two semesters and went to the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, where he read French literature. Due to his father’s illness in 1375, he left school and returned to Iran. In 1998, she married Ali Mostafa. Since then, live in Tehran he does. He has two children named Manny and Honey. Leila Hatami five languages as well as lower of Jesse and French and speaks Persian, German and Italian.

Leila Hatami Life professional

debut in cinema as a child ol (in the movie “Kamal-ol-Molk” the director of his father, Ali Hatami), respectively. In 1370, he was featured in the film “The People”, also composed by his father Ali Hatami. Another successful film was water and fire, in which he performed the role of a prostitute woman (Maryam).

The game of Atila Pesiani and Mary’s cousin are from other brilliant movie pointsWas. In the theatrical exercise, the two minions of Dawud Rashidi were very excited but were forced to leave the team due to illness.
In 2010, along with Asghar Farhadi and some of the actresses, Nader’s film separation from Simin was invited to the Berlin Film Festival, but he did not finish at any stage for any reason some of it was known in his later film. Where the ceremony along with Sarah Bayat and Sarina Farhadi won the Silver Bear, the best female actor.
In the spring of 2011, at the ceremony of the Red Carpet Film (Masoud Kimayee) along with Ali Mostafa.
In the summer of the same year, following the release of the rare separation from Simin to France and Italy, he traveled at the opening of the show. The film was accompanied by Asghar Farhadi.
Finally after Separation nomination for the best film other than the goal of Jesse Language Academy in the winter of 90 and Asghar Farhadi and Payman Maadi way the Oscars in America.

He then took part in the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival and donated the grand prize to the Italian film director Matthew Garonne. A few months later Leila Hatami and her husband Ali Mosaffa and children for the premiere of the film the last step in the Karlovy Vary festival to the Czech Republic and the award for best actor Actress festival is also due to play in the movie has won.

After that, he sought residence Ali Mosafa in France to attend the filmNew Asghar Farhadi went to France with him and stayed for several months. After returning to Iran in the fall of 92, along with Ali Mostafa, he attended the celebration of Dariush Mehrjui.

In most of her films, Layla Hatami has played the role of a woman from the upper classes of the economy or culture of the community, with a cool temper and a solid personality.

Working with the director of Leila Hatami has had Dariush cooperation with the four films he reveals: Lyla.myks. The sky is popular and orange. Leila has one of the most famous films of Mehrjūi, as well as the most memorable roles of Leila Hatami.
Subsequently, he cooperated with directors such as Ali Mostafa, Fereidoun Jirani, Alireza Raisian and Ali Hatami (two films ).
Leila Hatami Personally, director, film, a role that is supposed to take the most important factors for the selection of games suggested counts. And he believes that a well-written role can well be played. From the director makes working with Dariush Mehrjui easier.
He also collaborated with directors of the first film such as Ferdin Sahib Zamani, Safi Yazdanian and Adel Haghighi.
Leila Hatami appeared during the sixty-fifth round of the Cannes Film Festival, who at the end of the ceremony donated the Best Film Award for the Concert to Mathieu Garrone for the real film.

The award of the French arts and crafts prize to her, the French embassy stated in a statement that the arts and crafts class was awarded to the Minister of Culture and Communication of the country by Leila Hatami. In another passage, the following statement reads: “It is awarded to artists through artistic or literary creativity or for participation in the art and literature scene in France and in the world.”

The 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Leila Hatami was selected as one of eight judges at the festival.

Leila Hatami Award

Award best actor Actress Critics Association for the film “the last step” – 1393

Candidate of the Best Actress Award from the Critics Association for the movie “The Serpent”, 1392

Award-winning best actor female festival films from Iran to San Francisco for the film “Meet Leila” –1392

The winner of the Parvin Award (along with songs by Aladousti and Negar Javaherian) –1391

Award-winning best actor Actress Kermanshah Fajr Film Festival for the film “Sealed” –1391

Award best actor Actress Critics Association for the film “the last step” –1391

The winner of the Crystal Globe best actor wife of the forty-seventh Karlovy Vary Film Festival for the film “the last step” – 1391

Best Costume Design of Liquid Crystal Simorgh candidate Vamyn Fajr Film Festival for the film “the last step” – 1390

Crystal Simorgh candidate for best actor Actress thirty Vamyn Festival Film Festival for the film “orange” –1390

Best Actress Award from the Asian Film Festival for the movie “The Rarely Separated from Simin” -1390

Fybrshy award-winning best actor female festival film Palm Springs for the film “A Separation Nadraz Simin” (Sareh Bayat and Sarina Farhadi plus) –1390

Best Actress Silver Bear Best of the Berlin Film Festival for the movie “Separation of Nader Simin” (with Sarah Bayat and Sarina Farhadi) – 2010

Award best actor wife of the racing movie of the first film, “there are things you do not know” – 1389

Crystal Simorgh candidate for best actor Actress of the XXIX Festival Film Festival for the film “A Separation” –1389

Award-winning best actor Actress Film Festival Film Harare for the film “every single night” – 1389

Candidate of Golden Statue Best Actor from the 14th Cinema House Celebration for the movie “Wandering in May” – 2010

Crystal Simorgh candidate for best actress role of women in the twenty-eighth Festival of Film Festival for the film “forties” –1388

Awarded the Best Actor role of women in the third critics for the film “Poverty” – 1388

Crystal Simorgh winning best actor Actress twenty-seventh Festival Film Festival for the film “Poverty” – 1387

Crystal Simorgh candidate for best actor Actress twenty Festival Film Festival for the film “salad” – 1383

Golden statue of a candidate for best actor Actress of the sixth celebration of cinema for the film “altitude” – 1381

Best Actor Award for the Montreal Canadian Film Festival for the Deserted Station -1381

Crystal Simorgh candidate for best actor Actress of the Festival Film Festival for the movie “Ghost station” – 1380

Golden statue won best actor Actress fifth celebration of cinema for the film “Water and Fire” – 1380

Best Female Actor for choosing cinema writers and critics for the film Water and Fire – 2001

Crystal Simorgh Candidate Best Actor from the 17th Fajr Film Festival for the film “Sheida” – 1998

Winner of the Statue of Hafiz, the best actress from the world of the film for the film “Layla” – 1376

Winner of the honorary diploma of the best female actress from the fifteenth Fajr Film Festival for the film “Layla” – 1375

Videos Of Cinema 

the era of love (AR Raiisian, 1393) (stage production)
in your world What time is it? (Safi Yazdanian, 1392)
Head to Mehr (Hadi Moghadam Dost, 1391)
Orange Man (Dariush Mehrjui, 2011)
Last Stage (Ali Musfa, 2010)
Introduction to Leila (Adel Yaghighi, 2010) A
rare separation from Simin (Asghar Farhadi, 2010) )
Saadat Abad (Maziar Miri, 1389)
sky popular (Dariush, 1388) (in theaters)
there are things you do not know (Fardin Sahbalzmany, 1388)
wander in the fog (Bahram Tavakoli, 1388)
the forties (AR Raiisian, 1387)
poverty (Hamid Nematollah, 2008)
Shirin (Abbas Kiarostami), 2007)
Every single night alone (Rasoul Sadr-Ameli, 2007)
pet waste (Mohammad Ahmadi, 1384) The
sentence (Masood Kimaya, 1383)
Salad of the season (Fereydoun Jirani, 2004) The
Far East Women’s Symposium (Ali Mostafa, 1382) The
Elevation (Ibrahim Hatamikia, 1380)
The Abandoned Station (Alireza Raisian, 1998-1999)
Sweet Jam (Marzieh Boroumand, 1379)
Water and Fire (Fereydoon Jirani, 2000)
Mix (Dariush Mehrjui, 1999)
Sheida (Kamal Tabrizi, 1998)
Leila (Dariush Mehrjui, 1375)
Delastegan (Ali Hatami, 1370)
Kamalolmolk (Ali Hatami, 1363)

Set the TV to
Paridokht (Saman Moghadam, 1386)
bag of clay Jesse (Sydzya’aldyndry, 1378)

Documentary narration
in search of Shahrzad
Irooni carpet our


film opening night, 1381
films a Gertrude, 1382
series “Six Conversations with Picasso, Picasso’s dialogue with the panel on” Women of Algiers “, 1382


sixty-seventh festival of films now (2014)
Festival film Golden Orange Turkey (2013)
Film in Rome (2012)
Festival film Kastndvrf (2012)
Film Morocco (2011)
Festival Videos Deauville (2011)
festival film Karlvvary (2006)
Dubai short film (2001)

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