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Lin Chi-ling Biography

Lin Chi-ling was born in Taiwan area, Taipei City, the famous model, host, female actress, singer. A sweet gorgeous appearance, 174 cm height, and the good body shape make her the focus of attention in Taiwan society. Media dubbed Lin Chi Ling the title of “Taiwan’s top model”!

Name: Lin Chi-ling
Date of Birth 29 November 1974 (age 44)
Age 44 year ( in 2019)
Nationality China, Taiwan
Constellation Sagittarius
Occupation Model, Host, Actor
Height 174cm
Weight 53kg
Body Measurement 23,32,30
Net worth $45 Million
Occupation Model, Host, Actor
Family Lin Fan-nan (father)

Wu Tzu-mei (mother)

Lin Chi-hong (brother)

Married Not yet
Friend Jerry Yan

With regards to Jay revealing that Chi-ling is on guard against men, Chi-ling admitted, “It’s only towards men! I have no idea why, but it seemed like this segment (of getting along with men) is missing from my growing up the process.” Actually, it is not much of being on guard against men, but because I warm up at a slower pace, I don’t really know how to get along with men.”

When asked if Chi-ling has the desire to get into a relationship after almost falling in love in the movie, Chi-ling answered smiling, “Even if I didn’t participate in this movie, I will also have (the desire to get into a relationship)!” When probed if she had found someone who can protect her, Chi-ling exclaimed that she’s also anxious about this it!

With regards to the constant rumor about her marriage with Taiwanese businessman, Qiu Shi-kai, Chi-ling gave an interesting reply, “I no longer read these reports and I don’t go after media reports. I only read them once in a few months to keep myself updated.”

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Lin Chi-ling Education

A graduate from the University of Toronto where she majored in Western Art History and Economics, Lin Chi Ling possesses a unique combination of brains and beauty. The process for her fame caused major changes in society, Taiwan scholars also termed this as “Lin Chi-ling phenomenon.” Lin Chi Ling (Chiling) by virtue of her popularity rise on the Circuit quickly and became popular in Hong Kong China and Taiwan as the top Model. She then got the endorsement of the eight major international enterprise products; shot six ads a year, a single ad price tag of was up to seven figures making her one of the tops paid stars across Asia.

Lin Chi-ling Professional Career

Lin Chi Ling versatility in her work along with her popularity has not gone unnoticed by advertisers. She is reported to be the highest earning model in terms of endorsements earning annually (a million dollars). Once a month all year, for Journal of the cover; Lin Chi Ling image had been released in Taiwan as the first exclusive stamp artist. In 2009, Lin Chi-ling was selected as a world first of China Association of  Taiwan Stamp exclusive release of artists. Lin Chi-ling’s father Lin Fan M, Wu Tsz  mother are both Tainan citizen, both married and settled in north Taipei area after giving birth to older son Chih-Hung Lin and younger daughter Lin Chi-ling

Known for her sweet demure and high EQ, Lin Chi Ling has smashed the stereotype of the bimbo and/or diva image typically expected by the public of female models. Lin Chi-ling studied at the Taipei Municipal Chung Cheng East Gate Elementary School and after completion of basic education in the country went to Canada, Church of Toronto private girls secondary school Strachan to  completed high school, and later successfully admitted to Canada,the University of Toronto to complete the double of Western art history and economics major degree.

Lin Chi-ling Modeling Career

Lin Chi-ling

Around 2000, Lin Chi-ling return to Taiwan. Originally planned jobs with art professionals went to the Museum, but because of “non-graduate degree” was denied. 2001 was a part-time dance teacher when she was talent scout spotted, and thus began her modeling career. Besides modeling, Lin Chi Ling has also done well in the hosting of several TV shows and Awards Ceremony,  the most notable being The Golden Melody Award, the equivalent of the Grammys in the Chinese music awards and the Golden Horse Award, the Asian equal of the Oscars.

In 2002, Lin Chi-ling was chosen by the Hong Kong Angel Face Beauty Group to shoot a TV ad; the ad was broadcast in Hong Kong, her attractive shape and beauty was a hot topic in the Internet discussion and inquiry among viewers, and gradually open the visibility of Lin Chi Ling.

March 2004, the focus of a weekly magazine report that to accompany for a meal, Lin Chi Ling price is better than many well-known actresses, but she and the agent have denied that she has been paid to accompany a meal for anyone. The rumors and reproduced news through media reports increased her exposure and profile, so the media called this event one of the reasons for her fame. Later, the magazine reporter after leaving the program in a television interview admitted that the report was coined.

As for her resolutions for 2010, Chi-ling mentioned that she hopes to participate in a couple more movies, and also expressed her interest in trying out scheming roles! Despite having presented her debut singing for The Treasure Hunter’s theme song, of which she wrote the lyrics and Jay composed the music, Chi-ling mentioned that she does not have vain hopes about releasing an album.

Thinking back about the first time she enters the recording room, she said, “I seemed to have lost my voice and nothing seems to be coming out!” Furthermore, Chi-ling hopes to have more time for herself in the coming year and to live life her way.

“I would love to spend more time at home or to travel around to places without much attention being given, and to move around freely.”

The Treasure Hunter will be screening in local cinemas starting from 31st December 2009. After the incident, Lin Chi-ling become a strong endorsement figure among the housing ads and appear in the external walls of many buildings in Taipei, significant landmarks and the media. Lin Chi-ling red storm overnight was around Taiwan as the public was eager for her refreshing and beautiful appearance. This increased attention also led to modeling opportunities all around. The wave of the impact is not limited to Taiwan but also related to the Hong Kong and China.

July 8, 2005, Lin Chi-ling was in China Dalian Island shooting an ad when she, unfortunately, fall from a horse and was trampled by horses. After an emergency transfer by staff to the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, the diagnosis of chest rib fractures, accompanied by left lung injury, and blood in the pleural cavity. 1 November the same year, Lin Zhi Ling make an appearance following months of recuperation at a press conference to announce her full comeback.

2007 to 2008 for She was spending the most of the time in China filming the movie “Red Cliff” and during the period rumors about her relationship with Qiushi Kai Yan industry came about, but this has always denied by Lin Zhi-ling. She recent venture into acting was met with mostly positive reviews for her debut in the epic movie film “Red Cliff”, the most expensive Asian film ever financed at US$80 million.

Lin Chi-Ling First Movie Debut

Chi-ling Japanese debut was in the drama series “Moonlight Lover” and she works very hard, but the audience viewership figures was still not ideal, but she did not give up the idea of filming, whether it is the face of praise or criticism. Her sweet smile is always exposed, showing her high EQ. She said that people should learn to put down issues, when naysayers are around it’s a good time to shut them off, because only you know best whether you did well or not.

Lin Chi-ling Host

She apparently was to set off a whirlwind of the supermodel in Taiwan, scholars, collectively referred to this as “Lin Chi-ling phenomenon.” The cultural significance of women represents a new era in the 21st century as the rise of modern society also changed from a past focus of only external beauty of women, as attention on women included the academic background and personality. Lin Chi-ling expressed that in the future she would like to do more acting roles and even becoming a TV News anchor.

Lin Chi-ling Filmography

Year Movie
2008 Red Cliff: Part 1
2009 Red Cliff: Part 2
The Magic Aster
The Treasure Hunter
2010 Moon Lovers
Welcome to Shama Town
2011 Love on Credit
2012 Sweetheart Chocolate
2013 Say Yes!
2014 Who is Undercover
2015 Beijing, New York
Monk Comes Down the Mountain
2017 This Is Not What I Expected
Didi’s Dream
2018 The Monkey King 3
The Faces of My Gene

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