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Marisa Miller Biography

Name: Marisa Miller
Date of Birth: April 27, 1980
Birth Place: Santa Cruz, California USA
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 115 lbs (55 Kg)
Body Measurements: 34-23-35
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Hips Size: 37” (90 cm)

Marisa Miller, whose real name is Marisa Bertetta was born in Santa Cruz, California. She was “discovered” at the age of 16 by walking through San Francisco coffee for two agents of Italian models. After talking with her parents, Marc and Krista Bertetta, she flew to Italy with her mother a few months later. Miller first gained attention when he appeared in 1997 in a Perfect 10 publication.

Marisa Miller Career

Although she was third behind Ashley Degenford and Monica Hansen in the first annual pursuit of Perfect 10, it was repeatedly published in the following publications, including covers of Winter 1998, in August / September 1999, and final editions of 2004. It has two sisters, Maleah and Alisha, and study at Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, California.

Atypically, she was able at first to act as a model for a nude publication, which reported working for Victoria’s Secret and poses for Sports Illustrated magazine (2002-2007). In particular, she appeared in 2004 and 2005 in the body painting sections. He has also appeared in other magazines such as Fitness, Shape, and Vogue, as well as campaigns for Nordstrom, J.Crew, and Tommy Hilfiger. In 2004, she served as a model judge on the television series Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model.

She was married to Jim Miller, a surfer in Los Angeles and a lifeguard from California was separated from her in 2002. They divorced soon after. Then he married Hollywood producer Griffin Guess on April 15, 2006. He likes football, powerful cars, cycling and eating at Trader Joe’s. At an early age she liked surfing, she was a volleyball player in the institute team, and she is a great sports fan in general. She said that if she were not a model she would have liked to be a sports journalist.

Marisa Miller and Katy Perry Hit The Top Spot

Katy Perry has been voted the world’s sexiest women by Maxim. The I Kissed A Girl singer also beat the likes of pop beauties, Taylor Swift (31), Christina Aguilera (18), Britney Spears (54) and Nicole Scherzinger (24).
She topped their Hot 100 ahead of Avatar star Zoe Saldana, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Lively.MAXIM’S TOP 10.

1. Katy Perry
2. Brooklyn Decker
3. Zoe Saldana
4. Blake Lively
5. Megan Fox
6. Rihanna
7. Elisabetta Canalis
8. Olivia Munn
9. Kim Kardashian
10. Marisa Miller

Over one million votes were cast by readers of FHM Magazine from 24 international editions in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, China, France, India, and South Africa to find this year’s sexiest women in the globe. FHM UK Editor, Colin Kennedy commented: “Californian supermodel Marisa Miller has the kind of sun-kissed sex appeal that wows men all over the world.

With a strong showing in more than twenty FHM territories, including the UK and a No. 1 ranking on our hugely popular US website Victoria’s Secret superstar gathered more votes across our entire network than anyone else, making Marisa officially the sexiest woman on the planet.”

Marisa Miller, who is set to appear in a photo shoot for FHM UK later this year, is one of 42 American women to feature in this year’s UK top 100. The highest ranked model, she managed to reach third place based on her UK votes alone. Fellow underwear model Adriana Lima also edged into the top ten in eighth place. The British list was topped by singer Cheryl Cole who eased into the top spot for a second consecutive year.

Sexy Marisa Miller enjoyed getting dirty for a new Harley-Davidson motorcycles ad campaign

Marisa Miller will certainly drive fans crazy with her latest photo campaign for Harley-Davidson motorcycles; This time, she got to go for a ride. “Everybody thinks that I was just sprawled across the motorcycle looking pretty,” the Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit supermodel said. “I was like, ‘You know, I really ride. You know, I really do. It was cool to do something to get dirty and just ride and show people that I can do it.”

Miller made her comments to On The Red Carpet’s Rachel Smith at a recent event to celebrate designer Charlotte Ronson’s collection honoring the band Foreigner. Miller, 31, has posed for Harley-Davidson promotional campaigns in the past and says she rides a motorcycle with her father all the time.

How to Get Marisa Miller’s Abs

Marisa Miller is one of the most gorgeous girls in the world. She’s become known for her body thanks to Victoria’s Secret, but it doesn’t come without a ton of hard work. Marisa tells Hollyscoop she’s always out doing something to burn those extra calories, and we were really intrigued by her latest workout routine!

Marisa Miller told us at the “I Heart Ronson” event in Hollywood that her new thing is paddle boarding, and that she had just been doing it in Malibu that day.

Paddleboarding is similar to surfing but the board is much longer, and you stand on it with a paddle, making it a major oblique workout! Marisa told us, “It’s a great workout for everything. And speaking of summer, Marisa has been to about every gorgeous beach in the world on photo shoots, but she dished about her favorite ones to Hollyscoop.

“I love Fiji,” she gushed. “The people are so friendly. Turks and Caicos have wonderful water. Miami has good parties, and Santa Cruz which is where I am from is a sleepy surf town that I love to visit.”

Lingerie babe Marisa Miller goes wild for Harley-Davidson ad

Marisa admitted that she loves being a California girl. I might take an Airstream and go spot-to-spot to find the perfect surf spot. It’s good to get out there when the weather is warm. Everyone is happier, I know I am,” she said.

As for Marisa’s bathing suit tips, she says less is more! She told us “I really like Brazilian cuts. The American woman has to take a clue from the Brazilian girls, we all think a lot of fabric to cover our butts makes them smaller but it does not. It really is about the cut. If you show a little more cheek it will look less wide.” So ladies, throw on that Brazilian bikini and hit the ocean paddle boarding this summer! We’ll all have abs like Marisa this summer! At least in our dreams!

Marisa Miller – Miss Bikini

World Famous Topmodel America’s Next Top Model Marisa Miller, attended as guests of the competition program. Miller: America’s Next Top Model beauty in defiance of their beautiful eyes when you unfold the delights audiences and fans.

Marisa Miller sexes up Kentucky Derby; Super Saver prevails

While I’m sure there are thousands of attractive women at the Kentucky Derby, I can assure you that none of them compare to Marisa Miller. Then again, we’ve known been to hold her in high regard here on Guyism. As for the actual race, we have no analysis for you. A bunch of horses ridden by extremely short men went around a mud pit at Churchhill Downs and a horse name named Super Saver prevailed. Unfortunately, my long shot Homeboykris did not come through. My dreams of getting rich off an animal will have to wait until next week’s cockfight.

Marisa Miller – The Lingerie Gal Is A Chicago Bull Fan

Marisa Miller: The Lingerie Gal is a Chicago Bull Fan is not news now. She shared more than a due share of the spotlight last night when she showed up at the Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics game. The Victoria’s Secret model and lingerie girl Marisa Miller is a self-proclaimed Chicago Bull fan. The five feet eight inches VS model tried to be good luck charm for the Bulls and she proved so as Chicago Bulls came out victorious. While Marisa Miller was there to buck them up. Marisa Miller left a smidge of jealousy for her husband to ponder upon when.

She declared that Chicago Bull Derrick Rose is CUTE. Yes, of course, a ROSE is always cute but what does Griffin Guess think matters a lot. We think Marisa Miller is right in her calculations when she calls Rose, a CUTE, as he added his career high. 39 points to seal his team’s victory over the Boston Celtics. Rose is only 21 while Marisa Miller is 31, so calling Rose acute might be out of filial affection. After all, our Love Rocks model is a very much married woman of five years.

Marisa Miller killed two birds with one stone while at the arena. She not only supported her favorite player and his team, equally she spared time for her fans to have a little chit-chat. If you are Victoria Secret model and you have some liking for a game and your favorite team wins in your presence then it is all but showbiz hula-bola.

Marisa Miller Filmography

Year Title
2009 “Gary Unmarried”
2009 “Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show”
2009 The Fashion Show
2009 “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien”
2009 “America’s Next Top Model”
2009 ” Secret Fashion Show Model Auditions”
2009 “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien”
2008 “The O’Reilly Factor”
2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
2008 “Last Call with Carson Daly”
2008 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2008
2008 “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”
2008 “Late Show with David Letterman”
2007 The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
2007 “How I Met Your Mother”
2007 “Entourage”
2007 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2007
2006 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2006
2005 “The View”
2004 “Manhunt”
2004 The Kelly Slater Surf Invitational
2004 “The Sharon Osbourne Show”
2004 Sports Illustrated: American Beauty

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