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Nandan Nilekani iz Chief Executive & managing executive of Infosys. Along wid Narayan Murthy, he was 1 of cofounders of Infosys. He has served as an executive on the company’s board As its inception within 1981. Before assuming the post of Chief Executive within Mar 2002, Nandan Nilekani held the post of MD, President & CEO.

Nandan Nilekani was born within Bangalore. His father Mohan Nilekani was a manager within Minerva Mills. Nandan had his initial schooling in Bangalore. Due 2 his father’s transferable job Nandan went 2 his uncle’s place 8 Dharwad 8 age of 12. This taught Nilekani 2 b independent. In 1973, 8 age of 18, Nandan Nilekani got admission within IIT Mumbai. stint 8 IIT Mumbai transform Nandan Nilekani from small-town boy 2 within no doubt mature man. lessons he learned here meritocracy; ability 2 work as part of a team; efforts; & importance of giving back 2 society have stood him within excellent stead.

After graduating within electrical engineering from IIT Mumbai within 1978, Nandan Nilekani joins Patni Computers. Here he works underneath Narayan Murthy. 3 years L8r within 1981, Nandan Nilekani onward wid Narayan Murthy & 5 other co-founders found Infosys. While Narayan Murthy stays within IndiaNandan Nilekani shift 2 US 2 take care of Infosys’ interests there. He was the company’s marketing face.

Nilekani Career

In Year 1980s & 90s Nandan Nilekani & his team work hard 2 build Infosys. 2day Infosys’ accomplishment tale has become a legend within India’s corporate history. Today, Infosys has worker strength of 58,000, once year revenue of approx $2 billion & approx $21 billion capitalization.

Nandan Nilekani iz recipient of numerous honors & awards. In Jan 2006, Nandan became 1 of youngest entrepreneurs 2 connects 20global leaders on prestigious World Economic ForumFoundation Board. He figures amongst 1 of 100 too much influential PPL within the world by Time Magazine, the Year 2006. In 2005 he was award prestigious Joseph Schumpeter prize 4 innovative services within the field of economy, economic sciences & politics. In 2006, Nandan Nilekani was conferred Padma Bhushan, 1 of highest civilian honors of India.

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