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Nicole Kidman BiographyNicole Kidman

Nicole Mary Kidman (the flower of Jesse: Nicole Mary Kidman ), born June 20, 1967 (Tuesday 30 Persian date Khordad 1346 solar) Actor American-Australian Oscar winner, who investigated the readers. There are very few movie fans who have not yet surrendered to the charm of Nicole Kidman. This Australian of adoption has demonstrated an enormous capacity for interpretation in a career as successful as it was worked. Nominated for an Oscar for the first time with Moulin Rouge, she soon won a statuette thanks to her performance in Las horas. Although born in Hawaii, Nicole Kidman grew up in Sydney, in the bosom of one of the wealthiest families in Australia. Her interest in dance and interpretation emerged as a child. She soon began her studies in dramatic art and made her debut as an actress in the television channel Disney.

In the cinema, he began with small roles in Australian films, something that he combined with his participation in the television series Vietnam. His work in this production earned him the award as best actress of the year in Australia in 1989 and caught the attention of an American agent who opened the doors of Hollywood by offering a role in Calm Total. Thanks to this thriller, Tom Cruise and producer Robert Towne noticed her and signed her to star in Thunder Days, the movie that launched her in the US. A year later he married Tom Cruise on Christmas night, in a place in the Rocky Mountains, in the state of Colorado. Initially, the wedding was kept secret. The couple adopted two children, Isabella Jane, and Anthony Connor, and lived between Los Angeles, New York, and Colorado.

In his filmography also include titles like Portrait of a lady, Batman Forever, Malice or Everything for a dream. This last film allowed her to win the Golden Globe for the best-supporting-actress and to prove to the critics that she was a first-class interpreter, capable of working also in comic roles.

Nicole Kidman
original name Nicole Mary Kidman
Field of activity the cinema
Birth June 20, 1967, Honolulu, Hawaii
Nationality  Australia
United States
The pursuit Actorsinger, producer
Years activity 1983 to now
Spouse (s) Tom Cruise (1990-2001)
Keith Erben (2006 until now)
Children Isabella Jane Kidman Cruz (1992)
Conner Anthony Kidman Cruz (1995)
Sandy Rose Kidman Erben (July 7, 2008)
Faith Margaret Kidman Erben (Dec. 28, 2010)

Nicole Kidman  Personal Life

Nicole Kidman already married twice. First, with Tom Cruise in 1990, they adopted two children, Isabella Jane (1992) and Connor Anthony (1995). The marriage was separated in 2001. His second marriage to Australian Country singer Keith Urban is June 25, 2006. Nickel from her second wife, Keith Erben, also has two children. In 2008, she gave birth to a girl named Sandy Rose, and two years later she owned another girl named Feith Margaret.

Kidman had already achieved fame, and demonstrated his acting skills and elegance in the following films, in which he starred with such popular actors as Bruce Willis and Dustin Hoffman. In 1998 she starred with Sandra Bullock in the film Virtually Magic, based on Alice Hoffman’s novel. In 1999 she made her husband Eyes Wide Shut which would be the last film by director Stanley Kubrick, and it had great resonance.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Acting Career

His most famous roles are due to films such as Eyes Wide Shut, the posthumous work of Stanley Kubrick, and Los Otros, the overproduction of Alejandro Amenábar that so many critical and public successes harvested on both sides of the Atlantic. Although he received high praise for his performance in this film, it was his role in Moulin Rouge (2001) that provided him with his first Oscar nomination and status of first Hollywood sword.

A few years later, in 2001, Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise in a friendly way. According to some sources, the main reason was that Cruise insisted on educating his children according to the beliefs of Scientology (created by Ron Hubbard), while Kidman wanted them to be educated according to Catholic tradition.

The greatest professional recognition until then was Kidman in 2002 when she was nominated for an Oscar as best leading actress for her role in Moulin Rouge. With the suspense film Los Otros, directed by the Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar, shot in that same year, he also reaped an important success. She had to give up intervening in the movie The Panic Room due to a knee injury incurred during the filming of Moulin Rouge, but in 2002 she won the Oscar for Best Leading Actress for her portrayal of the character of the writer Virginia Woolf in The hours (The Hours). On June 25, 2006, he married the country music singer, Keith Urban.

Nicole Kidman Television Work

Skin Deep (1983)

Chase Through the Night (1983)

Five Mile Creek (1983-1985)

Matthew and Son (1984)

Winners (1985) (miniseries)

Room to Move (1987)

An Australian in Rome (1987)

Vietnam (1987) (miniseries)

Bangkok Hilton (1989) (miniseries)

Nicole Kidman Filmography

  • Biomass Thieves Group (1983)
  • Winners (1985)
  • Vietnam (1987)
  • An Australian in Rome (1987)
  • Thunder days (1990)
  • My life (1993)
  • Batman Forever (1995)
  • A picture of a lady (1996)
  • Closed eyes (1999)
  • City of Angels (2001)
  • Others (2001)
  • Birthday Party Girl (2001)
  • Moulin Rouge! (2001)
  • Hours (2002)
  • Dougville (2003)
  • Cold mountain (2003)
  • Birthday (2004)
  • Translator (2005)
  • Enchanted (2005)
  • Goodbye (2006) (in the title of Doubling)
  • Fur (2006)
  • Invasion (2007)
  • Australia (2008)
  • Danish girl (2009)
  • Nine (2009)
  • Rabbit (2010)
  • Rape (2011)
  • Sales News Boy (2012)
  • Railroad Man (2013)
  • Burner (2013)
  • Stoker (2013)
  • Grace Monaco (2014)
  • Paddington (2014)
  • Desert Empress (2015)

Nicole Kidman Awards

  • Oscar best actor Actress for the film The Hours (2002)
  • Silver Bear best actress Actress Berlin Film Festival for the film The Hours (2003)
  • Award for Best Actress at the Festival Film BAFTA for the film The Hours (2003)


Year Category Movie Result
2002 Oscar for the best actress The hours Winner
2001 Oscar for the best actress Moulin Rouge Nominated


Year Category Movie Result
2002 BAFTA for the best actress The hours Winner
2001 BAFTA for the best actress The others Nominated
nineteen ninety-five BAFTA for the best actress All for a dream Nominated

Golden Globes

Year Category Movie Result
2005 Golden Globe for best actress – Drama Birth Nominated
2004 Golden Globe for best actress – Drama Cold Mountain Nominated
2003 Golden Globe for best actress – Drama The hours Winner
2002 Golden Globe for best actress – Drama The others Nominated
2002 Golden Globe for best actress – Comedy or musical Moulin Rouge Winner
nineteen ninety-six Golden Globe for best actress – Comedy or musical All for a dream Winner
1992 Golden Globe for best supporting actress Billy Bathgate Nominated

Goya Awards

Year Category Movie Result
2001 Best female performance protagonist The others Nominated

Screen Actors Guild

Year Category Movie Result
2002 Screen Actors Guild to the best cast The hours Candidate
2002 Screen Actors Guild for the best actress The hours Candidate
2002 Screen Actors Guild to the best cast Moulin Rouge Candidate

Golden Raspberry Awards

Year Category Movie Result
2005 Razzie worst movie couple (with Will Ferrell) Bewitched Winner

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