Kumar Mangalam Birla Businessman, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Awards & Life Achievements

 Welcome To Kumar Mangalam Birla Biography Kumar Mangalam Birla (June 14, the Year 1967), is amongst the richest persons within India & 8th youngest billionaire outside India according to 2 Fortune magazine. Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla iz Chairman of Aditya Birla Group, that iz amongst India’s largest business houses. Among its foremost organizations within India R Grasim, Hindalco, UltraTech Cement, Aditya Birla Nuvo & Idea Cellular. Its JVs contains Birla Sun Life & Birla NGK. ...

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Nandan Nilekani Non-Executive Chairman of Infosys, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Awards & Life Achievements

Nandan Nilekani

Welcome To Nandan Nilekani Biography Nandan Nilekani iz Chief Executive & managing executive of Infosys. Along wid Narayan Murthy, he was 1 of cofounders of Infosys. He has served as an executive on the company’s board As its inception within 1981. Before assuming the post of Chief Executive within Mar 2002, Nandan Nilekani held the post of MD, President & CEO. Nandan Nilekani was born within Bangalore. His father Mohan ...

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Mark Hurd Biography, Net Worth, Family, Awards, CEO of Oracle & Life Achievements

Mark Hurd

Welcome To Mark Hurd Mark Hurd born on Jan 01, the Year 1956 has been chief executive officer & president of HP & member of company’s board of executives As untimely 2005. In Sep 2006, he was named the chairman of the board. With goal of establishing HP as world’s leading tech company, Mark Hurd has sharpened HP’s strategic focus & concentrated its R&D funds on 3 long term expansion opportunities: coming ...

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Naresh Goyal Indian Businessman, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Awards, Life Achievements

Naresh Goyal

Welcome To Naresh Goyal Naresh Goyal iz founderneath Chairman of Jet Airways, India’s largest domestic airline. He started operating Jet Airways within 1993. Following 2005 IPO of Jet Airways, Forbes magazine declared him 16th richest person within India wid net worth of approx $1.9 billion. Jet Airways presently operates over 320 flights intensely day 2 48 destinations, of that 5 R international. Naresh Goel as well figures within Forbes list of Indian billionaires. Naresh Goyal completed his graduation ...

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Sir Isaac Newton Biography, Net Worth, Family, Awards, Life Achievements

Sir Isaac Newton

Welcome To Sir Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton (Dec 25, 1642, Mar 20, 1727, by Julian calendar within use within England 8 time; or else Jan 4, 1643, Mar 31, 1727, by Gregorian calendar) was English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, & alchemist; who wrote Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (published Jul 5, 1687)1, where he explained universal gravitation and, through his laws ...

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Ness Wadia Indian Businessman, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Grirlfriend Awards, Life Achievements

Ness Wadia

Welcome To Ness Wadia Ness Wadia was born on May 30, the Year 1970 is Indian businessman belonging 2 Wadia family. He is currently MD of Bombay Burmah Trading Corp, corporation that has holdings within too much of Wadia Group subsidiaries, including indirect majority stake within Britannia Industries. He was Joint MD of Bombay Dyeing, flagship corp of Wadia Group, till Mar Year 2011 as he stepped down from ...

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Pallonji Mistry Indian Businessman, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Awards, Life Achievements

Pallonji Mistry

Welcome To Pallonji Mistry Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry, frequently explained as being media shy, is construction tycoon from India. He as well profits from his 18.5 Percent stake within Tata Sons that is holding corporation of Tata conglomerate. Noel Tata Chief Executive of Retail arm of Tata’s is his son in law. Noel Tata is as well half brother of Ratan Tata. 5th richest Indian & Chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji ...

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DJ Groove Discography & Songs | Discogs | Music Streaming | Bookings – Gigster | Elegant Entertainment

DJ Groove

Welcome To DJ Groove DJ Groove (real name Evgeny Rudin ), who studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory in the vocal department, after the second year gave up his academic classes in music and head left to the dance culture. Eugene Rudin ( DJ Grove ) began his career as a musician and DJ in 1990 in St. Petersburg in the first techno group in Russia “Not Found‛, then organizes his project called “NDE. As Dj, playing techno performs in the St. Petersburg club “Dance ...

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Yuna Kim Age, Weight, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Affairs, Education, Body Measurements, Family, Awards, Horoscope, Social Media, Snap Chat & Life Achievements

Yuna Kim

Welcome To Yuna Kim Biography Kim Yeon – Ah (Kim Jin-ah, September 5, 1990 ~) is the national figure skating player of the Republic of Korea. She is the 2010 Winter Olympics Women’s Single Champion, 2014 Winter Olympics Women’s Single Silver Medalist, 2009 and 2013 World Championships. Korea’s first Olympic medalist and World Championships medalist. He is also the winner of the Korean Figure Skating Championships in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2013 and 2014. (6 winners) Also won the 4th continental figure skating championship in ...

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Yuna Ito Age, Weight, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Affairs, Education, Body Measurements, Family, Awards, Horoscope, Social Media, Snap Chat & Life Achievements

Welcome To Yuna Ito Biography Yuna Ito (Ito Yuna, September 20, 1983) is a J-Pop singer and American-Japanese actress born in Los Angeles, United States. It has half Japanese roots on the part of its mother and half American-American on the part of its father. Your blood group is A. Your name: “Ito” is the sixth most common Japanese surname. You can say “thread” in ...

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