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Penelope Cruz Biography

Full Birth Name: Penélope Cruz Sanchez
Date of birth: April 28, 1974
Location: Madrid (Spain)
Height: 1.68 meters (5’6″)
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Years of activity: 1992 – now
Spouse (s):  Javier Bardem
Children: Leo and Luna
Studies: Secondary Studies (not completed), 9 years of classical ballet, 3 years of Spanish ballet, 4 years of theater (Cristina Rota’s School in New York)

Penélope Cruz Sánchez ) (born 28 April 1974) actor Spanish. At the age of 15 by an agency talent was recognized, then the first thing an actor of his 16 years with appearances in television began in the wake of the same age with the film Khamvn, Khamvn (1992) along with the field of cinemainstitution And was critically acclaimed. In 2001, two Vanilla films were screened and inspired by him, which made him more famous, and on the other hand, both films achieved world-class commercial success.

She is internationally known as a film actress, participating in several films made in different languages such as Spanish, English, Italian, French and others, with which she has achieved considerable success both in Europe and in America and several national and international awards. international. She is the first and only Spanish actress until the moment she has managed to stabilize and work with continuity in the Hollywood film scene.

In the 2000s in films of several styles roles that they are the comedy Waking Up in Reno (2002), the movie thriller Gothika (2003), films with the theme of Christmas is called Noel (2004), film adventure Sahara (2005), the movie musical Nine drama and animated G-Force noted. The most prominent film he can Vellore (2006), nominated for flowers Dan Flowers Web and Oscar and the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which won the Academy Award was named. He is the first Spanish actress in history who won the Oscars and also became the first actorSpanish is a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Penelope alongside actor model, companies like Mango, L’Oreal and Ralph Lauren, as well as with younger sister Monica Cruz for Mango have done drawings. In addition to donations for charities, Cruz also pays for them.

Penelope Cruz came from a Christian Catholic family in Alcobendas, Spain, in the autonomous region of Madrid. His father, Eduardo Cruz, a garage, a carpenter and car repairer, and his mother, Ankara Sanchez was a hairdresser. Penelope spent her childhood in Alcobendas, a worker town in the outskirts of Madrid. She also spent many hours at her grandmother’s home. His eldest son, his family, his sister, Monica Cruz, dancer and star of cinema and his brother Eduardo Cruz, a singerHispanic is. Penelope knows her childhood as a good time, although Charlie Rose describes her as a typical childhood. Penelope recalls that at the age of four when playing with his friends, he considered himself another person and instead played a role. He also narrates from his childhood that he was lying on the ground as he failed to reach his goal and began kicking and breaking the instruments.

In childhood, Penelope did not want to be an actor but rather wanted to be a dancer. His passion for dancing eventually led to the entrance to the National Academy of Fine Arts of Spain. Cruz was busy learning the classical ballet for nine years. Penna studied Spanish ballet for three years with Angela Garrido; then she taught jazz dance for four years at the Christina Ruta School in New York with Raul Caballero’s teacher.

Penelope teenager, seeing the film Tie Me Up! They Me Down! The director of Pedro Almodóvar acting Dlbst. She also participated in acting tests, but the scout player, because she felt that she was still young, did not accept Penelope. 

After that, the magazine model became diverse. The actress first started with the Rose Collection on French TV channel FR3 and his first work in the cinema was all about my mother, directed by Pedro Almodóvar. In the 2001 film, Vanilla Sky followed in your eyes Open played. On February 22, 2009, she won the Oscar Best Actress Award for playing at Victory Crystal in Barcelona. He has just the fourth film, cinema Yi Pirates of the Caribbean that has a great reputation and is scheduled to be released soon, has a role.

Personal life

Penelope has been friends for nearly twenty years with Pedro Almodóvar, a collaborator in several films. Penelope is called “Pea” by his friends. Penelope picks up a grocery store and a home in Madrid near her father’s house and another in Los Angeles. Penelope usually in Madrid and Los Angeles in life. Although the parents of Penelope were separated, however, he stated in 2008 that he was close to all his family members and had a close relationship with them. Penelope is capable of languages “Spanish”, “Italian”, “French” and “The Flower of Jesse” speak.

Penelope-friendly animals were young in vegetarian style and explicitly opposed bullfighting, which was the most controversial thing in her life. In 2007, Penelope Cruz relatively secret relationship with Javier Bardem, starring in the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, began. Both were extremely conservative and did not talk about their own personal life. According to the Associated Press, Bardem and Cruz married in July 2010 in the Bahamas. They now own a boy named Leo and a girl named Luna.

Activity Actor of Beginning 1989-1996

In 1989, 15-year-old Penelope for the first time in video game music the force of destiny (in Spanish: La Fuerza del Destino ) the work of Spanish pop group Msanv had to go in front of the camera. Between 1990 and 1997, he first initiated the La Quinta Marcha Television Dialogue broadcast on the Testino Channel, then in 1991, in the Elle et lu section of the French and Erotica Série rose TV series , accepting complete nudity Played In 1992, Penelope first work actor of his earnest at age 18 with her role in the film drama did Khamvn Khamvn. He is in this film in the role of a girl named Sylvia will play Sylvia girl Jvanyst the first child is pregnant, but the mother’s partner lives his relationship is not satisfied with the hiring of Raul starring Javier Bardem to mislead Sylvia, trying to ruin their relationship has it. The magazine has been reminded that after leaving Cruz’s top dress in the movie, she became one of the main symbols of sex. Although Cruz said in an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News in 1999, “It was a fantastic part, but I was not ready for nudity. Although I am not for me because I wanted it [ the actor ‘s] start and this life are changed. “

Khamoon Khamoun gained a massive amount of positive reviews, for example, Chris Hicks of Desert News described the cruise as Silvia. Author Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert wrote, ” the actor original [ film ] the physical attractiveness greatly enjoyed, particularly Penelope Cruz as Silvia.” Cruise to star in this film nominated actor startup Union actress by Spain and The Rival Award was the best female actress. Although this year was able to Luz role in the film but Aypvkh Award for union supporting role actor which Spain won. The Pyotr Boxing Game of Cruz in this film He shows his ability to play every role. From 1993 to 1996, Penelope is featured in 10 Spanish and Italian films. Cruz moved to New York in the 20s, he spent 2 years in Greenwich Village and Christopher life, and to learn the language of flowers Jesse and Ballet in works of cinema Yash deals.

Progressive Stages 1997-2000

In 1997, Penelope in the film comedy of love can seriously damage your health appears in the role of Diana, Diana fan of John Lennon Bytlz·hast members who had unsuccessfully tried to see him. One year after this incident and various unsuccessful relationships, he is now in a strange situation when he starts a new acquaintance.

Also in 1997, in the opening scene, the film Live Flesh to the director of Pedro Almodóvar in the role of a prostitute who was born on the bus, was cast. He also starred in the ” Eyes of Paradise” role as Donna Helena. Penelope last appearance in 1977 in the film Spanish drama and science fiction Open your eyes to the director of the Alejandro Amenábar. In this film, the role of “Sophia” plays as the girlfriend’s best friend role in the film, which ultimately leads to film relationship is established. You received positive feedback from Open Your Eyes. But commercially unsuccessful, it sold $ 3,600,000 in the United States.

Public face

Penelope Cruz

In 2006, she launched Loreal’s beauty products promotion campaign to promote the use of hair products and mascara. Penelope went on to partner with Laura at the company’s TV and print advertising and received $ 2 million a year later. He then appeared in print ads and also signed a deal with Ralph Lauren in 2001. In 2007, Penelope, along with her sister, designed her second collection for Mendoza. These designs were inspired by the Bordeaux Brigitte and the Summer of Saint Tropez. Cruise said: “This was a very good collaboration because they were one of the great Spanish companies and opened our hands to design. My sister and I also spent a lot of time doing these designs. “

Penelope in 2007 ranked 58th in the 100 most attractive characters of Maxim magazine and was selected by Emperor Magazine as one of the 100 most entertaining cinema stars. He rating Askmn.datkam website (the flower of Jesse: ) in the list of Khvastnytryn women in 2008, 26, 2009 No. 25 and 2010 earned 7th place. In April 2010, Cruz became the successor to Kate Winslet as the new Terriers Lancome perfume brand. Subsequently, she was hired by Lancome as a promotional model, along with other Lanukm’s advertising models, Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts. Pictures of the event were photographed by Mario Testino.

In 2010, Cruz as guest editor in the field of photo imaging large size models worked with Vogue magazine France. In the Vanity Fair party for cooperation between Cruz and Almodóvar was in Hollywood Special Edition, Almodóvar said: “She is the goddess of poetry and music is mine.” And in answer to his coach had read her cruise. In December 2010, Penelope’s image was printed on the Spanish Vogue Magazine, pictured by Peter Lindberg, with the acceptance of Penelope, on condition that his pregnancy was not displayed. According to a Daily Telegraph report in 2011, Penelope Cruz, renowned for its attractive body, based on a survey of celebrities by two Hollywood plastic surgeons who conducted a survey among their patients to make an image of an ideal woman, Together with Jennifer Aniston and Giselle Bundesch they brought the most votes for the beauty of their bodies.

Penelope Cruz has been threatened with a ban on signing a letter ending the Gaza blockade, and a Hollywood official has warned them that they might have trouble finding a job.

In fact, in 2006 Penelope Cruz achieved a milestone in the history of Spanish cinema: she was the first Spanish actress to be a candidate for the Oscars of the Hollywood Academy and the Golden Globes in the category of best female performer, leading by her role in the Spanish film Volver, directed by the prestigious filmmaker Pedro Almodovar.

Penelope Cruz was in the video clip of the song The Force of Destiny of the pop group par excellence of the time: Mecano. After an exhaustive search among more than two hundred girls, Penelope was selected to be the protagonist of the song of the legendary musical group. Later on, he began a relationship that lasted several years with Nacho Cano, a member of the group.

After that, he had the opportunity to present The Fifth March on Tele 5, a television program aimed at teenagers where he coincided with Jesús Vázquez. This participation helped him get closer to the television medium and later he worked on a series directed by Jaime Chavarri.

Penélope Cruz’s first film was The Greek Labyrinth in 1990 but her official film debut is considered to have been with Jamón, Jamón de Bigas Luna in 1992, after being chosen by the director among a multitude of actresses. In 1992 he also works in Belle Époque by Fernando Trueba, a film shot largely in Portugal, which won the Oscar Academy Award for the best non-English speaking film in 1993, the second Spanish production to obtain it after the re-start of José Luis Garci in 1983. In 1996 he had two great opportunities: starring La Celestina, directed by Gerardo Vera, in which he worked with Juan Diego Botton and Maribel Verdú among other actors and the romantic comedy Love seriously harms health, by Manuel Gómez Pereira.

In 2000 he made the leap to the United States and performed with Matt Damon in “All the pretty horses”. In 2004, she starred in the Italian film “No Cuevas”, for which she won the Donatello David Award for the best female performance and was nominated for the Goya Award for best actress.

The next collaboration between Pedro Almodóvar and the actress was in “Volver” (2006), a film that she starred in and for which she won the prize for the best female performance at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival (shared with the rest of the film’s actresses: Carmen Maura, Chus Lampreave, Lola Dueñas, Blanca Portillo and Yohana Cobo). On January 23, 2007, thanks to ” Volver “, she became the first Spanish actress in history nominated for the 2006 Oscars for best actress. On January 28, 2007, Penelope gets her second Goya, this time for the best female performance for the role of “Raimunda” in “Volver“.

Practice the Buddhist philosophy. In 2000, after starring in the film ” All the pretty horses “ made the decision to become vegetarian.

Recently, he has broken his relationship with Matthew McConaughey whom he met in the movie Sahara. She has a brother, Eduardo Cruz, who is a musician and singer, and a sister, Mónica Cruz, also an actress and dancer in the series “Un Paso Adelante“, and who has a great physical resemblance to Penelope. Penelope Cruz speaks four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Italian.

Together with his sister Mónica Cruz he has created a clothing collection for Mango. She is a good friend of well-known characters in Hollywood and the world of music such as Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, Orlando Bloom, Salma Hayek, Mustache Arrocet, Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore, Puff Daddy, Scarlett Johansson, Antonio Banderas and Shakira between others.

Penelope Cruz First steps in the cinema

penelope cruz

The film debut of Penélope Cruz came in 1990 with the thriller directed by Rafael Alcázar The Greek Labyrinth, but it was not until 1992 with Jamón, ham of Bigas Luna when it was officially presented as young promise of Spanish cinema. The   actress was personally chosen by the director in a massive casting open to the public   (Luna would repeat this formula in her latest production “Yo soy la Juani” as a marketing strategy, advertising and social positioning of the new product) Of this film, shot largely in Los Monegros (Zaragoza, Aragon), the actress emerged as new patriotic sex-symbol, encouraged by the high erotic content inherent in the films of the filmmaker. In it, he shared the spotlight with the then also beginners Javier Bardem and Jordi Mollá. Her performance was awarded nominations as best actress in the Goya Awards (VII edition) and in the Silver Frames that same year.

In 1992 he also worked at Belle Epoque under Fernando Trueba; in it, he shared the poster with acclaimed actors such as Ariadna Gil, Jorge Sanz, Agustín González, Chus Lampreave and Fernando Fernán Gómez among others. The production finally won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in the 1993 edition as well as nine Goya Awards.

From that moment Penelope did not stop working, chaining success after success. He participated in films like Por Amor, paramour; The rebel; Everything is a lie; Among red; Alegre ma nontroppo; Speaking with the angels The butterfly effect among others. Little by little his cinematographic career was consolidated.

In 1996 he starred in La Celestina by Gerardo Vera, in which he worked with Juan Diego Botto and Maribel Verdú; and the romantic comedy ” El Amor de seriously harms the health” by Manuel Gómez Pereira. With these productions, it was definitively consecrated in the Spanish cinema. I was 22 years old.

After the success of El Amor seriously harms the health, Penélope Cruz became an actress more and more requested, until finally in 1997 she got her big dream: to collaborate with a small character in a film by Pedro Almodóvar, Carne Trémula, where she returned to coincide with Javier Bardem.

That same year came to the great opportunity with the role of Sofia in the movie Abre Los Ojos directed by the acclaimed Alejandro Amenábar, which also involved Eduardo Noriega, Fele Martínez and Najwa Nimri among others. The film was an unprecedented box office success and definitely established her career.

After these two films, which marked a clear turning point in her national film career, the actress starred in 1998 La niña de Tus Ojos , again under the command of Trueba, in which she shared the stage with such popular actors as Antonio Resines, Jorge Sanz, Loles León, Rosa María Sardá and Santiago Segura. With it, she achieved her first award of relevance in the XIII edition of the Goya Awards as a leading actress as well as many other recognitions by critics and audiences (such as the Fotogramas de Plata or the prize of the Union of Actors, both as best actress)

After these last three productions, located in a privileged position in the Spanish film scene, he began to take an interest in the international market; It was not entirely unknown to the European market as it had several European nominations for his portrayal of Macarena in La niña de Tus Ojos.

Later and already begun his “American adventure” would work again with Almodóvar in All about my mother(which eventually meant the international consecration of the director) Praised by international critics, among other awards won the Golden Globe and the Oscar to the best non-English speaking film (interestingly, of the three Spanish films awarded with that prize, two have the presence of Penelope).

Penelope Cruz  jump to Hollywood

In 1998 it was already a familiar face in the USA after its success with Abre Los Ojos (role that would repeat in Vanilla Sky, remake starring and produced by Tom Cruise) and decide to finally start his international career with his first film spoken in English: Hi -The Country by director Stephen Frears, along with Woody Harrelson, Patricia Arquette and Billy Crudup. In her recently released ed position as “more international Spanish”, in the year 2000 she was offer to participate in the American All the pretty horses with Matt Damon; the actress did not think about it and “crossed the puddle again” where she quickly became very popular as a result of her hectic sentimental life and her complicated relationships with filming companions.

After collaborating in several American productions of unequal success (the independent Blow with Johnny Deep, the excessively commercial Mandolina of Captain Corelli with Nicolas Cage, Woman on Top , Góthika , or the French Fanfan La Tulipe etc) in an irregular career with which She did not finish placing herself, Penelope starred in the Italian film Do not move for which she won the Donatello David prize for the best female performance and was once again the Goya candidate for best actress.

Back home, in 2006, a new encounter with Pedro Almodóvar (to whom a great friendship unites him) led her to participate in the acclaimed Volver ; film that she starred in and for which she won the prize for best female choral performance at the Cannes Festival that same year along with Carmen Maura, Chus Lampreave, Lola Dueñas, Blanca Portillo and Yohanna Cobo. On January 23, 2007, and thanks to the character of Raimunda (which she herself refers to as a gift)   Pe became the first Spanish actress nominated for an Oscar in the category of best actress. After the success of the film and its American nomination, it is not surprising that Penelope rose with her second Goya, completing a season of successes and awards that consolidated her career in the US.

Penelope Cruz Filmography

The Loop (2006) (pre-production) Don Juan (1998)
Volver (2006) (filming) Open Your Eyes (1997)
Bandidas (2006) … aka Abre Los ojos (España)
Chromophobia (2005) … aka Apri gli occhi (Italy)
Sahara (2005) … aka Ouvre les yeux (France)
Head in the Clouds (2004) Live Flesh (1997)
Noel (2004) … aka Carne trémula (España)
Don’t Move (2004) … aka En chair et en os (France)
… aka No te muevas (España) A Corner of Paradise (1997)
… aka Non ti muovere (Italy) … aka Hjørne af paradis, Et (Denmark)
Gothika (2003) … aka Doft av paradiset, En (Sweden)
Fanfan la tulipe (2003) … aka Rincón en el paraíso, Un (Costa Rica)
Masked and Anonymous (2003) Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health (1996)
Waking Up in Reno (2002) … aka El Amor perjudica seriamente la salud (España)
Vanilla Sky (2001) … aka Amour nuit gravement à la santé, L’ (France)
Don’t Tempt Me (2001) Not Love, Just Frenzy (1996)
aka Sin noticias de Dios (España)  aka Más que amor, frenesí (España)
aka Bendito infierno (Mexico) (España) La Celestina (1996)
aka Nessuna notizia da Dio (Italy) Brujas (1996)
aka Sans nouvelles de Dieu (France) The Butterfly Effect (1995)
aka No News From God (USA) aka El Efecto mariposa (España)
… aka Without News of God (USA) … aka Effet papillon, L’ (France)
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001) Entre rojas (1995)
… aka Capitaine Corelli (France) It’s All Lies (1994)
Blow (2001) aka Todo es mentira (España)
All the Pretty Horses (2000)  aka Life’s a Bitch (USA)
Woman on Top (2000) Alegre ma non troppo (1994)
Volavérunt (1999) The Rebel (1993)
 aka Volavérunt: La maja desnuda (España) aka La Ribelle (Italy)
 aka Volavérunt (France) The Greek Labyrinth (1993)
All About My Mother (1999) aka El Laberinto griego (España)
… aka Todo sobre mi madre (España) For Love, Only for Love (1993)
… aka Tout sur ma mère (France) … aka Per amore, solo per amore (Italy)
The Hi-Lo Country (1998) The Age of Beauty (1992)
The Girl of Your Dreams (1998) … aka Belle epoque (España)
… aka La Niña de tus ojos (España) … aka Belle époque (France)
Talk of Angels (1998) Framed (1992) (TV)
Twice Upon a Yesterday (1998) A Tale of Ham and Passion (1992)
… aka Lluvia en los zapatos (España) … aka Jamón, jamón (España)
… aka The Man with Rain in His Shoes (UK) Mecano – Los vídeos (1992) (V)
… aka If Only… (Australia) (France) (UK)
… aka Lieber gestern als nie (Germany)

Penelope Cruz Oscar Award

The award, the first of the night, therefore, before a milestone for Spanish cinema and a before and after for the Spanish actress, who had already been a candidate in 2006 for her role in “Volver”, by Pedro Almodovar.

Visually nervous, Penelope Cruz threatened to faint when she picked up the award and, in her brief speech, had words of thanks for the directors who offered her the first papers, among them Bigas Luna and Fernando Trueba, as well as Pedro Almodóvar. He remembered the dream that it entails for an actress who, in her city, Alcobendas (Madrid), got up years ago to see the Oscar ceremony at dawn.

“To all those in Spain who are sharing this moment with me, I dedicate it to all the actors in my country,” Cruz said in Spanish, which has made history for Spanish cinema, as Javier Bardem did last year.

Precisely Bardem would have been in charge of delivering it to him on stage had it not been for his professional commitments, which have prevented him from going to Los Angeles. Finally, it was given by five actresses, Angelica Houston, Whoopi Goldberg, Tilda Swinton, Goldie Hawn, and Eva Marie Saint.

penelope cruz



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