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Roya Mirelmi Biography

Roya Mir-alami was born in 1357 in Qazvin, married and has a boy, she has a bachelor of stage design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University, she is an actor of cinema and television and theater, and is a major activist in the field of theater. The present-day series is played in the role of Thuraya from Sima’s 3rdnetwork.

Roya Mirelmi Biography
Born Name  Roya Mirelmi (رؤیا میر علمی‎)
Date of Birth September 1, 1978
Age 40 year  (2019)
Birth Place Qazvin, Iran
Occupation Actress
Husband Hosein Kiani
Zodiac Virgo
Famous as Theater

Roya Mirelmi Television Work

  1. Lisanseha2 IRIB TV3 (2017)
  2. Lisanseha IRIB TV3 (2015)
  3. shamdoni IRIB TV3 (2014)
  4. zamane IRIB TV3 (2011)
  5. heyrani

Roya Mirelmi Filmography

  1. Bidari
  2. Khab-zadeha (2013)
  3. Agha Yousef(2011)
  4. sobhe Roze haftom (2009)
  5. baradar
  6. Vojdane Ashofte (2009)
  7. assre Paeizi (2013)

Roya Mirelmi Awards

I get the actor of “Khyshkhanh” The first festival of the Earth, 1377

The third installment of the “No Regime Drivers” Actor of the 19th Fajr TheaterFestival, 2000

Download third actor of “Rzhystvrha die” festival, 1379

Top candidates actor of “lean Nation” celebrated actress of 1385

Best Actor Actor “Neighbor” Actor Celebration ; 1386

Top candidates actor of “Awakening the House of Women” celebrated actress , 1388

Roya Mirelmi

Roya Mirelmi Interview with Roya Mir Ali

Dream Mir Alam ( actor role in “Soraya Forouzanfar” in the series TV of “stroke”) in conversation with a reporter in the TV Club told me before the call to show time in a trap film produced by Ismail chaste for contract closed according to The reason for the work was half-finished, as well as Afifa saw me theater work, and I had previous knowledge with Hassan Fathi that all these factors got together so that I could be selected to play the role in the drama .

In his role in the series, he said: “The story of the time was a story that was happening to the whole family, and perhaps the story begins with Behzad, my brother, whose role is” Hamid Goodarzi “; But all of this family was affected by this issue.

Mir al-Mami continued: “When I felt I was playing a role, I was not just a brigade, I had an independent character, I accepted the role. He added that while there were a lot of changes on the film if the actress proposed to Hassan Fathi he was welcomed. Mir Alam said Hassan Fathi because the author is very insisted that the cast of characters for comments to the author on offer. He said the film apart by part to our hands, and written text not only to spend it work and fortunately the proposed terms Dash team with Fathi among Mygzashteam and when the result got in writing to the author Myowash team. “Anyway, it was a good thing,” he said, “and I really liked that the work was not done and the work was very up-to-date.

He commented on Hassan Fathi and his work: Work with Hassan Fathi is a blessed act. He has been working on television and cinema for many years, but he has a remarkable background in theater, which made Fathi a head and neck of his director. The TV is higher. In this regard, he stated: “Fathi has a lot to do with text, personality, stories, scripts, and sensitive relationships, which is a great point for the director .”

Mir al-Mami added: “The director and conductor of his actor was unique, and fortunately I always worked with good director like” Keyvan Ali Mohammadi “and” Omid Bonakdar “, but working with Hassan Fathi was like an actor class, and the things that were supposed to be Maybe every director does not care about her.

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