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Who Is Ruru Lin Wei Rururu lin

Supermodel Ruru Lin Wei Ru is the embodiment of a well-known international brand of shower gel, was wearing a white dress showing off the product. She shared the unique maintenance tips that keep her in tip-top shape, for Ruru Lin Wei Ru has her own private strawberry beauty meals, Lin Wei Ru said the professional skin care is one of modeling important daily task, and as for the secret of beautiful skin, like a supermodel Ruru Lin Wei Ru has exclusive insights. Lin Wei Ru said, “I am always diligent about the maintenance of the skin, in addition to shower gel. Ruru also combined with self-cultivation ingredients that keep the skin soft and smooth at any time in the best condition.”

Lin Wei Ru (Ruru Lin, 1981- 11 28 ), is Kaiwo company’s modeling agency model and Taiwanese variety show host. She was shy but wanted to become a model and therefore approached the modeling agency for training. In fact, Lin Wei Ru had a small model gig at eighteen years of age but did not understand anything. When the model firm to assign her to model clothing catalog work. Ruru boss of the clothing company ends up scolding her as she did not understand how to pose or communicate with her eyes in the beginning.

Ruru Lin Wei Ru Biography

English name Ruru Lin
Country Taipei, Taiwan
Born Date November 28, 1981
Measurements  83-60-89 centimeters (33-24-35 inches)
Education Wen Institute of Technology (now transformed into Kingman University)
Hometown  TaiwanCounty
Years active 2004-present
Model Agency   Kaiwo

Ruru Lin Wei Ru had a memorable catwalk modeling gig experience. When she put on a black mesh with white sexy underwear showing, which shocked the audience. When she took to the runway, many people mistake her black mesh cover as the accidental exposure. that the show was adult, attending guests were embarrassed and laughing, Despite Ruru Lin Wei Ru great anxiety. She tries staying calm and stay professional for the show to run its course.

Later when she learned the whole story, only a sigh of relief. “I feel puzzled, why so many people in the audience laughing, they all misunderstood. when I got this dress, the mood really is mixed for me too. ” Also due to her frequent catwalking gigs as a model. She is an avid collector of shoes, having assembled over 50 shoes. Ruru Lin Wei Ru explained that having to sometime walk in shoes of different heights cause her feet to be uncomfortable, which is why. She is very particular about the shoes that she buy.

Ruru Lin Wei Ru

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Ruru Lin Wei Ru Gigs and Appearances

“Taipei Dream of Red Mansions”
– Advertising and event
Shawei underwear, Bobson Jeans, LeTea beverage spokesperson
-Music videos
Pan Mei-Chen: “I can stop you dead” MV
Machi brother: “can not stand” MV

Lin Wei Ru said, showing off skin is the main performance as a professional model, but having smooth beautiful skin is the desire of every woman.” In addition, carefully select skin care products are important, but how to eat is also important for a beautiful lifestyle. Ruru Lin Wei Ru also demonstrated the spot skin care recipe?. “Strawberry beauty food” in which strawberry is used as the main ingredients, making soft frozen strawberry drinks, strawberry salad, etc. excellent.

Sweet sexy supermodel Lin Wei Ru, also shoot a series of advertisements for slimming products. The interaction between the men and women models was the theme of the sexy photos, with the visual images of the sexy curve as the focus. Wei Ru film several times for her own sexy photos. Lin sexy photos of this photoshoot are giving her a sense of accomplishment, and the photographer constantly praises her saying: “Her figure is perfect!”

She is always thought of as sexy and flirtatious but she said for her there’s another definition of sexy in her mind: “I am very confident and like the style of women of classic movie sex goddess Marilyn Monroe; or when I put on a pair of beautiful high heels, it makes me confident, I think this confidence will be the long-term type deeply engraved in my mind, the beauty must also be durable from the inside out! ”

This time she return with two men of strong build physical models to cooperate but can not help but think of the feelings of her real-life status, which Lin Wei Ru said there is no lack of suitors. “I like a practical, reliable and responsible man! The personality traits are like Hong Weiming (Taiwan celebrity). In addition, I also like the football player-type guys, like David Beckham! ”

But the window period of singlehood, Ruru Lin Wei Ru mostly use the three times a day to do exercise with each exercise session lasting at least 30 minutes and prove that her hot body really is not a build in a day. Ruru Lin Wei Ru said: “The window period is a good time to love yourself more, more sculptural look to make ourselves look more perfect body is that not better?”

Ruru Lin Wei Ru

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