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Sara Naeini Biography

Sara Naeini (سارا نائينى) (born June 2, 1981, in Shiraz) is an Iranian singer. She has been singing in many private concerts as a single singer and in many public concerts. He has been collaborating with readers like Alireza Assar, Mohammad Esfahani and others. You can also Read More famous Iranian actresses biography Click here

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Sara Naeini Bio
Born Name Sara Naeini (سارا نائينى)
Date of Birth June 2, 1981
Age as( 2019) 37 years
Height 1.63 m
Weight 68 kg
zodiac sign Gemini
Husband Not Know

sara naeini

Sara Naeini Career

His public concerts were attended by the public and the press and his reading was prohibited by the Ministry of Guidance as a consonant. He is as consistent in either group frames albums Group. Piccolo never failed to enter the market. Either living teddy, either on my brush, either place us not love me and either jam band has worked.

He inherited music from his mother, a traditional music reader. Sarah Nayini is now teaching music. He is a graduate student at the Tehran School of Psychology. He was the champion of gymnastics in Iranian girls. After having fallen from the roof due to damage to his spine, forced to end his gymnastics activities. After the singing of the match did not receive permission from Iran removed.

“Sara Naeini” top Sons

1. Esharate Nazar

2. Sokoot

3. Bayad Del Sepord

4. Esharat-E Nazar – Original Mix

5. Jadoo

6. Del Yar

7. Be Man Negah Kon

8. Jadoo

9. Esharate Nazar

10. Esharat-e Nazar

11. Biaban

12. Kamoone Rangi

13. Delta

14. Esharat-E Nazar

15. Ghami Ghamnak

16. Nabalad

17. Mano To

18. Fanoos

19. Nafas

20. Jane Maryam

21. Asheghe Khoondan

22. Del Yar

23. Del Yar

24. Del Yar

25. Jadoo

26. Esharate Nazar

27. Zendegi

28. Emshab

29. Delam Gereft

30. If I Told You That

31. Jane Maryam

32. I Wanna Cry

33. Watching You

34. Didare Jodaee

35. Ta To Ba Mani

36. Esharat-E Nazar

37. Del Yar

38. Khalie Bi Payan

39. Esharate Nazar

40. Na balad

41. Esharat-e Nazar

42. Esharate Nazar

43. Delyar

44. Khaliye Bi Payan

45. Esharat Nazar

46. Nafas

47. Khaaliye Bi Paayaan

48. Sokoot

49. Esharate Nazar

50. Nashavad Fashe Kasi

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