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  Sarah Connor

sarah Connor was born 13, 1980 in Germany. She is a German singer, songwriter, and television personality. In this article, you can also read Sarah Connor Age, Weight, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Affairs, Education, Body Measurements, Family, Awards, Horoscope, Social Media and Life Achievements.

Sarah Marianne Corina Lewe

June 13, 1980 (age 38)

Hamburg, West Germany





Years active 2000–present
Spouse(s) Marc Terenzi (2004–2008)
Partner(s) Florian Fischer (2011–present)
Children 4

In spring 2001, the debut single, Let’s Get Back To Bed-Boy! Sarah Connor broke into the tops of the charts. At the side of the American rapper TQ won second place on the German charts, and then hit the top ten charts in all Europe (reaching the 15th position on the European Top 100. In just a few weeks her single was covered by Gold in Germany and Austria and German TV VIVA awarded her the Comet award in the category Debut of the Year.

Sarah Connor First Album

A few months later, the 21-year-old artist was even more successful with another song, the beautiful ballad From Sarah With Love. The song almost immediately hit the top of the German charts, after a few days, it became the Golden Record and then, having obtained the result of over 750,000 copies sold. It was already the Triple Gold Record. In Austria and Switzerland, he achieved no less success, overlapping – respectively with Gold and Platinum.

The debut album of Sarah Green Eyed Soul continued his glorious tradition debuting in TOP3 on German bestseller lists, reaching Gold only a week after the premiere, and shortly thereafter Triple Gold with sales of over 450,000.

We did not have to wait long for success in other European countries: at the Sarah point, Finland, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, and the Netherlands soon went crazy. Where the album most often covered with Gold or Platinum.

In the summer of 2002, the prize of the German music industry – Echo Award in the category of the Best Female Vocalist – sealed only the great success of the artist who was already playing the route next to the rooms sold out to the last place.

Whoever supposed that this Twin would take time off after such a stunning success of his first album was wrong. Together with her friend Wyclef Jean Sarah Connor. She joined the studio and recorded One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep). One night, in which Wyclef was not only a producer but also a vocalist.

Sarah Connor Second Album

One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep) was the first installment of Sarah’s second album “Unbelievable” which became a Gold Record at an incredible 48 hours!

In mid-2003, Sarah Connor surprised her fans with a happy message. She’s pregnant! Polish fans found out about it at the only Sarah concert in Poland. Which took place in July ’03 at the Sopot Pier. Shortly before her maternity leave, however. She delivered yet another hit – the Music Is The Kay ballad recorded with the New York band a capella Naturally Seven. Soon after, she was able to show off her next achievement. Her DVD A Night To Remember – Pop Meets Classic debuted on the charts in the first place!

In November 2004, Sarah released the third album, Key To My Soul. Which, like its predecessors, immediately became the Gold Record and debuted in Germany in the 10th place in the charts.

The second single from the album, Just One Last Dance’s ballad, recorded with the band Natural, immediately went to the top of the charts and gained the status of Gold Plate selling over 150,000 pieces.

On February 2, 2004, one of the most important moments in Sarah’s life occurred – her son, Tyler, came to the world that day.

Well-Deserved maternity leave did not save Sarah from the succession:

Her first release in the United States, Bounce, debuted on the US charts in March 2004 on the 11th place. In the United Kingdom a few weeks later. He made his debut only three places below. In this way, Sarah fulfilled her next dream. She managed to succeed in the USA and Great Britain!
However, it has gained not only English-speaking countries by storm: in Japan, its debut album debuted immediately on the spot 12. Her international success was sealed with the World Music Award. Which was awarded to Outkast, Usher, and Norah Jones on September 14, 2004, in Las Vegas? She won in the category of the Most Popular German Artist.

Living To Love You

In November 2004, Sarah returned with a new single, Living To Love You, a touching ballad by the producer duet Rob Tyger & Kay Denar. Who had previously provided hit song From Sarah With Love? Living To Love You was also the first single announcing the artist’s new fourth album.

Sarah Connor  Famous Track

The single turned out to be another great success and the next number 1 in the career of a 25-year-old vocalist. In Poland. He was one of the most played in January and February 2005. Now in the queue for the title of international hit a dynamic track “From Zero To Hero“. which is accompanied by a video of the characters of the animated movie “Robots” – on Polish screens in June this year!

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