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Profile of Ishihara Satomi (Ishihara Satomi)

Real name private
Birthday December 24, 1986
blood type Type A
height 157 cm
hobby Basketball tennis ballet
Educational background
Birthplace Tokyo
Genre actress
family Father, mother, older brother and himself 4 people

Summary of Ishihara Satomi

After the 27th Holopro talent scout caravan “Pure Girl 2002” Grand Prix winner, she
began full-scale acting activities.

However, before participating in the same audition, I belonged to
Horipro Improvement Academy (Hori Pro Improvement Academy) which is the current affiliated entertainment office of Horipro series actor training school (fifth grader).

It was still a high school first-year student at the time of participation of the 27th Holi Pro Talent Scout Caravan and since that time I worked as an entertainment activity together with school activities, but since then I graduated from high school in March 2005 and now I concentrate on actress work.
After commencement of a full-scale actress activity, he does not transfer to the department related to the theater, or the high school which sets up the unit system, and graduates directly from the high school only of the full-time general course which I enrolled in the next year.

Although the real name is private, the origin of the present name is
Ishihara” of the last name by inverting “original gemstone” that he attached as being an original stone, and the name “Satomi” that he wishes to be intelligent and beautiful
It is a representation in hiragana notation.

In addition, when I was longing for radio personality at the time of elementary school student, Ishihara appeared to the actress to see the scene
where  Fujiwara Norika is playing the radio personality in Fuji TV series drama “WITH LOVE” It is the first opportunity to make misunderstanding as an actor “can create a radio personality.

Anything about Ishihara Satomi

Since devolution, he has been dedicated mainly to actresses, and he is engaged mainly in the appearance of TV dramas and Japanese movies.
Especially appeared in TV dramas. In 2006, he advanced to the stage with “a man of miracles”.
Also, among casting works including movies and TV dramas, there are many appearances as a protagonist, heroine.

Despite doing appearances in variety shows, most of the things they do are promotional activities of TV dramas and movies that appear.
Moreover, there is no possibility to photograph gravure by wearing a bathing suit in a magazine etc.
The same is true for the calendars sold by Hagoromo each year for two books of their own. Singer industry is inexperienced, including singer of the name.
However, there was singing in the entertainment activities, and in the NHK continuous TV novel “Taruru Family”.
H sang the solo “The man who sells happiness” and “the season of love ” in the play.
Also, even at the new Domoto brothers of Fuji Television, they sang Sakuragicho, a yuzu single song that appeared on promotional videos by themselves. At that time, I played the beginning part with a koto.

It is said that radio personality is a dream from the time of childhood, has its own
radio program of the crown program, and since April 2005 he has been continuing the radio personality of the program once a week.

Although I have not opened a blog, I have opened a Web diary called “Satomi diary” on the official website. This is a “Satomi’s Osaka diary” that was opened for the activity report when Ishihara’s appearance in the family is left as it is for the later activity report of Ishihara after crank up. Here, photographs and sentences such as photographs, event patterns, and New Year’s greetings are uploaded. There are no particular nicknames, in TV appearances such as “Satomi chan” is often called.

The family is 4 father, mother, older brother and himself. He also owns a miniature dachshund as a pet, hence his name is Helen. This is due to the name of the stage on which she appeared.

I have experienced a lot of lessons than my childhood, and I have many special skills.
In addition to having studied classical ballet, koto, and piano, he specializes in
hip-hop dancing, basketball, and tennis.

Express himself as “romanticist”.
For example,
there are many opportunities to talk about their ideal romantic situation in their own radio programs and variety shows.

The target actress is Sayuri Yoshinaga.

Although I can hardly see it on television appearance, I usually
wear glasses (although it is not always wearing constantly).

Acquired an automatic limited license in 2006.

Continuous TV drama starring Ishihara Satomi

You are a pet (April – June 2003, TBS) – Rumi Shibusawa
NHK Continuous TV Novel Telling family (September 2003 – March 2004, NHK) – Fuyuko Iwata role
WATERBOYS 2 (July – 9, 2004 Moon, Fuji Television) – Yazawa Shingo
H2 – My days with you (January – March 2005, TBS) – Haruna Koga
Taiga Drama Yoshitsune (January – December 2005, NHK) – Static
Ns’ Aoi (January – March 2006, Fuji Television) – Starring · Aoi Misora
Bride and Dad (April – June 2007, Fuji TV) – Starring · Aiko Uzaki

Ishihara Satomi’s appearance single-shot drama

Opening the window (March 25, 2003, NHK) – starring · Yamamoto Usagi serving
heaven to support heaven Cheers – Youth spent on cheerleading ~
(NTV on April 3, 2004)
BEBOP – HIGHSCHOOL June 16, 2004, TBS) – Izumi Kyoko role
red series red suspicion ( TBS on June 15, 22, 29,
2005, TBS) – Okishima Sachiko role ghost story special agreement (August 2, 2005, Fuji TV ) – Producer Yui
BE-BOP-HIGHSCHOOL 2 (August 17, 2005, TBS) – Izumi Konnozuka
Climbers High (NHK, 10th December 2005) – Ayako Mochizuki
DRAMA COMPLEX Soap bubble (Nippon TV) on September 5, 2006 – Ryo Sakuraba
Ns’ Aoi Special Sakuragawa Hospital Worst Day (September 26, 2006, Fuji Television)
– Starring · Aoi Misora
Freezing Point (November 2006 25th · 26th, TV Asahi)
– Starring · Yuuko Tsujiguchi ※ Participating Artists of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Participating Artists
Tenshi Angels First Night Impulsion (February 26, 2007, Jiterebi) – Starring · Yurimu Yoshimura

Ishihara Satomi radio show

The 30th Radio · Charity · Music Personality
(December 24th – 25th, 2004, Nippon Broadcasting)
Ishihara Satomi SAY TO ME! (April 2, 2005 – Nippon Broadcasting)
Ishihara Satomi’s All Night Nippon (2007 January 12, Nippon Broadcasting)

Ishihara Satomi’s CM

J-PHONE Sha-mail (January – March 2003) * Current SOFTBANK
BANDAI Cherokee Racing DX (June – September 2003)
Ezaki Glico DONBURI Tei, Papiko, Pocky, Ice Fruit, Panap, Ranch fish
Daiichi Life Night series (2004 -) * Inherit the same series from Rena Tanaka
Flavor of Nagatanien Matsutake mushrooms, Miso Soup
donation (2004 -)
Suntory BOSS Rainbow Mountain (January – March 2006)
Toyota Tomorrow Harmony (June 2007 -)
Kracie Ichigo (July 2007 -)
Sega Welcome to Sega (August 2007 -)

Ishihara Satomi’s photo collection

Ishihara Satomi First Photobook Collection ISBN 4-16-359540-6 It is
composed of three parts, photographed by Nemoto Akira Nemoto, Fusa Kumagai, and Tatsuo Harada.
You can also include the scenery of the Horipro talent scout caravan and the recording scenery of my Grandpa.
It was released on March 25, 2003, by Bungeishunju.

Tasty ISBN 4-09-363702-4 Includes gravure
by location in Vietnam, gravure of weekly boys Sunday of the past,
private photos of childhood and elementary school days. Kumagai contrast shooting.
It was released by Shogakukan on November 16, 2005.

Twenty-year-old, summer ISBN 4-8470-4034-1 Keep gravure
etc. by location at Yakushima. Ozawa Tadayasu shooting.
Wanibooks released August 28, 2007.

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