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Tarkan Tevetoglu

Germany), known as the apex of the Turkish people in Germany and one of the fastest and the most famous singers in Turkey. He has sold 29 million albums to Turkey’s most successful singers and has been dubbed “The Shah Zadeh Pop” (Megastar, the biggest star of his title). His reputation in his country has been compared to Elvis Presley’s reputation in America. He was renowned for singing Los and continued his activity.

Name tag Tarkan Toto Naglu
Birth October 17, 1972, Altsee, Germany
Nationality Turkey
styles) Pop, Pop Rock, Soul, Dance
Instrument (s) Song Reader

Living a

Tarcan was born in Ali and Najmeh in Germany. His name is deprived of one of the ancient kings of ancient times and is meant to be strong and great. She has four sisters called Ednan, Gulai, Noura and Hadenan, and a brother named Hakan.

Beginning of work

When the Tarzan family returned to Turkey, she began learning music at the Karamorsel Music School, and with the help of Istanbul Plak, she released her first album, “Without You Again,” which sold an impressive 750,000 copies of the album and sold the Turkish youth He got to his own. For this album, she coordinated with Ozan Chalakoglu. The fascinating and revolutionary face of his special, sophisticated car made him look more attentive.

We lost 1994 to 1996

The success of Tarkan’s first album helped her sing along with her singer, Szen Aksoy, for her second album, so that the album, which many had been waiting for, would come out better. The album, ah-Tochis another, sold two million copies in Turkey and 750 thousand copies in Europe, called Tarkan. This was the first unremarked Turkish singer in Europe. Blazer’s singles were released on the European market and sold remarkably. While this was just the beginning of his success.

World Kisses 1997 to 2000

In July of 1997, Trac Los Simarik drove a startling storm of advertising in Turkey from her third album without you. Tarkan co-sponsored the album, which lasted for three years, with Cesena Also and Ozan Chalakoglu. The album sold 4.5 million copies in Turkey, the second best-selling album in Turkish history. One song Los charts in European countries such as Norway and Germany and France Vsvyys in the first place to third. The song, which was heard by the musicians, was mumbled by many world readers, including Holi Valance, who read it again as Kiss_Kiss. Following the success of single songs Tarek album ofThe Chinese Flower came out with its “Tarkan” album, due to its popularity and popularity, Tarakan won the world music award World_Music_Awarad. In the same years, Tarkan traveled around Zenya to present his music to the world. He performed over 80 different concerts in European, South American and North American countries.

Karma 2001 to 2002

In January 2001, Tarcán released the Pepsi International Brandt album. Two single-track under titles like simple man Kuzu Kuzu and Hup Hope was released. The album produced a lot of sales outside of Turkey, especially in Russia, and found a lot of fans and hairstyles and dresses.

Dodo 2003-2004

The first album with the brand HITT Production was launched in the summer of 2003 with the name of Dudu’s wife. The album included 5 tracks and 5 remixes and sold over one million copies. Tarkan took on a more sporty and more sporty version for her album, and her lusty charm aspect was second to none.

Come nicer from 2005 to 2006

In 2005, after ten years, finally announced the apex of the album, the goal of Jesse, he was ready. He started work for the album with the help of well-known producer Ahmed Ortogooge in 1995 but pushed it back. Finally, on October 10, 2005, Tarek single song Bounce supply Credo Album Come closer Come Closer was released on April 7, 2006, in Europe and America. Tarkan collaborated with readers like Britney Spears and Shakira, as well as the famous rapper Wicklow Jane. He also appeared in several TV shows in Europe to promote his album. The album did not have a significant success contrary to expectations, as well as several tracks from the album before the official release, it was broadcast on the Internet and thousands of unauthorized downloads, and sales failed to replicate the success of previous albums.

Metamorphosis 2007 to 2008

In 2008, Tarcan released the album ” Metamorphosis (Change)”, which sold 300,000 copies in the first week, despite the bad weather, and the 2008 best album in Turkey. The album was very popular among all people, even critics, and it was considered the best album by Tarkan, while others also find it the worst Tarkan album. The album included ten songs, with the first video released for Vay Anam Vay. The next videos include Pare Pare-Arada Bir-Dilli Duduk. Dilli Duduk’s video was also nominated for the best video of the year.

2010 Adimi Speech Yaz

Tarcán released its new album Adimi Kalbine Yaz in July 2010. Songs from this album more old things like vertical and forefront in this album again with a combination of traditional Turkish instruments with other instruments is back to his old style. The album was greeted with tremendous gains and sold over 225,000 copies in the first week. The album won many honors in the 2011 Turkish Choral Music Festival. Tarkan was selected as the best male singer in Turkey during this festival.

Album of

  • Yine Sensiz – 1992
  • Aacayips – 1994
  • Ölurim Sana – 1997
  • Tarkan – 1998
  • Karma – 2001
  • Dudu – 2003
  • Come Closer – 2006
  • Metamorfoz – 2007
  • Metamorfoz Remixes – 2008
  • Adımı Language Yaz – 2010

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