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The Bros

After two months Ji Chang Wook officially underwent an army, there was good news for all of us! Ji Chang Wook will return to the big screen! Yep, he will appear – though only as a cameo – in the latest film “The Bros.”.

The film “The Bros.” was adapted from the musical “Brothers Were Brave” which had starred Ji Chang Wook. If you still remember, in 2013, Ji Chang Wook participated in this musical and acted as one of the 2 main characters in the musical. Joo Bong who will be played by Lee Dong Hwi. The film “The Bros” starred Ma Dong Seok, Lee Dong Hwi, and also Honey Lee, who last appeared in the film “Fabricated City”.

According to the news circulating, this Ji Chang Wook cameo was inseparable from the role of director. Jang Yoo Jeong who was also a musical director of “Brothers Were Brave” and “The Days”. In a press conference, Director Jang answered the question about Ji Chang Wook’s cameo. “He has worked with me in 2 musical dramas. We meet as actors and directors every day when he practices for musicals and we have relationships where we support each other and see each other grow up. I worked in this film so he gladly participated. ”

The Bros

Ji Chang Wook is assigned the role of Chun Bae. The father of the character played by Ma Dong Seok and Lee Dong Hwi. He will play the young version of the father. Chun Bae’s character is one of the most important characters in the film. Considering that Ji Chang Wook is familiar with the character thanks to the musical “Brothers Were Brave”, we certainly can’t wait to see how his acting transformation is here! The counts are pretty good for all of us while we are in the army.

The film “The Bros” will be aired in South Korea starting November 2, 2017!

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