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striking good looks, slender figure, and sharp features with a prominent forehead have turned Tyra banks into one of the most sought-after models in the world.

before she became a big-time model she was rejected several times until she was discovered by elite model management while she was at Loyola Marymount College. since then there was no turning back for this undaunted lady, who was determined to make it big in the model world. from there her modeling career zoomed off to glorious heights with prominent modeling assignments like most notably sports illustrated swimsuit issue and victoria’s secret.

the stunning black beauty became the first African-American to feature twice on the cover of the sports illustrator’s swimsuit issue consecutively in 1996 and 1997. she also won the prestigious Michael award for “supermodel of the year”. the eminent time
magazine has also named her as one of the world’s 200 most influential people in 2006. Tyra  Banks today supermodel model, American television personality, talk show hostess, author, singer, actress, and television producer. Banks is also the founder-patron of tzone, an organization that runs leadership programs for young girls and inspires them to become confident leaders in their communities. a laudable task indeed!!!

Here is a biography for all those who are not interested only in the plastic (beautiful) Tyra Banks. If you have information, remarks, clarifications or corrections to do, mail me!

Tyra Bank Biography


Real Name: Tyra Banks
Date of birth: 4 December 1973
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California (USA)
Living place: Los Angeles, California (USA)
Hair color: brown
Eye color : brown-green
Height: 1,79 m
Measurements ( chest-waist-hips):86-60-90 cm
Size: 40 Star 
Occupation: Top-Model / Actress and Writer
Marital status: single (yeah!)
Agency: IMG

Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Sex: Female
Nationality: American
Education: Claremont McKenna college,
Mother: Carolyn London (professional photographer)
Brother: Devin banks (air force 1st lt; older)
Claim to fame: victoria’s secret model

Tyra Banks Personal Life

Tyra was born on December 4, 1973, in Los Angeles, in a family that loves and supports her. Despite the divorce of her parents when she was only six years old and the problems of her older brother Devin, Tyra’s youth is happy and uneventful.

Although it’s hard to believe now, Tyra was a tall, skinny and a rather clumsy teenager. She was constantly teased by her brother and classmates and often ran home for her mother to comfort her. Later, when she’s in high school, everything changes for her. She fights her leanness, starts working outdoors and finally decides to become a model. Tyra pursues her goal with the same determination that we now see in all her activities. And after being denied by four modeling agencies that thought her face was not photogenic, she was finally recruited by the Elite agency at the age of 17.

So, instead of going to Loyola Marymount College, Tyra leaves for Paris for a year and runs for most of the big names in fashion, including Ralph Lauren and Chanel. She then returns to the United States and continues to parade, grilling all stages to stardom.

Tyra Banks Career

In 1993, she posed for the first time in a magazine, Seventeen. But her career truly took off at the age of 20, when she became the first African-American woman to sign a contract with the Cover Girl cosmetics brand. She also plays in clips of Michael Jackson and George Michael.

Tyra Banks

Soon Tyra begins to diversify its activities. She gets a small role (a supermodel) in a British TV movie, Inferno. It then appears in the series Will Smith: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ( The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in French) where she played Jackie Ames.

His first role in a real film comes in John Singleton’s Higher Learning ( Fever at Columbus University ). She plays Deja, the friend of Malik Williams (Omar Epps), a top runner and although it is a small role, critics are impressed by the intensity it brings to the screen.

She’s really not a supermodel playing an actress – she’s performing very well. She even took race classes for her role in order to play in a more realistic way. When the movie comes out, she gets a lot of movie offers, but Tyra chooses not to do anything. She continues her dazzling ascent and appears on the covers of several famous magazines.

In 1996, Tyra became a legend by being the first black model to cover the special swimwear issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. Like Naomi Campbell with Vogue, she adds another hit for the recognition of black women.

Then Tyra is hired by Victoria’s Secret to promote the chic underwear of the brand. She is also the first African American woman to sign an exclusive contract and then appear on the cover of one of the brand’s catalogs.

In 1997, she became the star of Swatch watches (mainly for the “Swatch Skin”, the ultra-thin watch). Before she had posed for Suchard, where she posed for the slogan ” You can say no, you hear yes “ (for the story this slogan had unleashed the wrath of feminists)
She appears in the “50 most beautiful personalities” of People magazine not one, but twice, and even writes a revealing book about her life, Tyra’s Beauty Inside & Out. She also has some relationships with famous people, the first with John Singleton and the second with singer Seal. Rumors say she’s dating Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods.

Afraid of the constant gaze of the common media to love stories between celebrities, she returns to her first love of college, a law student; but that does not protect her from rumors, the most recent lending him connections with Lakers star Kobe Bryant, Rick Fox and even Teresa Weatherspoon, who plays for New York in the WNBA (the women’s NBA). However, Tyra often says in interviews that she is looking for a normal man (he will still have to be tall: she is 1.79 meters tall!).

Tyra appears in one or two films so far but really starts to work in Hollywood last year alone, with a small part in Love Stinks ( Allergic to Love ). Then the year 2000 brings him a bigger role in Love & Basketball, and a “co-leading role” in a TV movie produced by Disney: LifeSize, where she plays a doll brought to life by a vow.


Now an important role in Coyote Ugly ( Coyote Girls ) has brought Tyra under the spotlight. She plays a girl responsible for setting the mood in a bar, which is ironic because she said several times that she does not drink alcohol.

She does not watch what she eats. However, she has publicly stated (unlike other models) that she often eats fried foods, ice cream, and food from fast foods. In a talk show, Tyra proclaimed that she loves Ketchup, and claimed that the only usefulness of french fries is that you can put a lot of ketchup on it.

How else is she in shape? She practices a lot of sport, especially basketball and tennis, and ensures that she always has fun when she practices. And above all, she does not smoke or drink!

The future looks bright for Tyra Banks. She stars in two upcoming movies and even produces one ( Honey Thunder Dunk ). She is one of the richest models in the world, with a personal fortune valued at $ 8.8 million, and there are rumors that she could return to Oprah Winfrey’s show.


This section contains Tyra Banks’ interviews made by magazines or French-language television channels. The interviews remain their exclusive property, they are there for demonstration purposes.

Bartolome Mesa
December 1999
Tyra talks about her job, her debut, rumors about her …
Jesse Nash
TV Guide
November 2000
Tyra talks about Coyote Girls, its cinematic ambitions …


The galleries are classified by theme. You will find in the table below the different categories as well as an explanation of the type of photos. Below each picture is the size.

Number of photos
46 (+1)
Covers of fashion magazines, TV, men or others on which Tyra Banks appears
50 (+2)
Portraits of Tyra, where one sees only his head and sometimes his bust.
Faces (2)
20 (+5)
55 (+0)
Tyra pictures in underwear, dressing gown or pajamas. Either for Victoria’s Secret or for other brands.
Lingerie (2)
51 (+0)
Lingerie (3)
52 (+0)
Lingerie (4)
64 (+0)
52 (+0)
To see Tyra in one piece swimsuits (monokini) or two (bikini). One of the best categories! The photos are taken from magazines, like Sports Illustrated.
Shirt (2)
52 (+0)
Jersey (3)
50 (+0)
Jersey (4)
48 (+1)
53 (+3)
Pictures of Tyra in the fashion shows.
54 (+1)
Do not expect hardcore! At most a piece of breast or buttocks. This is more than enough for me anyway.
25 (+0)
Photos from Supermodels in Rainforest .
56 (+0)
Pictures of Tyra in long dress, ceremony, skirt. But also where she wears pants, jeans or bathrobes (!). The photos come from clichés for fashion or taken during galas (the Oscars ceremony for example).
Dresses (2)
54 (+0)
Dresses (3)
52 (+0)
Dresses (4)
52 (+0)
Dresses (5)
27 (+1)
50 (+0)
These are the photos from VictoriasSecret.com, the site of the famous American lingerie manufacturer. These are pictures of lingerie, swimwear or dresses for the most part. They are quite small but of good quality.
Victoria (2)
50 (+0)
Victoria (3)
50 (+0)
Victoria (4)
50 (+0)
Victoria (5)
44 (+0)
53 (+2)
Video captures of shows, parades, reports with Tyra Banks.
Vidcaps (2)
39 (+1)
Vidcaps (3)
34 (+0)
Vidcaps (4)
51 (+0)
Video captures from the movie Love Stinks.
Vidcaps (5)
51 (+0)
51 (+0)
Unclassifiable photos grouped in this category tote.
Various (2)
32 (+2)
1466 (+19)
The total number of photos.

Tyra Banks Magazine Work

This section contains articles on Tyra Banks published in French newspapers. The articles remain their exclusive properties, they are only there demonstratively.
Item name
And God created Tyra Banks
May 1997
We talk a little about Tyra’s life, about her ambitions …
In the spotlight: Tyra Banks
TV Guide
February 2000
We’re talking about the new Life Life movie, where Tyra plays in it.
The doll that says yes
TV Top Morning
February 2000
We also talk about the movie LifeSize.
[no name]
Tyra Banks, posing for Suchard, overshadows Naomi Campbell.
His pictures are snapping up
The H & M campaign posters with Tyra Banks were removed from the bus shelters where they were placed.
In the spotlight: Tyra Banks (2)
TV Guide
August / September 2000
Tyra would appear in the third season of the Felicity series.
Tyra Banks
May 2000
How to seduce Tyra? Here is a small idea …
In all “Felicity”
TV Top Morning
September 2000
Tyra Banks will join the Felicity series.
Beautiful counter
November 2000
The two subjects who annoy Tyra Banks.
Tyra and the men in blue
TV Guide
March 2001
Tyra at the Grammy Awards





Tyra Banks does not just strut around in fashion shows, she also makes movies! Here is a list that I hope exhaustive. If you know footage where it appears, I would be grateful if you would let me know.

You will find on this table a brief summary of his film career. For more details, click on the name of the original movie. You will not be able to see all the movies in detail at the moment because I do not have all the information.

Original movie title
French film title
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The prince of Bel-Air
Ready to Wear
Ready to wear
Supermodels in the Rainforest
Higher Learning
Fever at Colombus University
A Women Like That
Sesame Street: Elmopalooza!
Love Stinks
Allergic to love
The Apartment Complex
Life Size
Love & Basketball
Coyote Ugly
Coyote Girls
Halloween 8

Tyra Banks Interviews GQ Magazine

tyra banks gq magazine

A lot has been made about you being the first Black woman on the cover of GQ, the first black woman on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Do you feel it harder for blacks to break into modeling than whites?

Yes. I think if you just look at the magazines you can see the ratios. It’s all about supply and demand. There’s not really a big representation of black models as compared to white models. It doesn’t equal the percentage of blacks in America. So definitely it is more difficult if a black model wants to get into the industry. Already as a white model, you have a lot of rejection. You add you’re color to that and its ten times the rejection.

Do you it changing at all or is it too ingrain in the system?

I see it changing. It’s changing slowly, I wish it would change faster. As long as its changing, as long as we see a progression, that’s all that matters.

Do you think the strides you’ve made have made a difference in changing things?

Definitely. Anytime you have a first, the next time it’s no longer a big, huge deal. The next black woman to get the covers I’ve gotten will just be a normal thing. So I’m glad I’m knocking down all these firsts so it’s not a phenomenon that it’s just a normal thing.

Within the black community, there has been a conflict, especially among women, between light skin and dark skin ideals of beauty. Does this transfer into the modeling world? Do you feel it was easier for you to break into modeling because you’re relatively fair-skinned?

I actually disagree. In the modeling industry, if you look at the past supermodels, they were all dark-skin models. You look at Iman, Beverly Johnson, Naomi Simms, Naomi Campbell–those were all sort of chocolate-hued models that have broken the barriers before I got there. So I think it’s kind of an odd thing that I’ve done so well in my shade.

You had a part in Higher Learning as well as playing Will Smith’s girlfriend for a little while on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” 

That’s definitely something I want to pursue more. My modeling career gives me a chance to make a lot of money and not have to worry about acting to eat and to live. So I act when I want to or when I find something that’s fun or interesting for me to do. I’ve been working on a book for the last two years so my acting’s taken a back seat to that. Now, the book is complete so I may be doing some more acting.

Supermodels from Kathy Ireland to Cindy Crawford have made notoriously bad choices when it came to their acting careers. How are you planning to avoid those pitfalls?

Just reading the script and saying that’s a stupid role, I’m not gonna do it. Just the fact that I don’t have desperation when it comes to that. And the fact that I know that I can act, and I wouldn’t do something that I know I’d be bad in.

Have you taken any acting classes?

No, I think it’s just something that comes naturally to me. I like acting the fool. I usually act the fool with my friends. In fact, when my mom’s friends use to come over for holidays, I’d get my cousins and friends together and we’d choreograph dances and songs and I’d always have to be the lead singer and perform. So I just have that inside of me.
So should we be looking for Tyra Banks Sings the Hits in stores soon?

Oh no. (laughing) I can dance and move like Janet Jackson but when I open my mouth it does not sound like Mariah Carey. Some people want to do everything. I know what I’m good at.

You’ve express pretty open disdain for the modeling community and claim to have sworn off dating celebrities. What is it about that lifestyle that turns you off?

I just like to come home and not talk about work and talk about this photographer and this model and this hairdresser. So that’s why I try to stay away from that whole Hollywood modeling scene. Like, I’ll come home from something and my little cousins will be like, “Tyra did you see any stars? Who did you see? Who are your friends?” And I’m like “I kind of know that person and that person but it’s not like we’re hanging out.” It’s not that they’re bad people–there are some great people in the industry–I don’t know for some reason, I’ve just never really been able to relate. I mean, I have some friends who are quote-unquote famous. But they have the same kind of views I do: that they’re strange.

Yeah but you dated Seal for a little while though and he’s pretty strange. Which brings up another good point: why do so many beautiful models date ugly rock stars?tyra banks

Well, I think in the 80s it was a pretty big thing–when I wasn’t modeling–that all these models were dating rock stars. And then towards the mid- the too late 90s, I mean I dated someone for like a month, really casual–it wasn’t even a boyfriend, it was really quick–and people put me in that group. But with me, it’s just whoever asks me out and is really nice and has a little something going on, I’ll go out with them. And that happens about once a year. (laughs)

Y’know, I’ve read that stuff before, and I don’t buy it.

It’s true. They’re just so intimidated. I was just going out with this guy now that’s just so scared of me that finally, I was just like–goodbye. You just aren’t strong enough to handle me.

Damn. Dumped by Tyra Banks. I guess there’s some dignity in that…

(laughs) Yeah, so when somebody asks you out and they’re really aggressive, but in a smart way not like (in a low, guttural voice) “Hey, baby….” But if he’s like a nice guy and he’s flirting and paying you some attention, you’re not used to that. So you’re like, “Wow! I’ll go out with you.”

Damn. I can’t believe it’s that easy. All this time I’ve spent trying to think of some elaborate plan…

Yeah. It’s pretty simple. Anybody can go out with me you just have to know how to do it.

So we’ve established that it’s easy for a guy to go out with you, but how would a man go about really charming you?

Okay. Just be really nice, be really funny. Joke with me. Don’t be afraid to compliment me. I’m not gonna say your hair looks nice.” It’s okay to say that because if a guy says that it’s different than a photographer saying it or a fan saying it. And just be aggressive. Be nasty.

Okay. Now that we’ve charmed you, how can you tell if we’re really interested or if we just want to be known as “the guy dating Tyra Banks.

You can’t tell. Some guys are really slick and you can’t tell what their agenda is. That’s something that just takes a little bit of time. That’s the kind of guy who’ll be really cool in the beginning and then after a while, he’s like, Or other times some guys might show it off really soon in the beginning. They might just keep calling me by my first and last name a lot. Y’know,

“Tyra Banks, can you pass the salt? Tyra Banks…”

Another contributing factor to all the insecurities about body-type seems to be the huge rise in plastic surgery. Most models have had at least some plastic enhancement. Do you think that adds to the problem as well? I mean, you have these girls looking at what they think to be perfect bodies which were actually sculpted by knives.

You know what, the whole plastic surgery thing with me–I think it’s more about retouching of pictures and with lighting and deception in that way. Because you’re not going to take a heavy, heavyset woman, give her liposuction and make her gorgeous. So, you already have to have a little something of a base to have some plastic surgery and make you look amazing and make somebody jealous. When you’re in a magazine, you can shave 30 pounds off of you. I mean I do it. I make my waist smaller.

I take the dark circles off under my eyes when I have control of a certain photo. And I just say models are masters of deception and illusion. So I don’t think plastic surgery’s such a big deal as much as looking at these retouch images that computers have creat. And I look at magazines sometimes and say, “Damn! She’s gorgeous!” and I don’t realize they just removed all her moles and freckles and took a rib out or two.

What’s the hardest thing about being Tyra Banks?

The hardest thing is women. Y’know, women think because their boyfriends are oohing and aahing about a retouched picture that I think that I’m all that. And they hate me because their boyfriends like me. They don’t understand. They don’t know how I look when I wake up how I look at a photo shoot before retouching. I probably look like them. Just taller. So that’s hard, getting all those weird reactions.

How’d you first get into modeling?

I had a friend when I was in the ninth grade in high school. She came up to me the first day of school and said that I look like a model and did I want to be a model like she was? And we became best friends and she left school early to model. She actually didn’t go to the 12th grade, she went to Paris. And she tried to convince me to go and I said `no, I want to stay in school.’ So I model part-time after school in the 12th grade. And after that, I got accept to five colleges but then a Paris agency saw some pictures of me and convinced me to come to Paris and take one year off of college and then go back to school. Which I never did (because I did so well in my modeling.)

Was it a traumatic time going to Paris when you were 18 years old?

Well, I was 17 actually cause I graduated early, so it was difficult because all my friends were making all these plans for school and they were all going to the school that I was going to go to. And from hearing that and here I am going off to Paris all by myself. So it was really difficult. One of the reasons was because I didn’t speak the language. And I’m not very social. I tend to be by myself so I didn’t have a lot of friends. And I’d go to movies by myself. And I was pretty lonely because a lot of models like to party and drink and hang out and I wasn’t into that. I’d rather be by myself.

If you had a daughter would you let her become a model?

I’d let her become anything she wants to become but I wouldn’t encourage the modeling at all. But I wouldn’t tell her, “don’t do it” because of course, it would only make her want to do it more. But I don’t think it’s the healthiest thing. I mean hopefully, my daughter would be very strong but I don’t know if she’d necessarily be as strong as I am. It’s not cut out for everybody and I’d hope my daughter wouldn’t want to do it.

Tyra Banks Social Media Profile:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TyraBanks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tyrabanks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tyrabanks/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tyrabanks

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