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 Who Is Uma Thurman

Born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 29, 1970. Her parents are Robert Thurman, professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Columbia University and Nena Von Schlebrugg. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents are Robert Thurman and Nena von Schlebrugg. The name Uma comes from Uma Chenpo (‘The great way of the center’ in Tibetan). Uma is the Hindu goddess of light and beauty, and consort of the god Shivá.

Uma has a half-sister named Taya, from a previous marriage of her father, and three brothers: Ganden, Dechen, and Mipam. When they were children, they all spent long periods in India and received occasional visits from the Dalai Lama in their home. Due to his father’s work in education, the family moved constantly, growing mostly in Amherst and Woodstock, New York.

Uma Thurman Education

From a very young age, in her school, she was constantly bothered on the one hand by her great height and her big feet, and on the other hand by the strangeness of their names. His particular physical training attracted problems. Such as bad advice to be suggested by a friend of his mother to carry out the operation through rhinoplasty. This and the previous problems ended up being consumed in the dysmorphobia. A mental disorder that presents its own body as deformed or distorted.

Uma Thurman Acting Career

His first participation in the performance was in school works, in a boarding school in Massachusetts, the “Northfield Mount Hermon”. The factors helped to decide for his current career. He did not excel in sports, and the studies were only regular, not at all remarkable. In a theatrical presentation in the play “The Crucible” was noticed by a headhunter who chose her to act professionally. This resulted in the abandonment of the boarding school and the choice to attend the Professional Children’s School to begin their acting career.

With only 15 years old she started in modeling, a field known to her as her grandmother and mother before whom she had participated in the modeling. His size, 1.84 m, previously criticized now was his great passport to the high catwalks, and appearing in magazines such as “Glamor” and in the magazine “Rolling Stone”. He began to act in 1988, participating in 4 films. Johnny Superstar, a student comedy, and then on Kiss Daddy Goodnight, thriller.

Uma Thurman First Appearance

For all this Uma was only 17 years old. He also appeared in The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, which was a commercial failure, since he only raised 8 million dollars, but cost 46. His role as Cecile de Volanges in Dangerous Liaisons in 1988, was the one that gave him fame and attracted the attention of the film industry and the public. Uma received excessive attention -especially for her nude scene-, much more than a shy and insecure adolescent could bear.

She was disturbed by this situation and moved to London where she spent almost a year, during which she only wore baggy clothes. While living in London to avoid the commotion caused. He began to go out with the director Phil Joanou. Who had just produced the acclaimed documentary film Rattle and Hum of the U2 group?

Uma Thurman Group

While visiting Joanou on the set of his movie, State Of Grace, he met British actor Gary Oldman. The two became congenial at once. Even Joanou said later that it was obvious that Oldman and Thurman were made for each other, so he stepped aside. The couple married in 1990, but the marriage lasted only two years. As reported, affected by the little time they spent together because of their tight agendas as actors.

With this last film, the doors were gradually opened, began to be taken into account by both the press and the directors. In 1990 he starred in the drama Henry and June, a film full of sensual scenes. Which earned him the rating of a movie for over 17 years. This circumstance was not at the expense of his profession, on the contrary. He attracted more attention to his career obtaining more and better criticisms. But not everything could be good and his first role as the main character was in Ellas also depressed in 1993 directed by Gus Van Sant.

The Year 1993

Unfortunately, the film was a false step in his career, as it turned out to be a financial and critical failure. Uma was selected for the Razzies awards for the worst actress of the year. The Washington Post described his performance as superficial, writing that: “Thurman’s strangely passive personification does not go much beyond dragging and flexing his artificial thumbs.

 In 1993 he accompanied Robert De Niro in the comedy “The Girl of the Gangster” which happened to be another false step. Participating in a Quentin Tarantino film has always been synonymous with quality, success and professionalism, all that won Uma to be part of Pulp Fiction, an acclaimed film by this director. Who in a first moment says he was not sure to add it to film staff and after seeing the person he was, he could not help but give her the role of “Mia”.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman Net Worth

Uma Thurman With a cost of 8 million dollars and raising more than 107 million, it became a cult movie to the liking of the fans. This earned her the Oscar nomination for best-supporting actress. But Pulp Fiction not only achieved that but turned her into Tarantino’s favorite actress. His following films rose in quality and success, as in the romantic comedy “The truth about dogs and cats.”

In the year 1998

In 1998, she starred with her husband Ethan Hawke, the science fiction film Gattaca. Although Gattaca was not a huge blockbuster, it received many positive reviews and got great revenue in the video market.
On May 1, 1998, he married actor Ethan Hawke, after having met him on the set of Gattaca. Before the engagement, he had proposed marriage to her twice without being accepted. She acknowledged that they hurried her marriage because she had become pregnant. At the time of the wedding, I was seven months pregnant.
They had two children: a girl, Maya Ray (born July 8, 1998) and a boy, Levon Roan (born January 15, 2002). Hawke dedicated his novel For Karuna to him.

The two biggest failures of his career came in 1997 and 1998. He first played the villain Poison Ivy (Poison Ivy) in Batman and Robin (Batman & Robin), the fourth movie in the popular saga. Batman and Robin proved a big box office flop and became one of the perennial candidates to the lists of the worst films of all time. His performance received mixed reviews, favorable and adverse.

Uma Thurman Children

His second setback was the following year in The Avengers (The Avengers), another great failure of public and critics considered one of the worst films in film history. It closed the year 1998 with the powerful tale Les Miserables (Les Misérables), an adaptation of the classic book by Victor Hugo, directed by Bille August, in which he played the role of Fantine.

After the birth of her first child in 1998, she took a break from leading roles to focus on motherhood.
His next works were in the low budget film and television films including Chords and Disagreements (Sweet and Lowdown), Tape (The Tape), Vatel and Blindness of Love (Hysterical Blindness).
She won a Golden Globe for the latter, a telefilm in which she also worked as an executive producer. In this film, he plays an emotionally unstable woman in New Jersey in the 1980s, who seeks love in the wrong place.

The San Francisco Chronicle commented: “Thurman is so committed to paper, with flaming eyes and arms in a jar. That one begins to believe that such a creature can exist: a woman of exquisite appearance so clumsy and needy that it repels common and current types. Thurman has submitted the paper to his will. “

Uma Thurman Major Role

After five years away from major roles, she reappeared in 2003 in the John Woo Paycheck film, and in her new collaboration with Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill. Paycheck was discreet with the critics and the box office, but Kill Bill would relaunch his career.

In Kill Bill played an efficient professional killer in search of revenge against his former lover. The role was offered by Tarantino -who had written it especially for her- on her 30th birthday. Tarantino has also said that she was his muse while writing the script, formally sharing the credit for the character of Beatrix Kiddo, which was conceived by both on the set of Pulp Fiction from the single image of a bride covered in blood.

The production was postponed for several months because she became pregnant. It was considered to give the role to another actress, but Tarantino decided to delay production. The filming took nine months and was done in five different countries. The role was the most demanding for her until then, as she spent three months learning martial arts, sword handling, and Japanese language. He was nominated for the Golden Globe for both films, and three MTV Movie Awards, one for best female performance and two for the best fight.

The San Francisco Chronicle commented. “Thurman is so committed to paper, with flaming eyes and arms in a jar. That one begins to believe that such a creature can exist. A woman of exquisite appearance so clumsy and needy that it repels common and current types. Thurman has submitted the paper to his will. “

Uma Thurman First Movie

His first film of the year was Be cool, the continuation of the 1995 film Get Shorty (The Name of the Game), in which he met again with his Pulp Fiction casting partner John Travolta. In it, he plays the widow of a deceased executive in the music industry.

Later that same year he starred in the film Secretos Compartidos (Prime) with Meryl Streep, playing a woman close to forty, who falls in love with a 20-year-old. His last film that year was the new version of the producers (The Producers) in which he plays Ulla, A Swedish actress hopeful to get a role in a Broadway musical. Originally. The producers of the film planned to use a double voice for the songs in the musical numbers in which she intervened, but insisted on using her own voice.

 However, it was not confirmed if she did interpret all her songs, although this is indicated in the credits of the film. With a successful career in film, she returned to become a sought-after model. The cosmetics company Lancôme chose it as the image of its products. In 2005, she was hired for a similar role by the French fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Uma Thurman Achievement

On February 7, 2006, he was awarded the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of France, which is awarded in recognition of achievements in the fields of art and literature.
That same year premiered the comedy My super ex-girlfriend, for which he collected the figure of 14 million dollars.

Her next projects will be The Life Before Her Eyes by Vadim Perelman, a drama in which Uma plays a mature woman trying to overcome a teenage trauma. We will also see her in the romantic comedy The Accidental Husband, in the TV movie My Zinc Bed where she will play a cocaine addict. Participate in the adaptation of Eoise In Paris in the role of Nanny. Their participation was confirmed in the film Motherhood, alongside Minnie Diver, playing a mother who overcomes obstacles to celebrate her daughter’s six years.

Possibly we see it in the 2 promised sequels of Kill Bill, in a drama by Nicole Kidman, “Heartswap“, and in another epic drama with Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis and John Malkovich entitled Man’s Fate. His participation in Thundercats: The Movie is rumored, playing Cheetara.
Resides at present in Hyde Park (district of the city of New York). In 2004 he started dating New York hotelier André Balazs. They lived in an apartment in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, near the Mercer Hotel, owned by Balazs.

Personal life

In March 2006, his public relations manager announced that the couple had separated.
Now Thurman seems calmer, as she’s dating banker Arki Busson, the ex-boyfriend of model Elle McPherson. They maintain a long-distance relationship, although he has declared that he is willing to give up his life in London, to live together with the actress and her children in New York.

Uma Thurman Filmography

Kiss Daddy Goodnight (1987) by Peter Ily Huemer
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) Terry Gilliam
JOHNNY SUPERSTAR (1988) Bud S. Smith
Dangerous Liaisons (1988) Stephen Frears
Henry & June (1990) Philip Kaufman
WHERE’S THE HEART (1990) by John Boorman
ROBIN HOOD (1991) by John Irvin
JENNIFER 8 (1992) by Bruce Robinson
FINAL ANALYSIS (1993) by Phil Joanou
THE GANGSTER GIRL (1993) by John McNaughton
PULP FICTION (1994) by Quentin Tarantino
ONE MONTH IN THE LAKE (1995) by John Irvin
BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (1996) by Ted Demme
THE TRUTH ABOUT DOGS AND CATS (1996) by Michael Lehman
BATMAN & ROBIN (1997) by Joel Schumacher
GATTACA (1997) by Andrew Niccol
LOS MISERABLES (1998) by Bille August
LOS VENGADORES (1998) by Jeremiah S. Chechik
VATEL (2000) by Roland Joffe

CHELSEA WALLS (2001) Ethan Hawke
THE COPA DORADA (2001) by James Ivory
PAYCHECK (2003) by John Woo
KILL BILL: VOL. 1 (2003) by Quentin Tarantino
KILL BILL: VOL. 2 (2004) by Quentin Tarantino
BE COOL (2005) by F. Gary Gray
SHARED SECRETS (2005) by Ben Younger
THE PRODUCERS (2005) by Susan Stroman
MY SUPER EX NOVIA (2006) by Ivan Reitman
LIFE BEFORE THEIR EYES (2007) ) by Vadim Perelman
A MOM IN APURUS (2009) by Katherine Dieckmann
On the eve of the premiere or in the production phase
THE ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND (2008) by Griffin Dunne
MY ZINC BED (2008) ) by Anthony Page
ELOISE IN PARIS (2010) by Charles Shyer
GIRL SOLDIER (2010) by Will

Uma Thurman

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