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Vladimir Mayakovsky

Mayakovski is a famous Russian poet who is known by his unordinary poems with a deep sense and sharp wordings. Mayakovski was born at the family of forestry official in Baghdadi village, Georgia. Fist few years of his life Mayakovski spent at that village and only after his father died he moved to Moscow together with his mother and sisters. At Moscow, Mayakovski entered the SocialDemocratic Labour party that fought for freedom of working class of people.

There were a lot of such parties at Moscow of that time. All of those parties were chased by law and the members of the parties were constantly arrested. Mayakovski wasn’t an exception of that rule. He was thrice arrested; even his poetic career began in prison. Mayakovski was jailed in 1909 to Byturka prison, and right there in the solitary confinement, he wrote his first poem.

As Mayakovski was a follower of social-democratic party it’s not hard to be that he was hated by government and mass that listen for the government. It wasn’t a single occasion when Mayakovski was asked for whom he writes his poems and whether he can’t see that people don’t like his poetry. Mayakovski always had the only one answer for all these; he claimed that he writes to heal people from deafness and blindness.

Vladimir Mayakovsky Working

Indeed, Mayakovski and his poetry were heralds of social ideas of the working class that demanded nothing more except good conditions for working. The style of Mayakovski’s poetry is distinctive by its sharpness of wording, by a variety of symbols and allegories. He covered his ideas with a colorful veil of images and allegories.

The poetry of Mayakovski is developed on the fundament of contrasts. Mayakovski contrasts the life of upper class to life of the working class. Mayakovski uses the substandard vocabulary that is rather unusual for high literary style of poetry. But this feature provides the poetry of Mayakovski with special unordinary charm.

The main hero of Mayakovski’s poem is a blaspheme person who seems to have no moral values of his life. but at the same time he has rather a sensitive soul and cares much about any insect and animal, he is in agony with sufferings of all living beings.

Mayakovski died April 14th in 1930 through suicide. He shot himself that is an official version. There are also those who believe that there was no single reason for him to do that, they may not even be satisfied with the note the Mayakovski left. The note where he writes that it’s his own will and no one should be blamed in it.

No matter that in that note Mayakovski begged not to start investigation and gossips there are still those who try to find the truth about his death. There is one more theory; according to his last written poems, he had troubles in his relationships with Veronica Polanski.

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