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Winnie Mandela’s Biography

Mandela Winnie Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (Nomzamo Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela)

Personal details

Date of Birth

Birth Place

Nomzamo Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela

26 September 1936
Mbizana, Pondoland, South Africa

Died 2 April 2018 (aged 81)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Death Cause Diabetes
Resting place Fourways Memorial Park Cemetery
Nelson Mandela
(m. 1958; div. 1996)
Children Zenani (b. 1959)
Zindziwa (b. 1960)

Winnie Mandela Early years

Winnie Mandela was born on September 26, 1936, in Bizana, Transkei, Winnie was the fourth of eight children. Her Xhosa (tribal) name is Nomzamo. Xhosa names carry significance in their meaning; Nomzamo means “trial”, only too appropriate considering the trials she has undergone.
She was born in the village of Bizana, in the Pondoland region of what is now South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province.

She commands a variety of jobs in numerous elements of what was then the Bantustan of Transkei, including with the Transkei government.

Her mother Nomathamsanqa Mzaidume, a science teacher, died when Winnie was eight years old.

Her father was a minister of the biology and Department of Agriculture of the Transkei government throughoutKaizer Matanzima’s rule.

Winnie Mandela Education

Despite restrictions on the education of blacks throughout the social policy. Her loaded background allowed her to flee several of the hardships of the amount.

Mandela’s early education was her primary education in Bizana and then went on to Shawbury to complete high school.

A social service credentials follow at the Gregorian calendar month Hofmeyer faculty in the urban center, and thereafter a BA (Political Science) with an International Relations major at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s top universities.

Early Political Awareness

“It was whereas operating because the 1st black medical welfare worker at Baragwanath Hospital that I began to become political,” says Solon.
“I began to realize the abject poorness beneath that the majority were forc to measure. The appalling conditions created by the inequalities of the system.”
“Above all, I became politically acutely aware through the analysis. I had distributed in Alexandra administrative division to determine the speed of infantile mortality. it absolutely was ten deaths in every 1,000 births.”

A Leader in the Anti-Apartheid Movement

Winnie Mandela’s extraordinary life has been marked by a process of harassment and by constant separations from those she has love.
Throughout most of her adult life. Winnie Mandela had to endure a forced separation from her husband (at the time) ANC President Nelson Mandela. Who spent 28 years of his life on Robben Island.
Winnie Mandela’s involvement within the South African liberation struggle dates to the ’50s.
Her 1st detention was in 1958 and coincided with the mass arrests of women involved in the anti-pass campaign.
In 1969 she became one among the primary detainees beneath Section half-dozen of the infamous act of terrorism.
She was detained for eighteen months in confinement within the condemned cell at the capital of South Africa Central before being charge beneath the Suppression of Communism Act.

The renowned “Trial of 22” transpire in 1970.
After initially being found guilty. Mandela and the other accuse were discharging on appeal in 1975.

In 1976, following her activities throughout the college struggle. She once more served six months at “Number 4” (The Fort).

August 1962 – February 1990

On might sixteen 1977 she was exiled, taken directly from her prison cell to Brandfort for nine years.
Here her house was bombed double and she or he was another time inactive for defying. Her restriction order and returning to the urban center.

She emerged as a leading opponent of the white minority rule government during the latter years of her husband’s long imprisonment (August 1962 – February 1990).

For many of these years, she was exiled to the city of Brandfort within the Orange Free State and confined to the world aside from the days. She was allowed to go to her husband at the jail on Robben Island.

After Apartheid

During the transition from Apartheid, she appeared to adopt a less conciliatory attitude than her husband Nelson toward the previously dominant white community. The Mandelas’ 38-year marriage ended in separation in April 1992, and divorce four years later. She then adopted the surname Madikizela-Mandela.

Appointed deputy minister of arts, culture, science, and technology in the first post-Apartheid government (May 1994). She was fired eleven months later following allegations of corruption.
In 1997 she appeared before the reality and Reconciliation Commission.

Desmond Tutu as chair of the commission recognized her importance in the anti-apartheid struggle but also begged her to say sorry and to admit her mistakes.

Leadership Talents

In a guarded response, she echoed his words, admitting that ‘things went dreadfully wrong’.. Winnie Mandela’s spirit and leadership talents have triumphed over years of political harassment, severe personal pain and a wave of media contention to alter her to become the ANCWL’s president.

However, it did not protect her from her own worse enemy, herself. From convictions on a range of charges from Murder to Fraud, her credibility has suffered around the world. However, her contribution to the efforts of her people to overthrow an unjust regime cannot be denied or overlooked. This very human woman’s efforts will go down as one more tireless effort to see a cause to the end. But perhaps in her case, she allowed herself to get a little to close to the situation to be able to preserve her dignity.

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