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Yaser Bakhtiari Biography

original name Yasser Bakhtiari
Alias Jasmine
Birth May 12, 1981 Masjed Soleiman
Nationality  Iran ‘s
styles rap
Years of activity 1382 – so far


Yaser BakhtiariYasser Bakhtiari by the stage name “Jasmine”, born 30 June 1361 Masjed Soleiman singer rap Persian. He is a Persian figure in Persian music. He was also named the Persian Sultan and the Persian Rapper Blessing. Most of Jasmine’s themes are criticized and protested for social problems and problems such as poverty, addiction, unemployment, war, prostitution, suicide, divorce, and so on. Jasmine first singer of Persian rap and the first singer Persian rap is in Iran for playing music itself was licensed. His first single, legally in Iran appeared not to forget was that it along with Majid Ghafouri, singer Pope had performed.

Jasmine has held concerts in various cities of the United States and has had an experience at a musical gathering in line with the introduction and development of the Persian Rap for the University of Michigan.

The first years

Jasmine, when she was 16, started her career by listening to the rap music , and this was when his father returned from his business trips from Germany and brought him the last CD of Tupac. Jasmine, who was forced to accept his family’s family after the death of 18 years old , faced economic problems with the debts his father had left.He left university studies and started working. At the same time, Jasmine began writing lyrics that later turned them into music with her high school friend Mitta Maleki . After the Bam earthquake in Iran , Jasmine song entitled “Bam” with songs of civilian Mita, he began his singing career is released.

As for applying for a permit from the Iranian government and failing to keep some of his songs, he said:

I do not cursor in my songs. I want to play my songs proudly in front of my family. I usually do a song with the goal of complaints from the community begins. But its end is always hopeful. The importance of this work is to inspire the new generation to take advantage of its best potential and its latent potential. We need this.

Farsi rap development

Jasmine has held concerts in various American cities such as Los Angeles, Washington, Las Vegas, New York, Detroit and Chicago, as well as representing Persian rap music , and has been participating in musical sessions to introduce and develop Persian fables in some of the Universities of America, including the University of Michigan and the University of New York. He was also invited to participate in a conference called Asia Society, and he performed a few songs at the conference in Manhattan. He also has performances in Dubai and London.

Yas was also the speaker and guest of the special section of the National Conference on Pathology of Youth Affairs at Shiraz University in May 2008. “The story of the Persian rapper is not only one of social harm, but with a bit of precision and high opinion can be very useful as a genre of music in Iran ,” Jas said in a speech . . He has recently collaborated with Monneigne, the nation’s largest independent rap player, whose name is Sound Of Unity, and released onMarch 1, 2013 at 9:30. Single Nine Yas from his brother from a separate motherland in Iran , and sharing his video of the soldier from Yas to his fans, announced today that Yas is from Iran Flying to the United States (Kansas City), and today the Iran -US rap will unite in his own studio. Alliance song and music video was released in 2014.

Actor of

Yas has been playing the role of pay- per -viewer in the last feature film “Comic Fantasy” by Brena Kazerani in 2003, and the rap concert has also been the final title for the film . As a representative of the readers Persian rap in the filmdocumentary «Rock On» was present. The film documentary which specializes in the music of rock in Iran is concerned, produced by Shahyar Kabiri was created.

The album

  • Streets
  • Hoping for Iran

One song on

Year of publication Song name Track construction tuning
2004 Bam earthquake Mitta Maleki Mitta Maleki
2006 We must be able to Mitta Maleki Mitta Maleki
2007 My identity Mitta Maleki Mitta Maleki
2009 I walk Mita Maliki
2010 you is not Pejman niko
2010 Basement tale Kaveh Afagh Arad Aria
2010 for me Saeed Shams
2011 Trash The Clubs
2011 Patriotic soldier Saeed Ansar Abbey Studios
2011 What to say Saeed Ansar
2012 I fight Saeed Ansar
2012 time to go Ahmad Snaqi Pejman Nikouch
2013 Phryas (yas scream) Khashayar SR Khashayar SR
2013 Amine Pejman niko Armin Kell
2014 I’ll continue Frobd Thrush Ahmad Sanjah
2014 Sound of Unity Mitta Maleki Mitta Maleki
2014 will Pedram In the Cat Symphonyalbum32
2014 2 2 to 4 to
2014 Long live Iran

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