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Welcome To Yuna Ito Biography

Yuna Ito (Ito Yuna, September 20, 1983) is a J-Pop singer and American-Japanese actress born in Los Angeles, United States. It has half Japanese roots on the part of its mother and half American-American on the part of its father. Your blood group is A.

Your name:

“Ito” is the sixth most common Japanese surname. You can say “thread” in the sense of a “thread of life”, a “red thread” between the lovers, or “intention”.

“Yuna” is also a common Japanese name. “Yuna” possibly comes from the Japanese word “yunikana”, which means “person” or “original”. In Okinawa, “Yuna” is translated as “night”

Yuna Ito in 2019
Background information
Native name
伊藤 由奈
Birth name Yuna Ito
Also known as Christine Itō (伊東 クリスティーン)
Date of Birth September 20, 1983(age 35)
Los Angeles, California, United States
Origin Oahu, Hawaii, United States
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, actress, composer, spokesperson
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2005–2010
Labels Studioseven Recordings
Associated acts Celine Dion, Micro
Height 1.63m

Yuna Ito

Before his debut:

^ Top, Yuna with family and friends

She was born in the city of Los Angeles, United States, staying a few months in that city before moving to Hawaii, the city where he remained throughout his adolescence until the time he graduated from McKinley High School in 2001 and later began his career. career as a singer and actress.

Yuna when I was little used to sing Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson songs and always had the dream of being an artist.

Yuna Ito  Career

He moved to Japan and in 2005 he auditioned for the role of Reira Serizawa, one of the important characters inside what would be the movie of the manga originally Nana played by real actors. He also signed a contract with the record label Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Which was in charge of the soundtrack for the film, and the opportunity to record one of the main themes for it was granted.

Their first single titled ENDLESS STORY , released on September 7, 2005 to the market under the name of REIRA starring YUNA ITOwas the one that made it known to the interior of the industry in Japan debuting at No. 2 on the lists of Oricon, and soon after the film Nana was released becoming a success. His first single even earned him several awards for “Best New Artist,” among which are the Best Hit Kayousai and also the Japan Gold Disc Award of 2005.

Face after endless story

Many thought that the fact that Yuna had achieved such an explosive debut would eventually explode his career quickly, but the following works released by the singer, the double-sided single Months later Yuna released two limited edition singles in less than a month, which were ” stuck on you ” and “losin ‘ “, both making their debut among the top 20 singles in their first week. Also within this time, it is announced that the sequel to Nana begins, Reira Serizawa

Shortly after his sixth single “Truth” (released just like his first single REIRA starring YUNA ITO ) was released debuting within the top 10 best-selling singles in Japan. It was announced that finally Yuna’s first studio album, HEART, would be released to the market on January 24, 2007. Two years after its debut. The album contains all the singles released by the singer since his successful debut in 2005, as well as his various works launched in 2006. In the Oricon and United World Chart, with initial sales of 225 thousand copies approximately.

After having delivered the heart:

The 7th single of his career was released on March 14, 2007, entitled “I’m Here. ” The single is part of the OST of the movie UNFAIR”Yuna made his 1 Tur the month of April, passing through Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, and Tokyo. In June a single was released in collaboration with the Japanese singer Micro. The former member of the Def Tech group, called Mahaloha.

In October she released Urban Mermaid, which was not as successful as her previous music, reaching only # 12 on Oricon. On January 16, 2008, a duet with the singer Céline Dion was released, a regravation of the song. A World To Believe In in Japanese. Which started on the initiative of the Canadian singer, reaching 8th place in the weekly stop of the Oricon.

When you have a deceo and then you miss it:

The 2nd album called simply as WISH   was released on February 20, 2008. In CD format only and CD with DVD, reaching the 3rd place in the Oricon ranking, which was a great push to rekindle the race of Yuna.

On September 3, 2008, after 7 incredible months without any recorded work (with the exception of GATE. That was the theme of the film of the same name). It was decided to release the single ” Miss You ”. Which does not meet the expectations that they had after so long?

koi was groovy x2 and the appearance of ito Christine

In November 2008 Yuna is chosen to be the voice of GAP’s winter campaign in Japan. Which is promoted along with the song ” Koi wa groovy x2″ which was released on November 26 of the same year.

To fan the sales of the single ” Koi was groovy x2”, sony I skillfully created the alter ego ” Ito Christine ” which would be the youngest sister of Yuna and would be responsible for creating the English version of it, which It was called ” groovy x2 ” to dry.

New challenges for Yuna

On January 28, 2009, Yuna decides to participate with the duo Spontania in his new single Ima Demo Zutto, which is a sad ballad but with a very good message.

In the same month. Yuna is chosen as the new singer of the soundtrack of the anime Gundam 00. Which would feature the song Trust You as the ending? Being Trust You his new single in the market, to launch the 4 of amrzo of 2009.


  • Best Hit Kayōsai 2005
  • Japan Cable Awards 2005
  • 47th Japan Record Awards 2005
  • Japan Gold Disc Awards 2006
  • Best Hit Kayōsai 2006
  • Yūsen Taishō 2006
  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2007)

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