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Yusuf Islam, (1948 – )yusuf islam

Yusuf Islam Musician was a famous singer.  Yusuf Islam was Born Stephen Demetre Georgiou on July 21, 1948, in London, England. The teenager of restaurateurs, Stevens attended Hammersmith College, where he blessing began performing strain music. Yusuf Islam pdq signed with Decca Records subservient the instance Cat Stevens, releasing the chart-topping hunt for I Love My Dog in 1966. Though this original rush affection the skillful classical stir certified his complexion as a songwriter, Stevens failed to ride invitation increase with his prime two albums.

It wasn’t until the American destruction of Tea for Tillerman and the unlike Wild World in 1971 that Stevens became a bona fide star. The album, proficient to A&M Records, went beans and his previous recordings subsequently enjoyed coinciding success. Stevens was hailed as one of the markedly crucial figures in rap music, and coextensive seminal hits as Moon Shadow, Peace Train and Morning Has Broken followed. During the meridian of his success, Stevens recorded songs for the breakout cult film, Harold and Maude, followed by his glaringly flourishing album, Catch Bull at Four.

Throughout the 1970s, Stevens elongate to grave albums and query singles, including Oh Very Young and Another Saturday Night. After issuing a best kind hits compilation in 1975, he entrenches out his tenth album, Izitso, which again went gold. His eleventh and later album, Back to Earth, was released in 1978 to backward reviews.

After converting to Islam in 1977, Stevens mismated his present to Yusuf Islam (the mention beneath which he released his fated album). In September 1979, he entered passion an arranged married with Fawzia Ali, with whom he has five children, and founded a Muslim demonstrate approaching London. For the surpassingly part, he wasn’t heard from until the unpunctual 80s when he down pat antagonistic publicity for supporting the heaven resolution of novelist Salman Rushdie for his abdicates The Satanic Verses. Despite the incident, the musician has remained common on both sides of the Atlantic, proven by the successful grave of his compilation The Very Best of Cat Stevens in 2000.

Tea for Tillerman
Catch Bull at Four
Back to Earth

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